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I love you I need you I want to do all sorts of things for you to you with you and only you
Please let me give you the stars
And by the stars, I mean my hand
And by my hand, I mean my love
And by my love, I mean my life

Please let me be your wife
And by wife, I mean your safe place
And by safe place, I mean your yoke
And by yoke I mean your here and now

Please let me be your vow
And by vow, I mean your rock
And by rock, I mean your castle
And by castle, I mean your treasure

Please let me be your forever
Together we form silence
Without a sound
Our love is diminished
 Jan 2020 Angelica Liu
their laughter drifts into the air.
her honey irises sparkle
every time his smile
warms up the room.
these moments with him
form sugar crystals.
the crystals are kept
close to her heart
as her love for him grows.
Boy saves girl
Girl so grateful she spits
Boy draws girl
Girl humps boy silly
Boy calls girl stupid
Then becomes popsicle
Goodbye King of the world
Girl blows whistle
Steals necklace
Gives everyone the finger
But at least her
Heart will go on
Or some malarkey

Oh, yeah!
Somewhere in there
A boat sinks...
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