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Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Butterflies are mysterious creatures,
They choose where they want to go.
Every time I see you,
They seem to be alive in me.
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Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Everyone is wearing white today.
What a strange thing to wear to a funeral,
Ah, but this is no ordinary funeral.
For my sadness died yesterday,
The same moment you walked in the room
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Why is there a tree?
A tree.
So green and alive.
Why is there a tree?
Sitting in cracked desert dirt.
There is no oasis.
There is no life.
So, why is there a luscious green tree?
It's... her.
She is the tree,
My tree.
She is my life in the lifeless wasteland.
Save me.
Please save me from this wasteland....
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Can we dig a path to France,
Here in the woods of Washington?
I want to take you to Barcelona,
Dance on the green hills of Ireland.
Can we set a course to the heart of joy?
Let me take you around the world.

Grab my hand and I'll grab yours,
Let us walk and live in love.
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
One thousand shoes on the ground around me,
Filled by strange creatures,
All on their own mission.
Up to them.
Just breath.
One more day.
One more day.
On more year.
On more year...
Caleb Stevens Nov 2017
Remember homecoming night?
We were awkward.
Wouldn't look at eachother.
Laughing in my head.
Wishing we weren't friends.
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