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If I was to consider the world as a whole
I'd have to consider it without the presence of humans
As well as with them
I'd have to consider the notion
That there was once
No one
And nobody
But there was potential
And there was life
I'd have to consider what it would be
To not consider
To ponder that I wouldn't ponder
To admit
That we as humans
Are not necessary
And yet, the food chain
Without one the other dies
And yet it was built
Originally with missing links
Because there was something else to fill it.
What if we as humans
Have a shelf life
And eventually,
Due to natural concerns
Will be eliminated from the good chain
There may have once not been a food chain at all,
Unless you consider gravity
And the molten denser states of space
Chewing away at the atoms given to it
The very centre of the formation of a planet
Where gravitational pull
Is the closest thing to gravity
That space will ever get
It can all be explained.
But bacteria don't need explaining to
The dinosaurs didn't need an explanation,
Nor did our previous ancestors
So why do we?
It's only natural
As is gravitational pull in a space without gravity.
There will always be a food chain. Whether it's the formation of a planet, or the reproduction of the first bacteria cell. However, there won't always be humans to label things, and to care. To care too much.
When you go away you go so far that not even my love can save you.
You go off to this land where your love for me is unreachable.
I cannot touch your love for me...
I can't accept it, nor can I deny it.
It's like an island,
You and your dreams of me have floated away to a land where reality doesn't have any hold over you.
You are just there,
With all that you hold of our world,
And one can never really see you
For the fog that covers your eyes hides your soul from the world.
You are hidden,
Your dutiful heart is protecting you from all that could be.
You disappear from your body into a land that none of us could fathom. And I hate it.
You steal a piece of me.
You take it and you run,
You run from all that could be,
And all that should be.
Your body can't hold all that you feel for me.
It was only built to hold your soul,
Which before you stole mine was already too much for it.
Since you stole your love for me and hid it on your special island
I havnt been able to find you,
I think you might be lost forever.
I'd love to share in your love for me occasionally
But you're slipping away
So that all is left in you
Is the me that you stole.
You have consumed me
and in doing so you have let me eat away your soul
Until it was gone.
I'm sorry for killing you.
I didn't know,
I suppose I must have been pretty **** unobservant to not notice you slipping away onto your island,
Especially when you took with you all the parts of me that were worth a ****.
I never meant for you to fall so far,
Like an angel who was so human in that you couldn't keep away.
You dissapeared from me
And took our love with you.
How am I suppose to reach you now?
I needed you,
But I feel that I don't deserve to say that
Because you needed me so much more.
You needed me so differently,
And I couldn't always be there for you.
I couldn't ever be there for myself
And now that I'm all that's left of you,
I couldn't be there for you either.
It was your fault that I couldn't reach you,
But it was my fault that it was your fault.
You blurred us together and now I can't tell the difference.
I feel like I can't ever know you now,
Because all that I can see in you is me,
And I never could look in the mirror and then go about my day.
If I looked I'd get stuck,
I'd stare at my soul and wonder about life.
I'd wonder about all the things I wondered about.
But never once did I contemplate you while I was stuck staring.
All that time I spent absorbed in myself
And I never dreamt you up,
Do you stare at me like that too?
Was I so self involved that I even consumed myself in your body aswell?
Could I not stop staring and see that the person in the mirror wasn't me at all,
And that the only reason I thought it was
Is because that's what I expected to see?
You look in a mirror and you look for yourself.
And eventually you find it.
Or you dont,
And that is when you look harder,
You look so hard that you swear that you have climbed in the mirror and will stay there
So that everytime your body comes back to take a look you can say,
Here you are.
This is what you believe in.
But then eventually your body changes,
It develops new experiences
And it comes back and it looks different.
There are weather lines on your forehead and you think,
This is not me anymore.
And that's when you climb out of the god forsaken mirror and you look around and you realise that the world has changed,
And your body has made a stranger fall in love with you,
The you that it saw in the mirror,
But this stranger could never really find you because you were trapped. You were trapped within your ideals,
You were trapped within the eyes who dared not to look at you too long in case they saw something.
Something of value.
And then you think,
I'm so sorry my poor lady,
And then you fall for her.
But she has taken you so far away to a little island in her mirror,
Where your love and her's is trapped behind a misty brown fog covered soul dying to have you notice pouring through her empty gaze.
And you realise that she's the only one who will ever have met you in your mirror.
If I had four feet,
I doubt I'd do much better.
I could run so much faster,
I could balance so much steadier.  
But I wouldn't.

If I had three hands,
I doubt I'd do much better.
I could type so much faster,
I could play so much better.
But I wouldn't.

If I had two heads,
I doubt I'd do much better.
I could see so much more,
More of the world I could explore.
But I wouldn't.

I'd just be stuck
Get me out of this warped body
I would scream
Give me a life of normalcy I would plead
Just take away my abnormalities
Until the world
Seemed less unfair
Rid me of this shame
I don't want to play this game.

I would never stop to see
The rainbow that could be
I'd be the devils work
And nobody would be able to convince me otherwise

So if I had one body,
I guess it would still be the same.
Even though I could have two eyes
My body would still be my demise.

I'd have one body,
And along with it I'd get a mind
That would have it's own ideas
And would forever bring me tears.
You've got your rules
One, two and three
Dictating everything
That I'm supposed to be

I love to play your game
Get so caught up in the fun
Can't get away
When there's nowhere to run
If I was to tell you
My mind had gone astray
I'd love to show you
But I've a new personality everyday
Not so much every new day
The change is in but a moment
A moment of atonement
To sing a merry song
I'd love to tell just who I am
And who I hope to be
But i know as much of that
As I do of the waves on the sea
All I can do is feel them underneath
As I ride on overboard
I know exactly who they are
The feeling is mutual
For it's one you can't describe
You have to visit once again
Until there your heart resides
It was a Tuesday
When you last ventured through my mind
11.11am square
Was when I last did find
My piece of mind
I lost our time
My world is out of wack
Tell me, when are you coming back
It's 11.12am now and I'm left wondering
A writer of sobriety
A corner to turn
A wager to earn
A faithful gush in piracy

A mystical song
A wrong-doer doing wrong
A costly band of tyranny

A witch to be watched
A sack to be sotched
A mischief maker of irony

Cut down your rope
Send out your bloke
We'll see who wins your styranny
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