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I am torn between two worlds…
One of fantasy and one of reality.

The artist in me is inspired
The lover in me is alone

And yet in the midst of chaos
I feel so calm…

But I was born into anarchy.
I find peace
when I can feel everything.

Even if that means all at once.
My sins are written in cursive
inside a book delicately placed

Under a blanket of soil and flowers
Where I leave you with no trace

Of all the things I’ve done
and the grief that comes with it

The pen has run out of ink
And my mind is sick of this.
spacequeen May 12
Your words have stained my mind.
But I’ll leave it *****…

I don’t want to clean this mess up yet.
I’m aroused with you(r)
enticing and disastrous nature.

It feels so good to be bad sometimes,
doesn’t it?

Drunk in the moment…
Play with me in silence.
As I surrender myself to you.
spacequeen Apr 24
Just a taste…
That’s all it took

For you to consume me.

I grow more curious
with the thought of you.

A deepening desire
to understand you
Is haunting me…

I want to know you.
I want to feel you.  

Your magic has cast a spell upon me.
spacequeen Apr 6
I’ve been sipping on your words like wine
Extracting every delicious flavor
and component

The enjoyment
in what seems like a simple act.

But warms my body and mind
in ways I’ve never felt before.
spacequeen Apr 4
I leave you with your own imagination
Your hands create magic I have not seen.

But I am curious...

What will become
of this little indie film you're writing?
spacequeen Apr 2
You dangle yourself in front of me
With a smile that’s almost devilish
I sin at the thought of you.

Why does this ignite a flame within me?
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