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Kaels Dec 2017
are we even real
what is breathing
how do we exist
why are we here
does anything actually matter
are we all alone
is this a simulation
or are we all dead
maybe I'm just dead
and I'm a ghost
and no one has the heart
to actually tell me
or maybe I'm the only one alive
and I don't even know it
is this afterlife
do we live in multiple dimensions
and its all a test
and we pass the test
and move on
to the next stage of being
but does anyone know
how can we be sure of anything
when we are told
what to think
from the moment
we enter this world

still adding questions......forever
  Dec 2017 Kaels
It's too light out to be thinking this dark...

The full moon gleams in all it's glory tonight.

Even the clouds are awake.
The stars blanket around the ideas of who we are...
They whisper of our success.

I'm trapped in a maze I've created myself.
But the moon will guide me home.

But here.

And there is no stopping me from shining.
Kaels Nov 2017
why is it that
when you want someone
they don't want you
as soon as they want you
you don't want them

but at the same time

why is it that
when you're single
you stay single
because there is
nobody interested
in a relationship
with you
once you're taken
in a relationship
or even talking to someone
there are all these people
suddenly interested
in what you
have to offer
and want you
to themselves
Kaels Nov 2017
I want to be the last thing on your mind
before you fall asleep
I want to be the first thing you think of
as you open your eyes



you only text me when you're ******
looking for a good time
before you fall asleep
you only call me when you're drunk
in the middle of the night
when all you can do is open your eyes
Kaels Nov 2017
I want to believe when I **** its romantic
but no lovers remind me of love
because you took that from me
I am now shattered on the ground
and I can't seem to put the pieces back
they just don't fit like they used to
and no matter who I try to love
they can't fill in the cracks
just like breaking a mirror
you can glue it back
but you'll always see
and feel
those scars you left in me
Kaels Nov 2017
I'm thinking about horses
they're so ******* regal

Their muscles ripple through their skin
like waves in a little ocean

Magnificent beasts

But why the **** do they listen to us?

They're so much stronger than they know
but they trade their freedom for a dependable meal

They let people get on top of them
and tell them where to go

But how can I judge?

Is that not exactly what I do??


I'm thinking about horses...
just something that inspires me
by Mike Posner from Mansionz
Kaels Nov 2017
do you love me?
are you in love with me?
cause theres a big difference
and if you don't know it
I don't want to know
because that means
you probably just love me
you're not in love with me
and I'm in love with you
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