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echo Mar 2018
heart to mind
these conversations
hardest kind

head to heart
lost in translation
speaking blind

soul to God
these conversations
yours and mine
echo Nov 2016
Your face, narrow
Like dawn
Young and fresh

Your faith, narrow
Like yawns
Nothing left

Your space, narrow
Like me
No room to let.
Not much room for two, I guess
echo Oct 2016
It's one-oh-nine AM
the somber cold
is echoing
the conch of sleep
enfolding me
to whisper
waves of morrow
to my dreams
echo Oct 2016
I checked
my ego.

It's still
check your ego, amigo.
echo Oct 2016
You'll add a poem-sonnet-haiku
But my darling it's just-like-you
To ignore all the rules
To dance in the jewels
And take syllables by surprise.
echo Oct 2016
Why must you write,
& why must you sing,
Why must the bird
advent on her wing?

The anatomy tells
of grandeur, of things
you were made for
and long for,

were destined to bring.
echo Oct 2016
Philosophy is art they say
And only those who paint it
Brush with truth
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