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Angelica Liu Nov 2020
     a thousand
          nameless days’ waiting
for exchange of
            the one
      that shines with
      the name of Eternity

    if my life is
  a long long string of beads
adorning around
the neck of my soul
    thousands of
  lackluster stones
set with the brightest pearl
    in universe--

            the one
when I first met you
Angelica Liu Nov 2020
Love whispers of two cities
on Earth’s opposite sides
Eventually, people say
Lovebirds look alike
that explains why
I love sunshine
you love rain
Angelica Liu Sep 2020
When i am thinking of you
the world is still
at the heart of the still
is a quiet leaf
all veins tracing
a drop of dew
that is
my glistening thoughts
of you
Angelica Liu May 2020
the green and glinted
   city sea,
a small and white
  coffee shop
  (a shell-shaped

(oh) the little glass
   time box,
colorful fishes
(big buses, small cars)
    are obliviously

       long golden
     sun’s legs
  stride across the
singing surface of sea
(giant& billowing
      of summer foliage),
This poem was created to sing for the city I reside— Hangzhou, China, and my favorite coffee shop there called 35mm. If any of you have a chance to visit Hangzhou in a future day, do let me know and I will be happy to be your tour guide😊
Angelica Liu Apr 2020
If --
this is a war without gunfire
you and I --
are not even soldiers
we are just laid away
as those non-action verbs
stripped off time tenses
suspended from use
and are told--
are not entitled to fight
So sad for the world that I quitted writing poems for a long while... people are dying, crying, fighting, suffering, while for most of us, all that we can do is waiting for it to pass.
Angelica Liu Feb 2020
Time grows wildly here
It creeps over me
and crawls on the floor
It clings to the furniture
as vines intertwine
It climbs around the wall
like moss covers the stone
My room is now a secret garden
that is hidden from the world
You see—
Nothing happens here
only time runs wild
A life like a plant
To contain the spread of coronavirus, 1.3 billion people stay at home and wait for it to pass. I have been confined to my apartment for more than two weeks, and living a life like a plant..Things are getting much better now, there are many people who have just returned to their work. Hopefully I will only have to stay at home for another one or two weeks.
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