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Gopika Krishna Oct 2018
A loner that kills pain,
physical pain and for some
a drug for joy, for calmness.
Magical, as a single strike eliminates all the pain.

The loner once struck me into a deep sleep,
where I was floating, like a dream
calmness or a silent blissfulness
I don’t know what this loner made me feel
I just know that it was beautiful.
Silence, silence all over
and then a sudden interruption,
my friend’s panic stricken voice
calling me, waking me up.
Looking up I found her scared eyes,
scared, as in whether I was dead.

A fear outspread that day,
people who loved me feared the loner,
there was solidarity in their fear,
fear of losing me.
The loner was banished, once and for all.

Days passed, years passed,
pain was calmed using wrapped pills.
It never gave the calmness,
the blissfulness like the loner.
He is gone for so long now.

Today, as my body starts to quiver with pain,
I heard his voice,
a soothing voice, asking me
asking me to open the cellar
“Take me and I’ll put you out of your misery”

As I opened, I saw the loner
beautiful in blue.
I took him and all of a sudden
I found contentment in this strike after so long.
Calmness flooded in me once again,
I found happiness in this silent blissfulness.
Silence, silence all over.
But this time my sleep didn’t get interrupted,
for this time it was now and forever.

Dolo, the loner,
now I’m yours….forever.
The sky’s nose is pressed to the window of a loner’s heart
Knowing something dances in the bottom
And it stands in front of him

Nothing in life shows what a loner really feels
More than that fountain of ink
Whispering from her pen

Still the sky wonders if there is anything really there
Or if a loner’s heart is merely full
Of emptiness dancing bare

You can see the sky’s ear pressed ever so closely  
Against the window of a loner’s heart
Listening to the pulsing beat

Knowing something wondrous dances in the bottom
It is timeless yet, still he wonders
If it only dances in the ink
Copyright @2011- Neva Flores Smith
Gary Butler May 2010
Life is so short, Life is so sweet
It is a real pity, That some people sleep on the street
You see them in alleys, You see them in parks
The ones whose lives  Have got no more spark
They say they are dead beats, The **** of the earth
But were they really like that, Right from their birth
They used to be happy, They used to be gay
They even had a Christmas and a happy birthday
But now their  a loner and who the hell cares
For people just spit or stand there and stare
But the loner just thinks, He's still got his mind
Just look in the mirror and see what 'you' dare find
Now years have past and the loner is dead
But there in his place, Now let it be said
Is the one who walked passed and he just spat
Justice or not, Is 'that' *** for Tat
I wrote this poem dedicated to all the homeless people in the world.
Robert Bakle Mar 2015
Is a loner who has friends really a loner?
Does a loner mean a friendless man?
Is it the mindset that we have that makes us it?
Or is it the actions we do that evolves us into it?
apathy Oct 2013
why do i sit in a corner?
why don't i have friends?
cause, i may die soon,
that kinda depends

"depends on what?", you say
depends on if i mess things up
" you did nothing wrong" you said
you say that like you really give a ****

you thought we were close
you thought we would last
well kiddo,
that's a thing of the past

in a world of happiness,
i always frown
when everyone out there has friends,
i'm just the loner

leave the loner be
i'm gonna die anyways
Ovi-Odiete Feb 2015
he walks alone; faking a smile
deep within are pairs of agonies
grief, distraught; but still he smiles
walking down the pavement, he stops
turning around are unfriendly friends
they wave at him; camouflaging a smile
he looks away and continues

He has moved thus far, still no one
he hears the birds chipping; the cats crying and water falling
the queen of the night's flower arouse him; bringing him to a rush of impulse and pleasure, but still he wanders

they have stabbed him twice; his closest pals
they set him up; they slander him behind the scene and still rush to.him with cold hands
he has decided to stay firm; a man of his own- to walk through the valley alone; A Beautiful Loner.
"the calmness of the silent man, should not be toiled with"
    By Ovi-Enita
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
This is not, a time to loosen up
Or nine to five job to give up
Just saddle up the power is in you
Five ladies cafe to dine at five and
drove_* the meter is running
(The Canadian Cup) team versus the
     Taxi Cup
He swooned you in your
Five dreamy but half heart sugars
Come on Baby bloomers
Let's see some boom!!

In your hips men will be men taking
frequent flyer trips temptation 1 2345
We need fewer digs one love teo reasons
World  345  heart flags
We don't have to cross our hearts
Perhaps tattoo heart legs no more strikes
Jumping Jack flash
What a rope in this isn't the Pope

Somehow we all get broke
To court her like your the lasso
stars cosmos hearts like Lassie
Never a change of subject how it
remains in your heart how it hit hard
to react but changed to five cards
Digging too long  lucky 777 like heaven
Heart digs

Oh! There

No, I am here
We are always  
numbers_ I only
have 5 minutes
No I phone have a heart
Oh! where is designed for me
Those five plates

Whats in between them

We are opening Live- Five
Strong heart to give the caring
The useful heart is never so daring
My gate* Girls are nail digging

Or losing add +

Our community
Heftier like Jupiter
Heart to build
the gravity
A big kiss hunch
of five roses

Your getting to bloom
but only have
5 extra movie parts
The front dress mermaid tail
Your heart delicate hands
opened up your emails
I think you hit the

Max to the million shot
No heart of gold
Only more leaders
Scrambling and digging
your fork
Mixing those egg beaters

Five men think they know
there women
like ten
Turn to five wrong
There it goes the lucky
five arguments

A plot beating
like a hot-shot
The French Baguette
Bread 9 to 5 firecracker
Five-carat baguette
wedding band in her safe
Heart digs to five hands
Heart neck guilty as a giraffe

The cafe house had only
5 cups left  they sold you out
Only Five Bed and breakfast
Do detailed with their Ladyfingers
But need more alone time
Be on time get sweet key lime
What is real-time so sublime

That rose- paper cut- origami
Sorcerer of five he was like the
cold cuts of big Sub Salami
Japanese sword samurai
What a Geronimo Oh! no
This wasn't a hot potato

Or Gizmo No-Go
Getting a shot for Polio
The gusto songs to the heart play
Maestro the Cosmo's
The five stars to heart his
Like a titanic ship but heroics

Five lunatics wedding horns ******
Five two timer Mario gamers
so demonic
DOMINO'S bed five students wed
We dug deeper get-up sleepy-head
Exposed cries location set
Network U- dig cups

Something lip curved
He misplaced my lips
What did he do in exchange
More stocks and hard stone rocks
Like frying pan egg
scrambled words

Crossed heart Rapper so believing
The Fox five sticking tacky glue
His CD Rose lying pants no clue
Painful pointed shoes need R&R
     Robin's *Responsibilities
       The Heart On Replay
The deeper you dig to restart

The healthy organically grown brain
Men on Pause I truly believe nature
takes its course
but another beat to go is that so?
And if so heart digs to five
Feel the good vibe in another tribe
Five times I had to wake you up
I am the love cure reminiscing

Giving me five reasons
Our beautiful change of
heart in season

Studying the fine art heart
Never refusing thats life
five-step to strive nothing

Robin shoutbox she getting
her point across
Either you're the worker or loner
The heart pleaser the boss
Your heart looks good
on your dress
Whether we win or deep mess
The good heart can change to
a bad start

Recharge your heart count to five
Venus- beauty moved on like a
pathologist digging over staying alive
The hearts what digs this is not the 9-5 workers we are talkers
and long settling in heart walkers come any join me we may actually be alive did I get a live one
Nothing to say? Nothing to say?
Oh catch yourself on.
Since when have you
Ever had nothing to say?

Liar liar
Or so they say.
But if your words be lies
Then why do you hide it?

Loner loner
That's what I am.
You say it's untrue
Well then why didn't you notice me gone?
Each stanza is essentially a separate poem written about a different person or situation.
when you are a loner the worlds a bitter place
with a life lonlieness the world is hard to face
you live in the shadows of a darkened mind
reality of life you have left behind.

nothing seems the same as the world outside
deep in to depression you begin to slide
lock yourself away in your lonely space
life when your a loner is such a lonely place
K Balachandran Oct 2013
On a lovely beach like this,
                                 where waters are placid,
at the best time of the year to swim,
                      he shouldn't have come alone,
but his star has gone from the firmament,
                          dashing all his hopes
            not able to overcome the loss of her,
                               he can only be alone.
Here he feels a mistrust on the faces of girls,
                    the boys are all alarmed, seeing a loner,
unlike before, the languages spoken sounds strange,
                                  he couldn't follow most,
then,  the smiles were so warm and welcoming,
                    now skewed, he feels ill at ease,
at last a girl, another loner,
              spots him from afar
wistfully she sends her eyes, swimming fish,
                         as if asking"Is it you again?"
and for a moment of forgetfulness,
   he thinks it could be her and forgets his pain,
though his heart knows  well,
                     that the waves dissipated yesterday,
would never be here again,
             with its gifts taken back for ever.
Emilie L Feb 2010
Contemplating the dark
With a life neither bright nor stark
Shrivelled and fragile inside
Aiming for wonders of the glorious mind
With the sun peeping out from ominous clouds
Undisguised, yet elusive, towards an onset of doubts
Shrouding any fallacy
Cultivating mere fantasy
And the phantom of a far-fetched imagination
To bring out an electric, yet marvellous sensation
Shut inside a mysterious cage
Grasping poetry like some sage
Aiming for aloofness
While mourning over the senseless
Forever the beauty of words is a myth
Forever superficiality is a filth
The sublime scenery of sunset swish
Warms the heart, treasuring one’s deepest wish
Via the shimmering dawn
The azure sky I so adorn
To sniff the sweet odour of nature
All alone, as solitary as ever, with a hazy future
Nobody can gauge the depth of the imaginary
And taste the splendour of the ordinary
All this simplicity unravels a cosy palace
Where art is sacred; where the aesthetic is a solace
To end up in sensuous poetry
In which there’s no calculated geometry
Where the comfort of spontaneity is soothing
And readiness is but a blessing
For in poetry, a loner like me finds her grace
For via poetry, the solitary is free to embrace
And through the line of a verse, the loner dwells a florid universe…

© eMs' silent poetry. All Rights Reserved.
Emmanuel Coker Sep 2015
I know this isn't a phase
I think i'd just cover my face
Stop before the start of the race
And just never leave this place

This is who I am
I am a loner
Garth Lebowski Nov 2015
Sapphire drops of moonlight bounced off her umbrella and a cool, smoky mist escaped her crimson lips every once and so often.There she stood alone, on a loud, bright and miserable winters’ night. Pensively gazing over the glistening city streets before her.

Echoes of light gleamed from the windows of bars and cafes. Reflections of lover’s kisses melted in a cold November rain. Live music, laughter, conversation! O what a cheerful sight is the city at night, for all but one this evening.

Such striking acts of delight and love did nothing but depress her.

This loner longs to stand with the pack and live her life, instead of merely existing. She is the Steppenwolf of her time. Unwanted and alone. And much like the original Steppenwolf, she gives and cares for others very much like family. Alas, despite her best efforts, she could never fit in.

And perhaps, never will.
The one who follows the crowd, will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.

-Albert Einstein
Modern Serenity Aug 2014
Being a loner doesn't mean I'm lonely
it just means I like being alone
Ormond Jul 2012
With cruelty he loved.
Now, life is measured in rains
Never baptismal.
Thou tides thus came but none tilted his vessel,
it was the mutiny that murdered his moral premise.
How dreadful it is to be a drudge?, day-dreamer he was.
A good preacher to parasites he was who is pleading now.

Altogether awaken the spirit again with the agony,
here comes the mobs murmuring what they hear.
Care no more for this care free life, ain't your castle anymore.
Beat the blasphemy of who praises the god. He is Here.
Ray Savill Dec 2014
An Old Loner...

Let anger replace the yoke of an egg,
Chicks born in turmoil, soon left, to beg;
Shell is damaged with just one evil peck,
The Cuckoo landed,on different deck.

She placed evil eye on this christmas bird,
Made sure it kept him, away from the hurd.
He's the loner, emotional recluse,
The outward bounder, who discovered the truth.

Floundered on falsification and lies
All he needed was truth to devise,
A cup full of natural happy stings
That gifts the hope that church bells still ring.

Bay fronted windows, a mirror on life
Remembers that smile, the last from his wife.
brahim Jul 2014
Misunderstood in a world of the regular

My thoughts stay odd when theirs stay similar
Imaginations with more loops and hoops than a circus

They call me weird some call me crazy
In a world of my own

At least here I'm king with citizens spawned from my twisted thoughts

Loved by few understood by none

Still not as lonely as they think

Not insane yet on the brink
nadya s Nov 2014
If solitude is a bliss,
Then happiness is mine

ok okay Jul 2018
Isolation and quietness are my two best friends
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
Isolation helps me think and comprehend reality
Isolation does not sleep and never decides to leave me
Isolation eliminates my pressures and anxieties
Isolation helps me relax and breathe
With isolation who needs real friends?
Quietness comes and goes but never decides to leave me
Quietness helps me sleep at night and stays with me till the morning
Quietness lets me focus and takes away my fears
Quietness is always trustworthy and is right around the corner
With quietness who needs real friends?
Isolation and quietness are always there for me
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
My two best friends never change and are always there for me
With isolation and quietness who needs real friends?
Second poem I wrote. Hope you guys liked :)
Äŧül May 2015
Oh how calmly she sleeps,
Carefree she always seems,
Wish she gets sweet dreams.
So glorious is her face always,
I wish her all the happiness,
All in the hue of brightness,
None equals her cuteness.

Oh hope never she weeps,
Clarity she wears in deeps,
With time get the -ve wiped,
Such the cutest nature heaps,
I'll be her guardian forever,
At heart Atul is just a loner,
Not just now - but forever.

Only by respecting my love for her,
A clear old identity is rediscovered,
I'm known as Atul Kaushal for a cause,
Singing hymns to my magical love,
Ignoring all those distractions,
And I am happy being with her,
Nirvana comes just for us.
My HP Poem #870
©Atul Kaushal
arubybluebird Oct 2013
Wow, I am such a loner
I am such a loner, wow
Internally, I’m a loner
Physically, I’m a loner when I choose to be
Which is often I suppose
Because you see, I enjoy the company
Of my own awkward silence
Our bones are composed of empty spaces
That are meant to be filled up by each-others words
You need to tell me whether you love me or do not love me
That is the only way to keep me from breaking in three’s
My ribs they are so fragile
My tiny body atop the sheets of your bed, so very fragile
Oh, but I don’t want to be whole
Shut up shut up shut up
Succumb to the glories of drunken cinema with me instead
In your mind
Come, touch my thoughts with your thoughts
Whisper somber poetry into my ******* with your soft chapped lips
I cannot forget the temperature of your body
Your hand in mine is a fever I refuse to sweat out
Medicine, medicine, artificial cure of wounds
I like the way bruises add sass to my skin
Wow, I am so pathetic
I am so pathetic, wow
I will never grow out of it
You will never grow fond of me
What a cycled misery
Baby, baby just walk away

Another rainy evening in the city
6 2 4 P M
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
So many curious faces I see.
Inquiring eyes fixed on me.
As if trying hard to guess.
why always I speak so less?

In the office and in bazaar.
They wonder who my friends are?
Every time they spot me alone.
Doubt if I am kind of stone.

With them no ebullience, no zeal.
In their company so lonely I feel.
Whether sitting or on a walk.
Always worldly and shallow talk.

But all who think I am lonely stone.
Let me inform I am never alone.
Loneliness is my best friend.
With him quality time I spend.
Emily Jan 2016
The girl who would rather spend her Friday night at home organizing her room than at the parties.
The girl who would rather curl up and read at lunch than sit and socialize over talk of nothing but "people".
The girl who would rather drown out the world with music than sit in class and be involved.
The girl who would rather work alone and finish her homework in class, than sit in the big social groups making weekend plans.
The girl who would rather be independent and be judged as a loner than be friends with people who will secretly judge you.
The girl who would rather collect books and records than makeup.
The girl who would rather study astrology than watch every show on Netflix.
The girl who would rather thrift shop and buy $3.99 boots than buy top of the line $80 boots.
The girl who realizes that all of this does not make her any better than them.
The girl that realizes she is only trying to impress herself; confidence is key.
faeri Jul 2018
He's a loner.

He can't depend
and he's not dependable.

He has friends
but he keeps secrets.

He has a family...
outside his bedroom door.

No pets,
just projects.

No plants,
just homework.

No tears,
just a water bottle.

He's just a loner,
a thoughtful loner, indeed.
Terra Lopez Jan 2015
if it was not for music
i would be
strung out
waiting for a mistake to enter my temples
i'd regret this
only for a moment
but it's beautiful to be a loner
at times
when you can't make up your mind
how lovely it is to not waste another's time
with your regrets and indecision
Raj Arumugam Nov 2011
Shintaro, Shintaro, O Shintaro
hero, samurai, loner, onmitsu
maverick, defender, O lover of justice

Shintaro walks with grace
Shintaro’s life is concentration
and quiet, peace and silence
Shintaro is skill and perfection

Shintaro is protector of child
woman and the poor and the orphans
the weak, the helpless
and of any who has been wronged

Shintaro, Shintaro, O Shintaro
hero, samurai, loner, onmitsu
maverick, defender, O lover of justice

the ninjas come
like speeding stars
one after another
secret killers
with weapons of death
but none can beat Shintaro -
Akikusa Shintaro, master of peace and stillness
Samurai who sees with his being

Shintaro, Shintaro, O Shintaro
hero, samurai, loner, onmitsu
maverick, defender, O lover of justice -
you live in time
you live in mind
a celebration of Koichi Ose as Shintaro in the 1960's Japanese TV series...
LCM Mar 2017
They say we’re crazy
When we care too much
When we don’t care enough.

They say we are too emotional
When their little lies and broken words
Find a way to creep inside our guarded hearts.

They find a reason to tear apart
Every beating unbroken heart.
They whisper and they talk down from behind

When we give up, when we decide to be alone
When we must travel far, far from home,
It won’t matter how you act, what you say or who you know

Because they’ll find a way to call you crazy
To attack without any pomp or show.
The loner will always be crazy,

Failing to conform,
Acting different than the norm.
If you guard yourself and don’t let anyone in

They’ll find a way to make you pay.
Alycia Oct 2017
To all the loners our there who feel they don’t belong,
One day you will find your special person and once you’re with them, you will never want to be alone again.

-A former loner
Dlusionl13 Mar 2018
You are saying I am cruel
I bet you don't even care
Yes I am rude and also somewhat mean
Because I am a thunderous sea trying to calm the hurricane of your betrayal going inside me
You think I won't know
You are the one spreading the rumours
Thank you for sharing with the world your opinion of me

I was not like this before
It's you who ridiculed me
Making my already hard life a miserable mess
It's you who forced my mind
To shut the windows of my heart on everyone's face
I lost happiness as joy left me alone
In mending the broken hearts I was late
In joining the shattered pieces of friendships I failed
I want to thank you sincerely for making my life a living hell

You ignored me, isolated me
Burning my already suffered soul like an ignited coal
I could do nothing as hope left me
Turning me into a dark black hole
You knew what I was going through
Yet you left me saying you were tired of my demons
Thank you I never knew promises were meant just for a show

But how can you call me a ****** now
Telling everyone I am not good
Telling me I am isolated for a reason
Who made this worse
Think you should
I regret ever talking to you
I don't know why I shared my deepest darkest secrets only with you
Thank you for making me sorry for trusting you

You had promised you would help me
You said it was okay that I was okay
What happened then?
Why did you abandon me?
You took everyone that were close to me
Spread all the lies you want
No one is left anyway
But thank you for making me realise
That the battles I fight make me stronger than coward people like you

A loner an outcast
My life's never-ending cycle
It's my story my secret
I am the soul of a lonely dead girl
Betrayal hurts because it's something we never expect from the one we trust the most
sometimes I don't like being a loner
but I guess its better than being a stoner
I am caught in mellow drama
kids these days hooked on marijuana
I will not smoke *** with you
but I will read you pride and prejudice
I like my books better than oxycontin
My Clarry and Jace more than your straight ***** and chase  
I like books more than people
reading is my choice drug
while yours starts bringing you down
on your addiction is frowned
mine is making me looked up to
yes I am a loner
my walls build from Stephen kings
my heads not clouded with weirs the ****
no I guess I am not a stoner
but fictional people are better than real ones
I wont **** for a too finger bag
but touch my paper back and ill have your ***
Essa Freedom Oct 2014
Today I went to School
No one talked to me
Or looked at me
Or sat by me at lunch
I'm the nerd
I'm the loner
I am the **Invisible Girl
I long to be with others
To feel the comfort of a warm body
Sitting next to me
Lying next to me

When I am alone
I feel left out

Sitting in my tiny room
For hours on end
With nothing
But the light from the screen
The warmth of the monitor
To keep me company

But then when I am invited
To a movie
Or a game of basketball
My heart pulls me back
To the quietness of my room
The serenity that it bears

I long for kinship
To be included
But I also long for solidarity
For the warmth of my bed
A moment alone with my thoughts

For one who is so desperate
To find a place in this world
In this school and this life
Why do I resort to loneliness
And find comfort in it

Maybe I only favor loneliness
When it is a choice
Instead of a chasm
I have been thrown into
And can not escape

What am I?
Loner or Alone
Hao Nguyen Apr 2016
If the shadows were not bound
by the sciences of light,
sometimes I wonder and fear
if it too would leave me behind,
because I do not fear
being separated in the dark
where mercy blinds the eyes.
I am instead terrified
that when the darkness lifts
and the world illuminates with clarity,
I will be standing alone.
Äŧül Jul 2017
I speak of a sore loner,
A loner who had a *****,
And only his hands for help.

He's so scared of teenage pregnancy,
He spent his years juicing his sausage,
As he often got bored of 'his monotony'.
My HP Poem #1640
©Atul Kaushal
Brittany Comer Jan 2012
Alone in my sorrow
I don't blame you for leaving
All I do is complain and *****
So ******* annoying
I strangled your freedom
Right out of your arms
I ******* about females
and your love for kush
I miss you so much
Your my one love
The man alone sat in the restaurant
as people talked about him.
Somehow he had become a real loner
nobody talked to him.
He never spoke to anybody close by
losing the will to try.

The man alone had not always been like this
he'd been married twice.
Blessed with four children and socialised
yet lacked something.
He was not considered a long term friend
lacking a chemical blend?

The man alone began to feel more depressed
watching others socialise.
What lay ahead the past didn't cheer him up
questioning his purpose.
Isolation was becoming more of an issue
his future not even he knew!

The Foureyed Poet.
He was used to being alone yet it began to depress him was it his age? The Foureyed Poet.
Zed Rapadas Jun 2014
Being lonely
you'll learn to love yourself

Being friends with yourself
is the best relationship
you'll ever had

If you want
to know more about yourself

And you will understand
yourself fully

— The End —