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We consume excitement too easily
as if it is a carbon-free elixir
or a solo ******
or a firework
too jubilant
too short
not to  fill a hunger
but to leave-
a hangover
a vertigo
a fall
that makes the rest
of our life
an itching
and long
When you said you loved me
you looked upward
your pale blue eyes  
anchored at a quiet corner
like a ship from
across the glittering ocean
that lay at my harbor
I willingly boarded your ship
and together we sailed
to the distant horizon
Wheels spinning
Highway unfurls
Time is climbing
On the golden tail of Summer
Not as fragments of moments
One after another
But the smooth curve of waves
Gliding with tunes on the radio
The road extends on and on
As vehicles chase one another⁠—
Large and small, tens of thousands
A migration of wildlife
Racing to the horizon
A river is running aside
Out of the window, in a distance
Flowing high to my waist
Sky hangs low ahead
Sun is shepherding
A grazing herd of lazy clouds
At the end of the endless road
A terminal we can never reach
On a summer day, when I was riding on the highway, suddenly I felt a surprising emotional touch ---the human-built world is in such a harmony with the natural world...We are like migrating wildlife, rushing to an unreachable terminal...and the river is just flowing on the side, peacefully.
my soul is
     ****** down
          to the bottom of
               a bottomless dream
but lifted up
    by a hard black sofa
a little boat floating
          on the surface of
              people's low whispers
while music ---
     a brisk piece of piano solo
            dances across my face
                  a Hawaiian breeze
I spend a lot of time at Starbucks. My friends joked that Starbucks is my office. I work there, meet people there, read and write there, and take a nap there sometimes...
Some days are faceless
Like reticent shadows
of their buoyant sisters
Infertility in the air
Giving no sight of
A fruit of possibilities
some days are just emptiness
My body has a shape
When it is pressed against you
My body finds its shape
like half a map meets its other self

Your desire has a shape
When it is covered in my palm
Your desire finds its shape
like a bird coming back to its nest

Our love has a shape
When we hold each other on a strange bed
Our love finds its shape
Like a lost memory finds its way home
Once I encountered a white cat in a dream
I was back in high school--a shy, unconfident girl.
I was sitting at a desk against the wall.
That enchanting creature just appeared from nowhere.
It appeared on my lap, incredibly beautiful and alluring.
In a sluggish manner she stretched out her purely white body.
I was mesmerized by her.
I began to stroke her back the length of her body.
The arch of her back continued through her slender tail.
I could feel her elegant curve under my touch---
An inner pliability wrapped in a boneless softness.

She slowly turned around and looked back at me,
Her soul-to-soul gaze stunned me into a state of awareness,
I must have known her for all time, I thought.

That day, when we were in that hotel room,
I was opening my body to you,
and I stretched out my body to the greatest extent.
I crossed my hands under my head,
I lay on my back and looked at you
Your eyes and hands touring my body
I felt a boundless freedom between us
I never felt so shameless
I only wanted to open myself wider to you,
I only wanted to merge into one with you.
I held your head tightly with my arms.
That was the moment when I felt we were almost one---
To rub my burning face against yours,
To exhale my heavy breath near to your ear,
To deeply breathe in your masculine smell,
To dance with you to the most instinctual rhythm...

And suddenly I knew the white cat I encountered in my dream
The white cat
Was my own soul,
And it was you
Who set her free….
Dream is a language in which we get connected with our soul...
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