Poetic T Apr 2015
I don't do it for pleasure or
Frustration more, to those
Fuckers I try to ignore, bitch
About me behind my back
Fuck are you that bored.

Shit if you wanted to know the
Shit about me, the manure that
Goes though your mouth smells
Worse than your breath like you
Shit that comes from orifice you
Call a mouth.

Piss off get a life, what ever makes
You happy piss off and leave me
Out your messed up life. That you
Choose to fuck around with someone
Else's life, makes you a moaning
Bitch through out your life.

Fucktards that should know better
Than to use that thing called a mouth,
Piss off get a life or I swear you'll
Hear worse than this come out my mouth.
I wrote this when I was mad at someone
Ashley Somebody May 2014
I liked you when you didn't swear,
When innocence was commonplace;
Maybe we're all growing up,
Lost in life's cold embrace.
I killed a planet today
Not really
You'll never know.
Sarah Jones Dec 2014
Am I not good enough?
No, Darling, You’re too much.
Oregon skies, Light of my life,
I’ll be a good baby.
I swear this time.
Don’t hate me, Alright?
I do enough for both us two.
Sheldon D'souza Feb 2015
Out on the road in the middle of the night,
I made my way with no one in sight.

Hugging all the tight corners and vrooming on the straights,
Burning tyre rubber at alarming rates.

Little did I know at that hour along the next turn,
There'd be another person.

With the wind in her hair and one of the most lovely face,
She rode her little pink vespa with amazing grace.

I happened to have crossed paths with her in a traffic rule breaking fashion,
A move I made with deadly precision.

Instantly she uttered that lovely swear word with a sweet loud tone,
"Asshole" she said, raising her middle finger alone.

Wrong I was and would've apologized if I could stop,
But in a hurry I was and a high speed it all to top.

Late that night, those stream of events ran through my head,
I pondered on it as I lay in bed.

Swear words! Instantly blurted in the spur of the moment,
Yet originating from the heart's deepest cavity and vent.

Pure to the core,
No hidden meaning they store.

Swear words may have been considered in appropriate and shunned in the world,
Yet they convey what a person feels most appropriately when they are hurled.
Ashen Complexion May 2015
In another life I swear I would've been a chronic drug addict
I don't do drugs but if it weren't for my supportive best friend and my fear of needle, pills and hallucinations I'd be so hooked
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2014
I will never write about you again,
I swear to myself...

"Stay Strong"

I improvised on the whole "ten words" simple technicality, deal with it.
Shawn Jul 2012
i swear that rain,
tasted sweet from that sky,
as if kissed by the sun,
spun like cotton candy,
to melt on my tongue.

i swear the wind,
speaks more than silence,
the calls of the distance,
echo in its grasp.

i swear that smile,
seemed to stretch further then,
across your face,
when in my vicinity.

i swear the chill,
of winter, common,
burns now like icy toothpicks,
on skin.

i swear that grasp,
tight, never fleeting,
felt impenetrable,
a barricade to outside blows,

i swear the pain,
overfills the brim of comfort,
leaving one lost,
maps, compass in hand.

i swear that second,
of breath, in sync,
heartbeats, identical,
fingers, interlocked,
mouths, pressed together
with perfect pressure,
ticked slower than time
could allow.

i swear these hours,
of moments, recalled,
eyesight, scattered showers,
breath, short bursts,
concentration, struggling
to find continuity,
time's course runs slow,
just as before.

but i swear that rain
tasted sweet from that sky
as if kissed by the sun
spun like cotton candy
to melt on my tongue
Matthew Harlovic Oct 2014
I am just so fucking tired
to finally be awake

© Matthew Harlovic
Today the Irish people witnessed an eclipse in their senses. The morning came over all queer.  Nobody noticed, except the king of bookworms in the book of Kells, and the mice in the Campanile.   I witnessed the eclipse from a windowless room on the 4th floor of the Arts block.  Edmund Spenser's poem, The Faerie Queene,  shall henceforth be named, Long Shit, by jury of 5 English Lit. Students and a Lecturer.  Also, Sinn Fein plans to build Jerusalem in Ireland's green and pleasant land.  

Lines written last night over a cup of sugary tea in a public house in North Dublin.
Emma Chatonoir Feb 2014
Often times when I'm out
With my best guy friend
People think we're dating
Or we secretly wish we were
He's my best friend
She's my best friend
People say that's how it starts
First we're friends
Best friends
And then next thing we know
I laugh at the idea
Because no one could love me
He laughs at the idea
Cause it perpetuates stereotypes
But I guess
It can be considered a good thing
That people think
We're dating
It shows that we're extremely close
And nothing gets inbetween us
We love each other very much
In a sibling way
But I was told that one day
We'll no longer be friends
And instead be lovers
I won't see it coming
But what my friends say
Is usually true
And according to them
He isn't a friend
But someone
Who will be with me
For many years to come
Oh goodness.
Overwhelmed Mar 2011
I swore
to listen to the

and only you
know what song
and only we
know what it

that song was beautiful
and so are you
and I pinky swore that I’d listen
and I’m listening to you
for you
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