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Zack Ripley Nov 2019
If you saw an x-ray of my heart,
I wonder where you'd even start.
Ansley Jul 2018
I met a girl with X-ray vision.
She found herself quite smart.
Yet despite
Her fantastic sight
She couldn't find my heart.

There was an *****
that pumped blood
But surely there was something more.
So she climbed
Into my mind
And opened up a door.

There she found
Things somewhat profound,
But they were not of any interest,
So she rose
And found the words I spoke
In the chasms of my lungs.

She saw debate and
The arguments I fought
She saw what I cared about
But it was still not what she sought

Then she leapt into my hands
And saw all that I wrote
She tried to find double meaning
To the carefully chosen words
But there was no leaning
Or things of note.

So she gave up
But began to fall
For when asked what I cared about
My girl with "X-ray vision"
Knew that she didn't know me at all
Don't you just adore fairytale styled poetry
Terry Collett Jul 2017
The plump nurse
called my name
and I followed her
to the Xray room.

Take off your jacket
she said .

I took off my jacket
and placed it over
a plastic chair.

Have you a pacemaker
or medallion
around your neck.

I said I had neither.

Can you take off
your shirt please
she said.

I removed the shirt.

Lay on the couch
on your back she said.

I eased myself
onto the couch
and lay on my back.

Lie still please
she said.

I lay still.

She walked into
a screened off area
and did whatever she did
and a light came and went.

She was behind
the screened off area.

I was there alone
just the Xray and me.

Ok you can go
sit outside while
I check the film.

I dressed
and sat outside.

The waiting room
was packed and hot.  

After a few minutes
she said
you can go
all is fine.

I got up and walked out
having been x rayed
by a plump nurse
On a hot day
in late May.
An old man has an x ray.
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2016
I know I'm nothing, to you and to me
In fact if you did an X-ray you'd probably find a tombstone in my cold and dead chest cavity
I have tried resting but I can't do that reliably
Because my brain, while my most valuable ***** is sometimes, if not almost all the time 
My biggest liability
My inability to remember is very hard to forget
Forged in foggiest messes is maybe where my head is currently set
I'd go to my own world but I'd be driven mad by being alone
I don't know what to do and what to look for in my own zone...
Gabriel K Sep 2015
“I saw my consultant today”
she explains
above the clatter of the Piccadilly Line
direction Heathrow Airport
Terminal 5
“for my scan”
case I was wondering where she'd been
which I wasn't,
I was thinking about me
of a long weekend
at ***
When she moved abroad
it became a part-time thing
European breaks
expenses paid
the PhD.
“Would you like to see these?”
she starts reaching in her bag
with the leather tag
retrieves an envelope
starts to lose herself
in some probably some work-related thing,
I turn my attention to Arsenal
was this the year they would finally make it
in the Champions League?
She hands me some items
black and white sheets
murky with shadows
faintly-sinister shapes
“You see?”
I didn't
“it's in the *****”
what's that mean?
Next stop: Hatton Cross.
I hold up the transparencies
you can see the London Underground map where the light gets through,
I would smoke a joint when I got home
when I dropped her off
“You're obviously not interested”
she snatches the x-rays;
suddenly I was
but it was too late.
© Gabriel K

— The End —