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Sophie Woods Feb 2014
This is an insight to my life
All I want is to be a wife
Chill and be free
With someone who loves me
If I could id live in a tree
Weird I know but this is me!
Get to know me or learn to hate me
It’s not my fault I wish I could flee
This not who I want to be
Some clone like I am now
I want to escape but I don’t know how
For now I stay at school
Being looked at like a fool
But hey at least I’m not a tool
Some would say
Well your wrong anyway
I get used every day
Stuck in the same old circle
Getting beaten blue and purple
My user silent but deadly
Same old same old he should really fine a new medley
At least I know what to expect
Then again it has the same after effect
No one knows and knows hears
Except for the occasional tears
But they get blamed on something like fears
No one seems to listen
My face it manages to glisten
Hiding away all the fear
Of what I wish could to appear
I’ve never seen his face before
Only his silhouette on my door
I’m sure if I saw his shadow
I’d get a shiver like when he touches me
Just above my left knee
He says calm down
Or we will have to move out of town
I wish I didn’t have to go
But I bet one day he will make me follow
If I disappear you now know why
I’m sure I won’t die
Good bye if I do
I really loved you
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
I etch marks in my skin whenever he  touches me, In the places where his hands wondrously wander as if to erase the feelings he once gave me
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
Make a choice
To be brave
Use your voice
Don't be a slave
Staring into this distance
Ready to draw a line
You need love and resistance
You will be fine
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
When i think of you
It makes me blue
When i lye in bed
Thinking in my head
Why is it so dark
I want to go to the park
With you i want to play
With you i want to stay  
Its not your fault
But why do you have to be an adult
Sometimes i wish i was her
I wish i wasnt such a nerd
Or maybe thats what he wants
Someone dumb a blonde
If i could travel with you i would
But i know i cant but i wish i could
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
All I do is cry and weep
For some reason I can not sleep
I know deep down why
But I keep it hidden behind a lie
There’s a lump in my throat
As I even sat and I wrote
To think about this
Its hard to resist
All the thoughts that creep in
Its like im foreign  
I gave you love a whole heap
And hatred and loss is what I reap
Not understanding why
I lay confused and cry
For sometimes things don’t make sense
Anticipating something back I lay in suspense
Every night afraid
Remember when I got played
It started A domino effect
I guess it does reflect
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
The mystery of people and why there so harsh
Well really i have no idea you shouldnt have asked
I can make an assumption
Something nonsense
But assuming make me no better than them
Excuse me for this but they act ten
Picking at anything they possibly can
People assume that even i am dumb
And look at me as if im ****
But i bet if they read this they woulnt know
That i myself wrote this and myself i have 2 outgrow
To come up with words like this in my vocabulary
Must me i have some kind of intergraty
Yes my punctuation and spelling may be off
But do you really have to pick and scoff
This my friends is why i hate people
Be smart and get called geeky
You can not win play dumb to be cool
And get treated and looked at like a fool
My friends and enemies i am smart far beyound you
This may be false or true
You can decide its up to you
But if its not true
Do not commment just stand by
Speaking out of term is as bad as a lie
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
The hidden mystery
That our lives hold
All the secret history
Wondering leaves me cold
Who knows what poeple hide
Her growing up
Or when she became a bride
Was she corput?
The history of ones heart
If you look, its soft
But look again, be smart
Its cold as the winter frost
Look in her eyes
Beauty and love
But the scars on her thighs
she's not tough
Her heart cold like the frost
But her thighs scared in love
Why is this? was she lost?
Maybe given hope by a dove
This is the history
Hidden in her
Showing her sanity
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