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Andrew Siegel Sep 2017
They said you were gone
Long lips and high cheeks
Longer lipstick and no goodbyes

Your eyes were like tears in the corner
Something I couldn't see
And yet you took me, in the narrow
Told me you'd be there, on hot roads
In the corner, always in the corner

You said it wouldn't hurt but you lied
Like all the times you kissed me
Silver raindrops and a smile that said
You were gone

I learned to love you anyway
Away when you told me you'd hold me
Like all the forgotten things you missed
And just another kiss you said

Ill be gone
And then this song won't matter
None of it will matter like it did
When you kissed me and told me that you're gone

Tried to tell you how much I needed
A silver face like yours
Someone to grace my days and hopes
But nothing really hurts the way you kissed me
For the last time, always in the corner
And now you're gone again forever
Andrew Siegel Jun 2017
Smart heart word art and
failed starts don't even begin
To express my best
Started writing again. Miss you guys
Andrew Siegel Oct 2016
Euology seems a dumb word
Like the dumbfounded therapist
Or clergy, or chaplains who try
In their nature to slip words, tongues
dry and spoken  old like dust
of years left to rot in graves.
I no longer want to remember

No, I want to remember the fresh dry markers.
Memorials of the nurses who stopped the erase boards
like so many, who remembed without being reminded the way you
liked your tea.
Slipped warm slippers on feet that'd done so much

The many things that will be remembered
Are on white boards that neither he or I will keep
Andrew Siegel Jul 2016
I saw you in the narrow
corner me with brown eyed glee
over the moon, under the barrows
You slipped a worn thorn through old scars
pierced my heart nonetheless
whispering to me undressed
all the secrets you kept hid so well
In the hidden heaven of our hell
And caught me on the line and hook
Buried long before we mistook
Please stay, for goodbye
And left me with the lonely question: why?
For Sara. Wherever we may be.
Andrew Siegel Jun 2016
I called you honey bun
and you gave me ample sample
of what sweet felt like
on heart and tongue
You knew just how to please me

Simple sweat and glaze amaze
smiles and tears and soft elbows in nooks
Sunshined through your dress on days
rattled and shook my pans with a look
You showed me what it meant to want

Honeyed lips and slick with oil
Our hot crossed hours heaven spent
Tender meat and blood boil
Your flaxen strands like peppermint
All of your spices made me weak

You called me bread maker
Working the dough I didn't knead
Sifted and shook me like a Quaker
Swollowing flesh and core and seed
Then slipped on your apron and walked out my door
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