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Jordan Hudson Sep 2018
It isn't to far before I will be with the rest
Cruising and being so blessed
Wind blowing fresh air through my hair
It is only a matter of time and I'll be there
One step closer, I already went up where I need to be
I'll get full potential soon, patience is the key
So much that I could do
So much to believe it is true
The next question where will I be next
Those thoughts make me more than perplexed
I can't even imagine although I have ideas
I guess we will have to see where my life is
At that time when the times comes
I would guess but I'd hate to ruin the outcomes
Predicting the future will jinx what could happen
Then my life would be messed up and misshapen
Some day I will be free
More free than anyone could be
Maybe that's an exaggeration but it will feel that way
I won't even be able to express or convey
The way it will be feel
To be open road and behind the wheel
I know others know but no one is the same
Every one of us would have a different claim
I can't wait to drive
Ron Sparks Jul 2015
serpentine road
turns into the sun;
   my throttle opens
Aaron Bee Nov 2014
Clean it up.
trash, littered
glass glitters
smash delivered
mouths quiver
blood slithers
roads killer
people stiffer
lives teetered
eyes tear
cars peered
windows cleared
bodies feared
clean it up.

— The End —