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Jamie Stevenson Dec 2013
I promise robe your eyes  
when you can't see.
I promise you tobe your
Ears when you can't hear.
I promise to always tell you
What's real when you won't to here the truth.
I promise to life you up when your down.
I promise to wipe your tears
When you feel you need to cry.
I promise tobe your
Strength when ever your weak.
I promise tobe your voice
When you can't find the words.
I promise to never hurt you
And never brack your heart.
I promise that I will always love you with all
My heart no matter what happens
Baby Ill aways promise to give
You Faith when your down.
I promise to lead u a shouder for
You need to cry on.
I promise to love you
Until the end of
Jamie Stevenson Dec 2013
Loving you means
Thati give you
My heart, My love and my whole self.
You'll always come first befor.
Anything else

— The End —