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  Jan 2017 Eman
Forgotten Dreams
Poetry has become my self harm,
I only write at my lows...
Instead of blood I see words,
Instead of a blade I have a keyboard...

I want to write about...
The wind dancing with the sea...
The way you smile and it lights up your innocent face...

I don't want poetry to be my self harm,
Because poetry is beautiful...
An art...
Judge away... I'm trying to not care... No matter how much I do ...
Eman Dec 2016
Let the word you speak
be one that echoes.
Eman Dec 2016
From the perfect distance
Even a fractured bottle
Can appear whole and beautiful
Eman Dec 2016
When a feeling becomes your god.
That empty feeling becomes who you turn to and who you return to.
Eman Nov 2016
You cultivated, harvested and produced everything I would desire
like Embers, I was once discovered by your fire

In my darkest hours you'd always give me reason,
like wildfires in unexpected seasons

Every part of me learned to radiate,
ecstatically exposed to all your burning states

Then came the day I turned into dust,
and like a volcano you annihilated my trust

I was the property of a ****** arsonist,
and starting fires is how his wickedness vents

It's hard to fathom that this started with little ignition,
because it grew so fast into a vicious obsession

I asked you to stop smoking that day and it wasn't because I was simply sick of it,
I just hated the fact that I saw myself in your half dead-cigarette

Sometimes your perfect "match" can perfectly burn you.
Eman Oct 2016
Feelings are like waves,
hesitant, frequent and they traverse all distances

Past loves are like droplets,
faint and irrelevent yet they disturb all skins and surfaces

Low self-esteem is like a flood,
it damages and submerges everything that is alive

Hearts are like the rain,
heavy or light, they still hold the ocean's drive

Minds are like the seas,
only they can quiet themselves
Aren't we 100% water?
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