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The Untold Aug 2019
Do I remember those eyes
those lies
hidden beneath?
Do I recall those lips
those slips
of a reeded tongue?
And were you even my lover
now that it's over
the times we shared?
You were here-
my heart to ****
you weren't for real.
It's a painful confession,
A burdened admission.,
T'was a ******-
@the_untold  @Its_itate
trf Jan 2019
the darkest nights blame the sun kissed moon,
and we're paralyzed by the weather.

above stormy skies we lie fragile and wait,
as the time flies by like our pleasure.

blankets of bourbon, wine & cheese plates,
shooting stars wish us to forget them.

my thigh rubs gently along your soft suede,
answers beg question's forgiveness.
The Untold Nov 2018
Of our love
Of our smiles
Of our bond
Of our secrets
Of our trust
Of our dreams
     It's a portrait of we
      Of me and you
        Of us.
heikkitsh Sep 2018
Today's WCW:
•she is an immaculate woman,
•an epitome of beauty,
•quintessentially feminine, and
•a paragon of perfection.
This is how I describe the woman I'm in love with at this very hour. She's the most beautiful woman I know. She's the one that sleeps on my mind, the one I crave every day. She's truly an epitome of beauty...
Crystal Peterson Apr 2018
O' paragon of my dreams
My aspirations given wings
Our tales tailor you as a foolish boy
Yet who succeeds, he who does not strive
Regardless of fear
Towards thine highest height?
Sy Lilang May 2014
You’ve moved a step forward
And life won’t be the same.
But after the round of applause
Your daydream is abruptly ended.

Now, take your turn
To walk the stage
After the microphones echoes
Projecting your name.

(3/21/14 @xirlleelang)
Sy Lilang May 2014
The woman is perfected
She wears the smile of accomplishment,
The illusion of a her Greek-necessity.

Flows in the scrolls of her toga,
Her bare feet seem to be saying,
“We have come so far,
Now it’s over.”

Each new-born being coiled,
Black auras, black all over
One at each little pitcher of milk,
Once empty,
They’re poured out
With enough knowledge
From where they were fitted.

She has folded it back
Into her body as petals
Of a rose close
Her desire, her dream
They’re all in hand!

When the garden stiffens and odors bleed
From the sweet, deep throats
Of the night flower
She’ll remain awake.

The stars shall utter her name
Staring from her hood of victory
She’s used to this sort of thing
But it’s the grandest as of now.

(3/21/14 @xirlleelang)
Sy Lilang May 2014
You can hear the voices of our peers
Being silenced, ignored, shunned and distorted.
Staggering out of their bedroom doorways
To the street corner to score a dime bag.

Bright, insightful kandi kids freezing
In search of warmth from something to believe in
Hopin’ those will encourage them
To look forward to see another day.

Where our economy has made financial prudence clear
The price tag of university tuition’s skyrocket
The refused, the ones with hope
But no money or scholarships;
Tread the streets
With the echoes of electro-house
Pulsing in their skulls.

Those who strip themselves down
And shred their own morals
To scraps just to find themselves
And to see their own limitations.
Searching for answers to the unknown,
To ascertain what they are,
Who they are and why.

The bewilderment of adulthood,
The abundance of pressure and responsibility.
Awakened from nightmares of lost opportunities,
Missed trains and lost contacts.

Everything went astray
But hope crash in
They wear the armour
Facing the giants of their lives
They conquered
Became champions of this new generation!

(3/13/14 @xirlleelang)
Sy Lilang May 2014
As he lies on the stiff soiled surface
Wonder entices curious eyes
Like the smell of potent rubbing alcohol
A myriad of animals gather around
Separate races sharing one soul
Who from afar, look like father penguins.

They place rings of hues delicately
Around the fallen angel’s contour
He glows like the moving melody
Of the pledge of allegiance
Ribbons of curiosity intertwine
With their innocence
Swallows them like the merciless ocean
Engulfing confessions
Of tainted souls.

The angel is envied as they
Ponder what happens next
The last sparkle slowly simmers
While the rain reaches out
To stroke abandoned feathers
His eyes change to pearly white
As he receives his last diploma.

(3/12/14 @xirlleelang)
My ink bleeds when I give words to your silence.
My ink bleeds when I complement your presence.
My ink bleeds when I'm depressed by your absence.
Your eyes hold mysteries that I would love to untangle.
Happiness fills up the space inside your heart.
Until it finds a way to crawl out.
And beautifully express itself as a paragon of art.
It's amazing how these simple words mean so much.
Eyes close then lips gently touch.
I have no need for poetry when I have your touch.
Your love shows me how simply beautiful you are within.
I'm captivated by you - your lips, voice, smile and grin.
And ever since I met you.
I define beauty by only you.
In the rain of your presence my words form a rainbow.
My heartbeat has been replaced with the sound of your name.
Your love dissipated my pain.
Happily looking forward to the memories I am yet to gain.
I'm left paralysed by your voice.
Still amazed by your poise.
I found my true happiness in your eyes.
I hope you won't mind if I stare.
I hope all the beautiful words you yearn to hear.
All make their way to your ear.
My ink bleeds when I'm depressed by your absence.
My ink bleeds when I complement your presence.
My ink bleeds when I give words to your silence.
My ink bleeds when my heart experiences an emotional violence.
My ink bleeds.
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