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spacequeen Sep 2018
Loving you is easy...
It’s missing you that’s hard.

I still see you
in every stranger that walks by.

Your eyes are engrained in mine.

Songs play that reminds me of us...

I feel your hands caress me as we dance alone.

I remember everything with you.

Now though, it’s different.
I don’t know you...
Nor do I want to.

I’m sorry that I had to leave.

But I knew...
It could never be as great as it was.
spacequeen Jul 2018
Who are you?
And who am I?

The night glistens with possibilities that could have been.

Where did it all begin and end?

Between us.
spacequeen May 2018
It was fast at the start
And as we slowed down...
The roots began to dig into the dirt.
Something grew over time

And here we were,
new to this
with a familiar feeling we carried
all along
spacequeen Apr 2018
At once I push myself further.
The days become weeks of chiseling away unwanted pieces.
Creating scars that crack deep within.
But worth it.
Even if pain stays.
I will keep working.
spacequeen Mar 2018
I miss you like the desert misses rain.
A love with a bitter sweet ending.

Can we begin again?
I hope so.
spacequeen Jan 2018
Why do I always search for the love I need to give myself?
spacequeen Dec 2017
Take me back to the swing set.
Where we first had dreams of who we'd be.

I was delusional and out of sink
to think that someone like you,

liked me.

But I ran with it.
All through the flower fields of adolescence.

Retracing steps to the place I called home.
Where I thought nothing could harm me.
Like you did.
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