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 Jan 2020 Keiri
Zack Ripley
Keeping my head high up in the clouds
Because it's too exhausting being just another face in a faceless crowd
 Jan 2020 Keiri
Zack Ripley
When I feel low, cold as ice
I think of you, and I'm hot as hell.
And when I get frustrated,
When nothing makes sense,
I talk to you, and my mind
Is as clear as a bell.
Thank you for making me
See things in a different light.
Thank you for making me feel
Like someday, everything really
Will be alright.
 Dec 2019 Keiri
Dr Peter Lim
Nothing is heavier
I dare say
than the weight
of an oppressive thought
that refuses to go away.
 Dec 2019 Keiri
Zack Ripley
I don't need a Mercedes Benz.
I'd rather be surrounded by a group of friends.
You'll never hear me wish for a Cadillac.
I'd rather know someone has my back.
If you offered me a Lamborghini, I'd trade it for a dinner and movie date.
But they say love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru.
That's why it's my dream car for me and you
 Dec 2019 Keiri
Zack Ripley
With the future ahead and the past behind,
It's safe to say I've got a lot on my mind.
All the things I've said and the things I'll do
Swirl around my brain like a twister passing through
 Dec 2019 Keiri
Zack Ripley
If you saw an x-ray of my heart,
I wonder where you'd even start.
 Dec 2019 Keiri
Zack Ripley
Blue,  red, yellow, green.
So many colors and shades in which the world can be seen
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