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Crystal Peterson Apr 2018
O' paragon of my dreams
My aspirations given wings
Our tales tailor you as a foolish boy
Yet who succeeds, he who does not strive
Regardless of fear
Towards thine highest height?
Crystal Peterson Jan 2018
A Chain is only as Strong
As its Weakest Link

A Window only as Clean
As its Dirtiest Side

But Family means
Sharing your Strengths
And Weaknesses
So that none are Weaker
Nor Stronger

You are simply One Family

Family does not hold Family back
Crystal Peterson Oct 2017
I - don't - know
Just how much to
Let - it - show
The darkness in my soul
My mind begins to go
To places where the monsters
Won't leave me alone

Drag - me - out
Listen for me
Hear - my - shouts
Don't let it pull me in
The world born of my sins
Only you can save me from the
Evil that's building within

So if I fall tonight
Please Catch Me
And if I loose the light
Come light my way
And if my heart's consumed with anger
Sooth my soul with the
Presence of your grace
And - Love

Rain down the mercy of
Your Grace
And - Love
Just some rough-draft bits for a new song I'm writing.
Yes, I dabble in song-writing.
Crystal Peterson Aug 2017
There is an old concept
A Wives' Tale some say
That in minds has been kept
And passed on to this day:

*The world has zero net
Each life has the same
Some luck in beginning
Some good in the end
Whether spread out thin
Or gathered at once
Each person holds within
A set amount of luck
For those who face hardships
Early on in their life
By the time that they're old
They'll be free from strife
And for those who live joyful
When they are still small
Will find that the end
Isn't pleasant at all
And for those with a tad
Bit more luck than the rest
Their life will be even
Awakening to rest
With small hardships spread out
From day one to the end
But ultimately we all
Have set amounts of good fortune
From birth until death
We each get our portion
Net Definition:  Remaining after deduction of all charges, outlay, or loss.
Crystal Peterson Aug 2017
Be lost in the ways of the world
Forget what you know
Let your story unfold
Life will put on a show
Just for you
Only you
As it is, and always, will ever do
Crystal Peterson Jul 2017
Make a decision,
    -- Change your mind,
       --- Do something different,
       --- Then wish you hadn't
    -- Changed your mind
In the first place.

- Regression,
Crystal Peterson Jul 2017
Hello my blade
    My age-old friend
You've been with me
     Through thick and thin
And now I've come
     But once again
To use you now
     Once more to sin.

My life in shambles lays ahead
Behind, a falsehood, love is dead
No options, I agree, remain
So though I have, my best, 'till now refrained
I seek the bitting edge once, evermore
To ease the pain which ever-beats its sore

And as I open flesh-ed wounds to scar
So my soul numbs, heart as black as tar
The pain, it blessed, ebbs away quickly
And I can breathe again, rattling, sickly

No cure for panic, loss, and crippling pain
Have I found, but blood, which falls like rain
Not of a Savior, Christ within
But of the broken drowned in sin
So my life just went to ****-hell, where even the ******* of hells become reality. Forced to love, and then stripped of all things good in life.

No stranger, yet, suicide has never sounded so nice. Anything to avoid. Anything.
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