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Kelly Bitangcol Jun 2017
Let me tell you the story about the 6 people I’ve met. Let me just say first that they are famous. They are always talked about. But don’t envy me or feel anything bad, because don’t worry, you will meet them all too. Or perhaps, you have probably met them. You probably met some of them already. We all did. Now I will tell you the story of when I met them, of where I met them, and how I met them.

I first met Happiness when my mom bought me my dream barbie doll. I was so eager to have it and seeing my mom holding it made me feel.. incredible. I couldn’t explain it at first because I was so young, I didn’t know emotions yet but when someone named Happiness came, I immediately knew what I felt. Happiness stayed with me for a long time, happiness was with me during my 7th birthday when I had a party. Happiness was with me when I became the first honor of my class. Happiness was with me when I watched the Hannah Montana movie. Happiness was with me when I traveled with my whole family, when we were all together. To sum it up, Happiness was with me when I was young. And when I grew older, Happiness needed to leave. I begged Happiness, “Please don’t go.”, like Happiness was my father leaving us, like Happiness was my childhood friend moving to another country. But Happiness told me, “I need to.”

And then nostalgia came. Nostalgia came when I missed my barbie dolls. Nostalgia was with me when I was listening to Best of Both Worlds and all the memories of being a Hannah Montana fan came back. Nostalgia was with me when I was looking at the old pictures of me and my family. Nostalgia was with me when I was looking for my shirt and I suddenly saw my dress when I was a baby that reminded me of my childhood. Nostalgia was with me when I was missing what it felt like to have a complete family. Nostalgia was with me when I wished to be just a little kid playing barbie dolls with no worries in life. Nostalgia made me miss Happiness more, and made me wonder when will Happiness come back. And then Nostalgia left, and another person came. I was hoping the person would be Happiness, the person wasn’t.

A person named Loneliness came unwanted. Loneliness came the first time I had a failing grade. Loneliness was with my side when my friend needed to move to another school. Loneliness was with me when I was no longer an honor student. Loneliness was with me when my mom scolded me about my low grades and I locked myself inside the bathroom, alone, crying, and I didn’t have someone, only Loneliness. Loneliness was with me when I was growing up. Loneliness was with me when I was compared to other people, and they were better than me. Loneliness was with me when I lost everything. Loneliness was with me when I became a nobody. Loneliness was with me for a long period of time. Loneliness was like a friend who I never wanted to be with, a friend who I hated so much, but that friend won’t just go away no matter how hard you try, and no matter how hard I try Loneliness will never be a friend to me. But Loneliness told me, “Don’t worry. I will leave soon. I won’t be here forever.” And so Loneliness left.

And this strange, mysterious, indescribable person came. The person was named Love. And I thought, “Oh, so this is the famous Love.” I wanted to tell Love I wasn’t ready to meet you yet, but I didn’t know Love would come, Love came unexpectedly. Love came when I met you. Love was with me when you held my hands. Love was with me when I felt safe in your arms. Love was with me when I was reading Murakami. Love was with me the first time I wrote poetry. Love was with me when my best friend told me she would never leave me. I didn’t know why Love came, but I didn’t want Love to leave. But just like everyone and everything else, Love wasn’t meant to last.

And so heartbreak came. I met Heartbreak two summers ago when you told me you would leave me. Heartbreak was with me when I saw you with someone else that wasn’t me. Heartbreak was with me when I wasn’t accepted at my dream school. Heartbreak was with me when I didn’t win the poetry contest I worked hard for. Heartbreak was with me when my best friend suddenly became a stranger. Heartbreak was with me when I saw sadness and disappoint in my mother’s eyes. Heartbreak was a ****** person. I couldn’t wait Heartbreak to leave. But Heartbreak was with me a little longer than I wanted Heartbreak to be. And when Heartbreak will finally leave, I asked a question emotionally, “Are you related to Loneliness or what?” and Heartbreak responded, “No. As much as I’m the opposite, I’m the twin of Love.”

And a beautiful person named Hope came. Hope came when the storm was finally over. Hope was with me when I decided to write again. Hope was with me when I see people believing in my strength. Hope was with me when I looked in the mirror and told myself, “I can survive all of this.” Hope was with me when I watched the film Dead Poets Society. Hope was with me when I saw the most genuine smiles of my family. Hope was with me when I helped myself and became better. Hope was with me when I found myself. And I was hoping Hope would never leave.

But then I learned the truth about these 6 people. These 6 people, they leave, and they come back, in no particular order. Happiness came back when I made my family proud. Happiness came back when I met you. And suddenly Loneliness arrived again in the middle night, but good thing I was stronger now and I made Loneliness leave sooner. Nostalgia came again when I heard this one song that reminded me of my friends. And then Love, Love was here again. And Love confessed, “I am the only one who can be with you always, but sometimes another person makes you feel something more. I was with you since the beginning. I am with you every time you’re with your family and friends. No matter what you’re feeling, I am with you every time you’re with the people that mean so much to you.” And the horrible person named Heartbreak came back again, and as usual, it was ****. But I’m starting to accept Heartbreak’s presence. And I’m currently with Hope. I was with Hope when I attended my first rally last year, when I saw the people who can help change the world and make it a better place. Hope is with me every time I see people who help each other, even if they don’t know each other personally, even if they knew each other on the internet. Hope is with me when I see people never giving up. Hope is with me while I’m writing this piece. And when I knew the truth about these 6 people, I accepted it. I accepted the people I don’t want to leave will do, and the people I don’t want to come back will do. I accepted they’re always here. I accepted they will be here unexpectedly, I accepted that any of them will come sooner or later. And when that time comes, I will greet the person, whoever the person is, “Welcome back.”

Mikaila Oct 2013
What is it?
It is a concept we so rarely describe in detail.
We've made up a specific word for it-
Three little syllables-
Just so that we can say it and be done with it,
And escape the contemplation.
But I know my own loneliness cannot be captured,
Cannot be encompassed,
By merely the word.
What is loneliness?
It comes in all shapes and sizes,
A space,
A lack,
That can be big or small,
Sudden or excruciatingly slow,
Sharp or fuzzy at the edges.
It can even be comforting.
What is it about loneliness that is so insidious?
Harder to rid yourself of than fear
Or anger
Or even such tricky, barbed things as doubt
Or hope,
That stick.
Loneliness doesn't stick.
It seeps.
You stew in it.
It is beginning to occur to me that I don't believe,
Once one realizes loneliness for the first time,
That one is ever truly rid of it again,
Even for a second.
I think it is a permanence that we as a race refuse to acknowledge most of the time.
Some forms of lonely are fairly benign-
The little tingle on the edges of you, when you are home alone and the house is silent,
And for no apparent reason at all-
No sadness, no fear, no thought that is particularly unpleasant that you must drown out-
You nonetheless feel the compulsion to switch on the television
Even if you won't watch,
Just to break the stillness with a human voice besides your own.
Then there are the darker types, the truly ensnaring ones,
The lonelinesses born of the memory of times when,
Perhaps, you were less lonely,
Or even thought that you had flushed the feeling from your soul entirely.
Loneliness is an otherness,
An alien thing that lives in your heart,
That makes you question whether there is anyone out there who would have you
If they knew
What was on the inside.
There is the type of loneliness that creeps up on you and follows nipping at your heels like a shadow on the pavement as you move through your day,
Reminding you, whispering in your ear that here you felt less alone, and there, and that those places are full now,
Of emptiness,
Because those times have passed and not had the courtesy to clean up their cobwebs-
Memories linger in certain little spots, and collect like dust little pockets of loneliness that grab you all of a sudden,
The way forgotten spiderwebs stick in your hair as you move through an old house.
This type is jarring, disturbing, and
Afterwards I always feel the desperate need to wash away the feeling,
Scrub myself down.
There is the breed of loneliness that is a bit more genteel,
And curls cold at your feet like a well trained dog,
Formal and subtle, but constant,
This is the sort that makes you feel just somewhat hunted,
When you try to sit in silence by a fire at night in your living room
And find that you must read a book to drive the stillness from your head.
There is the truly hollow kind,
The kind that has no courtesy whatsoever,
And actually slithers into you, inhabiting your heart and stomach and bones
As you try to fall asleep
With ice.
It is this kind that, if it is strong enough
(and you are weak enough)
For it to remain until morning
Forbids even the smallest human touch-
Every gesture of tenderness from another person
Makes this loneliness increase,
Every embrace, every handshake, every accidental contact of skin
Becomes unbearable,
And the afflicted shies away,
Perpetuating a cycle of vicious disconnection.
They all leave a little something cold, even when they recede,
In the core of you, that won't be dislodged no matter what you try.
Like a cancer,
Can only be considered in remission,
And never truly cured.
For when given room to prosper even for the space of a second it expands and swallows up your thoughts
Until they whither with frostbite.
I suppose I shouldn't be shocked-
As humans we live side by side, arms linked with
Most of the things that will eventually **** us,
What's one more, cozying up inside our skulls,
Inside our hearts?
We have a partnership-
An entirely human concept-
With all that destroys us.
And so we live with out loneliness, like a second shadow.
What is loneliness?
I am still unsure.
I can only describe what loneliness does,
Not what it is.
*I think that maybe to understand it
Would be to die of it.
Loneliness is trapped between two worlds,
Loneliness becomes bitter,
When left alone too long,
Loneliness hangs around, even when thought to be gone,
Loneliness is still there in a crowded room,
Loneliness never sleeps,
Loneliness has no boundaries,  
Loneliness can never be appeased,
Loneliness wants to feel alive again,
Loneliness can wear many faces,
An exorcism will not get rid of loneliness,
A psychic cannot tell what loneliness wants,
Loneliness cannot be seen through,
And Loneliness does not last forever.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Loneliness Is Wishing To Cry

Can we really control our loneliness when it attacks? Of course not. However, we can employ the means by which to channel it into a positive force. A force whereby we recruit others and together battle this power of the dark side attempting to cajole us into this state of melancholy. We have to collectively rise to the occassion, and with the force of Good, vanquish it forever more.

Here is a short poem about what loneliness means to me. It was written at a time in my life when I was trying to deal with the recent death of a close family member. Needless to say, I was most devasted at the time of this writing. This poem at that time, in reflection, acted as a therapeutic means for me to "get it all out".

Loneliness is despair
Loneliness is something to beware
Loneliness is the thought today
of no tomorrow

Loneliness is wishing to cry
without knowing why
Loneliness is a simple feeling
without a simple answer

Loneliness comes
Loneliness goes
Loneliness is that uninvited guest
who visits, always without a request

Loneliness is a sickness
you my friend are the cure
Together we will strengthen
and together we will endure.....
A short and simple poem to which everyone can relate
Liam Heaney Apr 2014
Loneliness is a dark room
Waiting for light to be shed
Loneliness is the last of us
Reaching for companionship
Loneliness is the worst torture
With no contact what so ever
Loneliness is a prison cell
With no daylight to shine on your face
Can never be forgotten
Though, loneliness...
Can be ridden of the mind
Loneliness is weak
Loneliness is pathetic
Loneliness is but a dark room that can be bright with but a simple light
Loneliness is but a man that can be brought from the depths of despair with just a companion
Loneliness is but a prison cell that can be made hopeful with a simple
Crack in the wall
A crack
To the outside world
A crack to experience sunlight
A crack to the fresh outside air of the vast open world
Is nothing but a dark room
Jack Torrance Apr 2018
What is loneliness?
Loneliness is a feeling,
a human emotion.

What is loneliness?
Loneliness is coming home,
and no one is there.

What is loneliness?
Loneliness is laying awake,
with no one beside you.

What is loneliness?
Loneliness is having no one,
no one to love.

What is loneliness?
Loneliness is a feeling,
a broken heart and soul.

I'm lonely...
It's easy to hear the loneliness in her voice
As she speaks she has no one to talk about, there's just no choice

She talks about the good old days
Filled with love and compassion all was just a faze

Loneliness is when you cry
There's no one there to make her smile or dry her eyes

No one to help with the demons inside her head
No one to subside the discomfort of pain from deep inside

The demons are here to prey on the misguided brain
She continues to hide her pain

Only to give into the loneliness of despair
Her loneliness has only become a reality because nobody cares

Trying to fade away loneliness has taken its toll
On her soul

Sound of loneliness is silent
She doesn't hear the birds singing with great talent

She doesn't feel the sun shining
People pass her by as if she doesn't exist so she starts declining

She wishes her heart could love again highly unlikely loneliness has become her only way of life
She remains unable to feel due to the coldness in her heart stuck by a knife
Written by: Denise Huddleston
Pat Rooney Feb 2014
Loneliness is a pain,
Not the pain of a knife cutting through skin, sinews, muscles,and drawing blood.
Not the pain of a tooth in your mouth throbbing and sending shocks of horrors through highways of swollen nerves..
Not a fatal pain of a dying cell being devoured by a cancerous growth that thrives on the death and the pain of the very cells that produces its been.
Not the pain of the prisoner s body been tortured by men who see no wrong or feel no shame as they insert sharp hot instruments into natural and man made orifices in their captives helpless, hopeless bodies.
Not the pain of age as the body's functions start their natural march towards unreliability , Hips, knees knuckles, elbows and all the other joints as they  begin to slowly dry up and rub  against each other like stones rolling down a hillside.
Not the pain of hearts slowing, livers hardening,lungs wheezing like ripped accordians bellows .
Not the pain of childbirth.
Not the pain of accidents that show no fairness to the person in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Not the pain of self inflicted wounds that can fool you into thinking that that pain is the answer to your  problems.
Not the pain of the young healthy times when the body, and mind  could accept it and overcome it
  Not the pain of hunger or thirst.

Loneliness is the pain of the soul .
Loneliness is the pain of dreams that are dreamt when your asleep and when you'r awake.
Loneliness is the pain of memories . Some half  forgotten some that are so clear you could almost touch them.
Some you'd rather forget.
Some you would spend the rest of your life reliving over and over again.
Loneliness is the pain that  at times can be part relieved momentarily  through the bottom of a whiskey bottle or a point of a syringe filled with a concoction of juices from plants poisonous to both the body and the soul.
Loneliness can never be cured by earthly things. Loneliness is a pain that can only find peace through a kinderd spirit.
   Pat Rooney 2013
irinia Mar 28
"Contentment is a synonym for loneliness, cool loneliness, settling down with cool loneliness. We give up believing that being able to escape our loneliness is going to bring any lasting happiness or joy or sense of well-being or courage or strength. Usually we have to give up this belief about a billion times, again and again making friends with our jumpiness and dread, doing the same old thing a billion times with awareness. Then without our even noticing, something begins to shift. We can just be lonely with no alternatives, content to be right here with the mood and texture of what’s happening."

"it allows us to finally discover a completely unfabricated state of being. Our habitual assumptions — all our ideas about how things are — keep us from seeing anything in a fresh, open way… We don’t ultimately know anything. There’s no certainty about anything. This basic truth hurts, and we want to run away from it. But coming back and relaxing with something as familiar as loneliness is good discipline for realizing the profundity of the unresolved moments of our lives. We are cheating ourselves when we run away from the ambiguity of loneliness."

"Cool loneliness allows us to look honestly and without aggression at our own minds. We can gradually drop our ideals of who we think we ought to be, or who we think we want to be, or who we think other people think we want to be or ought to be. We give it up and just look directly with compassion and humor at who we are. Then loneliness is no threat and heartache, no punishment. Cool loneliness doesn’t provide any resolution or give us ground under our feet. It challenges us to step into a world of no reference point without polarizing or solidifying. This is called the middle way, or the sacred path of the warrior."

by Pema Chodron from "When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advise for Difficult Times"
Marian Sep 2013
Loneliness is like those ferns
Which grow in the forest alone
Loneliness is like those flowers
Which dance in the meadow
All by themselves
Loneliness is like a palm tree
Standing--growing on the shore alone
Looking out towards the ocean
Without any other palm trees
Loneliness is like a waterfall
Roaring mightily
All by himself
Loneliness is like a Fairy
Crying all alone
Sitting on a mushroom
All by herself
With no other Fairies
There to sprinkle Fairy dust and cheer
Loneliness is like a path
Without any people to walk upon it
Loneliness is like a butterfly
Flying alone
Sometimes we all tend to get lonely
But we must strive to see
The brighter things in life
Like a butterfly
Dancing with her mate
Like a bird cooing to his lover
Like a path with people to walk upon it
Like a waterfall gushing and flowing
Happily singing to the Creator
Like a Fairy
Dancing in a Fairy ring with all her friends
Like a palm tree growing
Surrounded by other palm trees
Like a flower waltzing with other flowers

Oliver Philip Nov 2018
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity.
Have I been there today ? But it’s easy to be.
Ever heard the expression “ idle hands n devil”

Loneliness fills the empty void if you are idle
Expanding loneliness to fill that barren space
Virtual reality I know that’s not the answer
Ever watched the kids these days at play ?
Levels of loneliness expand within availability
See when spare time gathers you start to feel

Occasionally being reminded of those bygones
Friends and family you’ll not see again is real.

Let that not bring you down, try meditation.
Only then can you believe you are in control
Not giving yourself time to be at all maudlin
Each day loneliness can be kept at bay.
Loneliness is a dull sloth that can be tamed
In not letting things get to you in any way.
Not giving up to the inevitability of old age.
Even if bits keep falling off your body ev’y day
Stoop n build ‘em up again with worn fingers
So many times in life you seem to hit the rocks

Oh yes I know ,you say , “ tell me how you feel”
Feelings ? Well I’m pretty sure you’ll fill y’socks

Anyway , they all can see that you’re still real

Poets are a very special breed of person.
On a scale of one to ten I guess a nine.
Experience fills their minds to overflowing
To the point where they’ll burst or put it right

On that occasion best sit an’ write a poem
Friends can then receive it straight overnight

Love each friend you have “Without condition”
Only then can see that friendship is alright
Nothing ventured,nothing gained , a fine ideal.
God granted us the sacred power to choose
Ethereal guides stand there in our background
Vicissitudinous opportunity presents itself.
I as a poet and friend  I know this to be true.
True as the nose upon a happy poets face.
Yours is the life , yours the opportunity anew.

Written by Philip
November 18th 2018.
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Me - why sometimes I like to be with you?
My loneliness - because sometimes people be tired of crowd and want to be with me.
Me - And why so?
I have always heard that you are bad because you always bring sadness.
My loneliness - that's not true. I never bring sadness. When the people are rejected or dejected by someone then they want to be with me. It's not me who have gave them sadness but because of sadness they come to be with me.
Me - Yes,  you are right. But am not rejected or dejected then why I am liking to be with you?
My loneliness - because you are tired of this fake and crowded world. And when the people get tired of crowd and fake smile on their lips they want to be with me. But they can't live with me always. Not even you, because in this big world all need someone.
Me - but that will be selfishness to be with you only in sadness and then blame you for their sadness.
My loneliness - it's not someone's faults. I am guest here. And guests are never mean to be stay forever.
Me - but a friend can stay together
My loneliness - means?
Me - means by living separately also a friend are there for you always
And whenever I will need you be with me and whenever you will need me I will be with you always.
My loneliness - you can promise it?  Because it's easy to say but hard to do
Me - it's hard but not impossible and promises are never meant to be broken
My loneliness - OK so we are friends?
Me - yes we are friends forever
My loneliness - yes forever and ever
And thank you for being my friend and for understanding me
Me - you are always be welcome
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
Worst part of loneliness is being without you
Worst part of loneliness is being without you.
On most days I can fill my life with something
Rather than nothing or feeling sorry for myself
Sorry that now my Darling has gone pain free
Trouble is that we thought we’d live forever

Pausing seldom to think of a reality of ageing
Ageing is deadly. Parts wear out and die off
Reality dawns on us too late. Missed the bus
Typically missed spent youth comes to haunt

On those occasions when tobacco was king
From that day on. The fuse had been lit.

Loneliness now is your legacy to me as I lay
On those days in Queensland when it pours
Never in small droplets. No it really rains. !!  
Engulfing the storm drains and rivers n lakes
Like the whole heavens are crying “She’s gone
I ache from the loneliness. I am so missing you
Now I appear to the outside world I cope well
Every holistic solution know to man do I try
So many all the days of the week do I count
Some say they are a great remedy for grief

I argue not ,I think this does work well for me
So in my opinion the loneliness is the worst

Because you were always there to praise me
Exciting my day by your loving exclamation
I love you my darling , I love you , do you know
No doubt in our minds. We loved each other.
God knows how long he plans for me to suffer

Worst part of loneliness is being without you.
I start my day with a sort of positive stance.
Thinking I know exactly what’s in store today.
Having logged all appointments methodically
Only I do it alone. So very alone , very alone.
Unless I come to grips with this I’ll be very sad
Though I hate the loneliness this without you.

You my darling meant so very much to me.
Only through the tribute do I place thoughts
Unnecessary for anyone but you to hear.

Written by Philip. 12 th October 2018.
It’s getting easier at November 26th 2018
With the aid of Gods guidance and Poetry
Worst part of loneliness is being without you
Poem written by Philip October 12th 2018     Ref 026. An Acrostic:
Worst part of loneliness is being without you
Worst part of loneliness is being without you.
On most days I can fill my life with something
Rather than nothing or feeling sorry for myself
Sorry that now my Darling has gone pain free
Trouble is that we thought we’d live forever

Pausing seldom to think of a reality of ageing
Ageing is deadly. Parts wear out and die off
Reality dawns on us too late. Missed the bus
Typically missed spent youth comes to haunt

On those occasions when tobacco was king
From that day on. The fuse had been lit.

Loneliness now is your legacy to me as I lay
On those days in Queensland when it pours
Never in small droplets. No it really rains. !!  
Engulfing the storm drains and rivers n lakes
Like the whole heavens are crying “She’s gone
I ache from the loneliness. I am so missing you
Now I appear to the outside world I cope well
Every holistic solution know to man do I try
So many all the days of the week do I count
Some say they are a great remedy for grief

I argue not ,I think this does work well for me
So in my opinion the loneliness is the worst

Because you were always there to praise me
Exciting my day by your loving exclamation
I love you my darling , I love you , do you know
No doubt in our minds. We loved each other.
God knows how long he plans for me to suffer

Worst part of loneliness is being without you.
I start my day with a sort of positive stance.
Thinking I know exactly what’s in store today.
Having logged all appointments methodically
Only I do it alone. So very alone , very alone.
Unless I come to grips with this I’ll be very sad
Though I hate the loneliness this without you.

You my darling meant so very much to me.
Only through the tribute do I place thoughts
Unnecessary for anyone but you to hear.

Written by Philip. 12 th October 2018.
An Acrostic exercise in control of grief
Jayantee Khare Oct 2017
"Akelaapan" v/s"Aikaant" - from the Holy Gita :-

Here goes a humble translation......

Loneliness v/s Solitude

●"अकेलापन'"इस संसार में सबसे बड़ी सज़ा है.!
                 और "'एकांत"
   इस संसार में सबसे बड़ा वरदान.!!

Loneliness is the biggest punishment in this world!
Solitude is the biggest gift/blessing!!

      ● ये दो समानार्थी दिखने वाले
               शब्दों के अर्थ में
    आकाश पाताल का अंतर है।

These two words appear so similar, yet cannot be more apart, like heaven and hell !

      ● "अकेलेपन"में छटपटाहट है
         तो "एकांत"में आराम है।

Loneliness is suffering, and Solitude is relaxing!

        ● "अकेलेपन" में घबराहट है
             तो "एकांत" में शांति।

Loneliness is fear and solitude is Shanti/peace!

         ●  जब तक हमारी नज़र
     बाहरकी ओर है तब तक हम.
    "अकेलापन" महसूस करते हैं

Till we look for solace in the outer world we will experience Loneliness!

  ● जैसे ही नज़र भीतर की ओर मुड़ी
   तो "एकांत"अनुभव होने लगता है।

But when you look for it within you, you start experiencing solitude!

        ●  ये जीवन और कुछ नहीं
      "अकेलेपन" से "एकांत" की ओर
              एक यात्रा ही है.!!

This life is nothing but a journey from loneliness to solitude!

           ●   ऐसी "यात्रा" जिसमें
    रास्ता भी हम हैं, "राही" भी हम हैं
    और "मंज़िल"भी हम ही हैं.!!

**A journey, in which the path is us, the traveller is also us and so is the destination!
It's adopted from Holy Bhagwat Geeta...
Liked it hence sharing here!
Eman Wani Aug 2020
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it in the blinking of frail eye.
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it in the chitter-chatter of every tongue.
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it behind the face grinning like a Cheshire cat.
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it in the amble of every feet.
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it in the shadow of a carcass.
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it in the agony of every single soul.
There is a loneliness in this world so great
That you can see it in the anecdote of every man jack's life .
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2016
between the breaths, the boredom, the blues, the *****
the smokes, the sacrifices, the smiles, the sadness, the snooze
the poems, the problems, the pros and the cons
the needles, the nobodies, the neurotics, the loose
the careless, the fearless, the dreamless, who knows
the tulip, the lilac, the jasmine, the rose
the suns, the moons, the earth, the birth
the nights, the fights, the lies arise
the loneliness
among the hate, the fate, the date delayed
the loneliness
along the tongue, a song, wrong, wrong
the loneliness
inside the heart, a part apart, from the start
the loneliness, the loneliness, the loneliness...

"and the crowd, so many people,
and the cries, the laughs, the whispers...
Too many mouths talking in my ear, my left ear
Is it the chaos of unphysical presences ?
But I touch them, I see them, I hear them...
And nobody is here" -- Myra

-- Watercolour
my loneliness is larger than me
heavier, too
my loneliness the thick blanket
good for hiding under
my loneliness shields me from demons in the dark
but provides no warmth
my loneliness a cold fire I still sit beside
palms upturned, craving peace
my loneliness the war that rages unending
bodies left in a ****** wake
my loneliness the vultures swirling
I have never been very strong
my loneliness knows this, as she knows
all my other bitter secrets
my loneliness licks her smiling lips
opens her screaming maw
my loneliness is larger than me
deadlier, too
Ryan Gonzalez Jan 2015
an edge piece
of a giant puzzle
stuck under the couch

the sixteen year old cat,
too old for happiness,
that has to be put down

that one friend
always canceling
like a tornado drill
becoming a false alarm

a filled room
everyone busy
checking phones
like they're waiting
waitng for orders

craving attention
like it's lemon juice
too sweet in large doses

a flask filled
unknown substance inside
risking life with a sip
like a game of blackjack
Aerinlia Nov 2017
The hands of the clock point to one
                                                             (It's one o'clock)
Ah, tonight is just another sleepless night
                                                       (You haven't slept yet)
As always, I only heave a sigh
                                                      (You'r­e sighing, as always)
Holding a fragment of loneliness
                                               (Holding a fragment of loneliness)
Tightly to my heart
                                                     (Tightly to your heart)

I am forlorn, I am alone
                                                           ­    (You're not alone)
Yet I can't bring myself to trust anyone
                              (You just can't bring yourself to trust anyone yet)
If I let my tears flow
                                          (If you let your tears flow)
If I can forgive myself
                                                (If you can forgive yourself)
Will I let go of this fragment of loneliness?
                           (Will you let go of your fragment of loneliness?)

Till we meet,
                                                         (Till we meet,)
I realize for the first time
                                                    (You realize for the first time)
That I can be happy too
                                                     (That you can be happy too)
I can smile, I can love you
                                                 (You can smile, you can love me)
And we can be happy together
                                                  (And we can be happy together)

I'll just tell you now
                                                (I'm telling you now)
Don't leave me
                                                (I will never leave you)
I beg you to stay
                                                (I will stay)
I can't bear to lose you
                                                 (I can't bear to lose you)
Let us be together for eternity
                                               (Let us be together for eternity)

You take my fragment of loneliness away
                                     (I take your fragment of loneliness away)
Creating a new story
                                      (Creating a new story for you)
A new memory to remember
                                       (A new memory of both of us)
Now I finally understand
                                            (I will make you understand)
What is romance.
                                             (What is romance.)
Mark Bell May 2017
Loneliness quite of house
Death of a mother.
Loneliness lost in time
Death of a lover,
Loneliness mixed emotion
Death of a friend
Loneliness broken of heart
Death of a wife
Loneliness,life so bleak
Is it suicide,which I seek.
Loneliness without a hand
Only the lonely will understand.
Chloe Chapman Mar 2017
people bore me                               loneliness bores me
people drain me                             loneliness drains me
people tire me                                 loneliness tires me
people misunderstand me            loneliness means I misunderstand myself
people ignore me                           loneliness is the epitome of being ignored
Nemo Dec 2013
I've recently fallen into an elite group of individuals: youth diagnosed with depression by their mothers.

I can't argue with her; she is licensed.

But I can't help but feel that my case is different, minor in comparison. I'd like to call it loneliness but it's more developed than that.

It's like a cancer that started in my fingertips when they realized there was nothing to hold on to, and has since spread to my heart or my brain, whichever is responsible for the distribution of numbness to my bones and vital organs.. I'll call it 3rd stage loneliness. I'm saving calling it the 4th stage for when it starts to feel terminal.

"Lonely" is kind of a **** of a word, like "love," or "beautiful." I think people like to use "lonely" like teens use cigarettes. It taste good when it falls off the tongue. And by my observation, they both cause cancer.

Everyone wants to be "lonely" but no one wants to be alone.
So I've put it upon myself to separate loneliness into subcategories, based on mortality rate.

If you're wondering why I'm lonely, don't bother. I'm wondering the same. I have friends a family that loves me, and the rest of the chemo-esque **** that's suppose to nurture you back to health. But
I've still got that tumor buried under my skin where no one cares to look.

I ain't got many friends I can talk to.

I've concocted a list of side effects of 3rd stage loneliness, if you're interested:
1.) Insomnia - the inability to completely shut the third eye on your skull because it persists on looking to the future.
2.) Selective Hearing - the inability to listen to supposedly happy music and instead sulk with the sounds of Bon Iver or Bright Eyes ricocheting through the canals of your brain. Music your friends "probably haven't heard of"
3.) Loss of Appetite - Don't worry, you still crave food and other survival necessities. You simply lose the appetite to expand through the universe. Loss of Ambition, as the form would say.
4.) Improved Acting Skills - You'll eventually learn to manipulate the stringy muscles in your face to pull up the corners of your lips when you feel you are expected to. Not all side effects are bad.

I am not one of those darkly dressing teenagers that complains with visible angst about being misunderstood. But I do have the hair for it.

I am not suicidal. Maybe I would be, but I seem to have been struck particularly hard by Side Effect #3.

But at first mention of depression you can see their faces squirm and contort to resemble a clumsy soldier tap-dancing through a minefield, while simultaneously conducting open-heart surgery on himself.

5.) Exaggeration.

This poem is not meant to sadden, to depress. It is simply for the public awareness of 3rd stage loneliness. If you know someone suffering from this disease, please call this hotline:


The more you know...
Lorraine Colon Jan 2017
Loneliness is a shadowy hand
That reaches deep into the night,
Clutching our hearts, awakening our pain,
Reminding us of our wretched plight
(Without feeling the least bit contrite)

What a cruel master is Loneliness,
Each night it connives with the moon,
Urging her to mock and deride our pain,
While we cry, and our hearts lie in ruin
(To our pain and woe they're both immune)

Born of an evil, uncaring source
Loneliness has but one intent:
To deliver its pain and agony
To our hearts, causing endless torment
(Turning a deaf ear to our lament)

Loneliness can change a smiling face
To one filled with panic and fear;
Tearful eyes that once reflected Love
Tell Loneliness what it longs to hear:
(We have lost the one we held most dear)

But Loneliness has one fearless foe
That always ensures its defeat:
Love appears, rendering its deadly blow,
Knocking Loneliness right off its feet
(What other battle could be as sweet?)

Alas! Loneliness will not be deterred,
It knows the ways of Love are fleeting,
How patiently it waits in the shadows  
To pounce when it sees Love retreating!
(And the dead heart goes right on beating)
Olivia Kent Oct 2013


Creeps into full room unseen.

The fatherless child of loneliness.

Stood up in solitude.

Unnoticed in noisy melee.

Rips a soul to shreds.

A vicious circle.

A cycle of lies.

This near friendless soul.

A choice ingested.

Used to flying solo.

Habitual situation.

Being Alone.

Loneliness eats.

Delicious at times.

Most of the time.

Writing autobiography.

Just moments on a tapestry.

Love is still.

Still and silent.

Need love.

Just doesn’t fit.

Can’t do it.

A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Opulent at times.

Destitute at others.

Upward moving.

Stranded in whole self.

In a world full of nations.

By ladylivvi1

© 2013 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)
My Loneliness

My Loneliness is killing me
No one should have to go through
Something like this;
I could no longer fool myself
or my heart;
Because my heart and mind
reviles what I’m feeling all the time;
Oh, times sea look at me
I am in way too deep;
my pains are cutting me
I’m bleeding out like ink;
this loneliness left me feeling cold
and very alone;
I can no longer bear
it but I know I must,
loneliness make me feel
I have no existence
No self-worth;
a life of a living Hell of true darkness,
out in the cold all alone
trying to make it on my own;
Oh, how my body craves to be loved
But love was never a part of me,
my empty heart needs to free
to love and to be love back,
I had read every book after book
to pass the time;
to easy my nights
to easy my mind
my pains of loneliness remains,
but one day it will go away.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Judy Emery
krysys Jun 2013
Loneliness is owner of his house
He hates these walls so much
Can’t rest well, he is scared
Loneliness is sister to fear
It haunts his mind
It ushers in darkness
Loneliness has him thirsty for a drink
Liquor making him sink in quicksand
Give another to the man with the empty eyes
Loneliness devours his soul, isolation
He wanders at night
Staring at stars wondering
Feeling nothingness embrace him
He is wishing for something
Ponders his life, deals with his issues  
He closes his eyes and breathes deep
He needed this…loneliness
Rikki Aug 2014
loneliness: in my dreams
we go on adventures
you, without a face or a name
travel with me as we raid corporate
offices and write children’s books
and turn tables searching for truth
and liberation
you strike deep roots, deeper roots than I could
ever fathom

sometimes I try to deny you the earth’s blessings
sometimes, loneliness, I try to pull you out from the soil
but I can only claw so deep into the earth before I am tired
sweaty, in the hot sun, the sandy soil sliding back down around
your rootspace

loneliness, you are not the same as despair
loneliness, you are not a perennial
I should let you grow deep and wide, I should let you
take over the entire garden
Do I even have the heart or soul left to grow anything
else this year?

One of these days I might regret stymieing your growth
I would wonder what your blossoms would look and smell like
What your fruit would taste like if I gave
you time to bear it
What nutrients you might leave to nourish a rootspace in my soul
That could be filled with love, laughter and
a future so distant and so near I could know not its name

loneliness: let’s be friends
I’ll leave fear and longing behind and we can bear on
Our cups overfull, our hands acheing with energy
The sand, the soil, into the forest together
We discover a world I would have never known without you
And I will learn to carry you not as a burden but
as a blessing
Since it’s been so long since I’ve known your name
Why would I deny the opportunity
To savor your bittersweet flesh in a hot afternoon?
It will take time,
But I have all the patience in the world
John Tan Apr 2018
My constant companion
A friend I befriended from my childhood
That sticks with me through thick and thin
No matter where I go
Who I am with
It never let goes off me

A core memory
I’ve relived a countless times
That was responsible for the tears I’ve shed
No matter how many tears
How many hours of therapy
It still hurts

An inevitable emotion
I have stopped running away from
And instead embraced
Because no matter how painful it can be
I always find myself in the end
Mark Jan 2020
Don't waste perfectly good loneliness.

Don't waste it on the wrong person.
Don't even waste it on the right person.

Don't waste loneliness during the day,
When there are things to be done.
Don't waste it in dreams at twilight,
When there are dones to be thinged.

Don't waste loneliness at night
When your time should be your own
And could be filled with anything
Other than everything you're not.

Take your loneliness
And denigrate it.
Crumple it. Crush it.
Throw it in a blender.
An industrial oven.

Take it out
For a few drinks too many,
And a few more after that;
Lull it into a false sense of security
That congeals with its drunken state
To create a blinding dichotomy
Of vulnerability and arrogant invincibility,
So it suspects nothing
As you lead it
Down a dark alley
And beat it to death with a brick.

Have a too-close-to-call
Fight to the death
With your loneliness
In a public toilet,
With it almost getting
The better of you
Until you smash it
Off of a porcelain
Sink basin,
Before dragging it
By the hair
To a cubicle,
Where you hold its head
Under the toilet water,
Long after its body stops convulsing.

Do what you can
To transmute
Your loneliness
Into solitude,
And wear it.

Back to front.
Right side up.

Wear solitude so well that
It ends up wearing you,
As its skin.

Use solitude to learn thyself.
To feel thyself.
To know thy changing self.

Let solitude remind you that
The existence of loneliness
Begets the existence of
The antithesis of loneliness.

So definitely don't waste
Perfectly good loneliness,
Especially if you're forgoing
Perfectly good hope.
Jesse Davey Dec 2015
Love is a blazing furnace in ones soul.

I have forged unforgettable emotions and experiences in the fires of such Love.

They are the unshatterable,  tormenting,  over thought feelings you get when you are all alone,  and no one is around watching  you. True Loneliness.

These emotions are the most genuine,  most authentic emotions I've ever felt.  That is what makes these emotions the most terrifying.

Ha,  what a funny thing Loneliness is.
A child of Love, a sibling of Happiness.

You are truly alone when you simply cannot feel.

Anger? Sadness? These are emotions which comfort you,  and drive you in some way.
Ah, but Loneliness is the only emotion in the repertoire of the mind which truly disables.  

Loneliness is the devil of the mind. A disgusting, terrifying, sheer amazing thing to feel.

Disgusting because of the sinister thoughts it conjures  in your sorry mind.

Terrifying because you are paralysed. Unable to escape the thick,  cold, jail cell of your own mind.  In this,  there is no comparable equal.

Amazing because it is truly a fascinating thing that a human being should be subjected to such an incredibly powerful emotion.

Loneliness is the great evil of ones Soul.
Pray that when you meet it,  you're strong enough to endure it's everlasting torture.
My Loneliness is killing me
keeping my poor heart weeping,
this coldness
of true loneliness
is eating away at me
No one should have to go through life like this.

I could no longer fool myself living in a place of happiness
when all I see is the gray hovering over me,
my heart is truly broken
like someone had left me for the dead
I have no where to rest my head.

Because my mind is traveling over time
that reviles what I am feeling,
I know this may sound silly
but really
this has became apart of me.

In my mind I would see a place that haunts me
I am upon a mighty sea
where his eyes are looking at me...
but I never understood what it all means,
I just no I am in something deep
that scars the hell out of me.

In this darkness of my loneness
I have found myself in something deep
that leaving me cold and weeping,
I don't really know if I'm sleeping
my pains are cutting me so bad
leaving me feeling mad.

I’m bleeding out into the sea
because this old loneliness has taken over me
left me feeling cold and very alone;
but I keep hanging on
like an old sad song
that keep playing on.

I can no longer bear it
but somehow I am getting stronger
I know I must-
standing around in this dust,
this loneliness make me feel like I have no existence,
No self-worth
Oh, how this hurts the worst.

A life of a living Hell
Did that wring someone's Bell?
out in the cold
so very alone...
trying to make it on my own
I have nowhere to call home
all I do is roam.

Oh, how my body craves to be loved
but love was never a part of me,
my empty heart just bleeds like ink
as I wrote my famous lines
for the whole world to read
about a life that kept so many hooked.

So I could set my soul at easy
and my spirit run free
so I could feel a touch of love
and just maybe be love back
instead of always being attacked
behind my back.

It is crazy how so many has read my book
they all wanted take a better look
like they are hooked
but then it was them that wanted to bring on more rain
just to give me more pain.

But when I wrote down my story
of my lonely life
that made me cry
in my own bloodstained ink
where it is my sprit sink's
to pass the time-
to easy my nights
to easy my mind
my pains of loneliness remains,
but one day it will go away.

- Judy Emery © 2017 The Queen Of Darken Dreams Judy Lilly Emery
Pyrrha Jul 2018
Crawling through my brain till it has made channels connecting to tunnels like little circuits replacing my nerves, the little worm I call Loneliness wriggles onward.

A constant motion of forward goes that worm, bringing with it a never ending feeling of monachopsis.
Day after day it dwells in my mind as the worm carries on.

It adapts and evolves finding a solution to every mastermind plot I find from removing this creature, this beast, this worm from my mind.

“Friendship is betrayal, they all leave and deceive in the end,” it whispers through my head as if another conscience inside my being.

I fear the worms words and obey every command. Dare I disobey what dismay would come my way?

“Happiness is a lie along with perfection, never trace your hands along such deadly lines, the lines of which a mortal mind should never tread,” he says using my beliefs against me. “Happiness is for those who belong, not for you, never for you!”

The worm screams those words through my mind anytime I laugh or smile reminding me not to be so daft.

Oh beautiful, wonderful,brilliant demon of mine.
Keeping me from trying to find ways to end the suffering in my life

Morbid torment in the back of my mind,
Keeping me from trying to find ways to silence the loneliness screaming within, bringing me further into the dark.

What would I do without you, dear Loneliness?
You cloud my mind and free me from my foolish desires.

Why should I not be alone?
If I was meant to feel together,
Then together surely I would feel.

Why should I feel happiness when happiness isn’t mine?
How selfish I would be without you holy creature,
Beautiful blessed worm of wonder.
Monachopsis- A subtle yet persistent feeling of not belonging
This is one of the first poems I wrote this year, it's what reminded me of why I love poetry. It provides a place to hold my thoughts.
Loneliness burrows in your heart
and it hurts more than most realize...
It gives you such heartache,
you can't begin to even explain...
Loneliness has it's own power-
when it gets you, it practically consumes you...
You feel like it controls
your heart, mind, and soul...
Loneliness can make you believe
someone is true in what they are telling you,
when it's usually only part of the truth or just a lie...
It makes you feel empty inside,
you can't sleep, and don't want to eat...
Sometimes you walk around as if in a fog;
feeling dazed and quite alone...
Loneliness lies heavy in your whole body;
solitude becomes your best friend...


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Bianca Reyes Dec 2015
To her, silence was comforting, alcohol was numbing and loneliness was all consuming

She often times scared away her nightly slumber  
Her thoughts grew louder and more chaotic with every tick of the clock
She let her past mistakes consume her
Rummaged internally for answers to her actions that led her here
Lying on a mattress which sat on the carpet of a rundown apartment

To her, silence was comforting, alcohol was numbing and loneliness was all consuming

She kept eyes open all night looking and thinking and drinking
A lot of drinking to seize the thoughts that drowned her
She traveled back in her dormant state to find events she wished had happened differently Dreamt up memories where she never walked away
Or where she refrained from saying something in an outburst of anger
She was haunted by

To her, silence was comforting, alcohol was numbing and loneliness was all consuming

Her thoughts had begun to agitate her being Transforming her mind into a whirlwind of anger and helplessness
She sat up at the edge of her mattress with the palms pressed tightly against her eyes, shaking her head in a frenzy
Her hands migrated to her hair, gathering a hand full and pulling
Eyes stung with the tears that began to surface  She took hasty steps toward her counter in search of a bottle to console her for the night
The only thing that put an end to the chaos was

To her, silence was comforting, alcohol was numbing and loneliness was all consuming
Shafira Oct 2014
Loneliness as room is just an endless big white room
with nothing inside
everything is white
We've been trapped in this room
for years
yet we're still trying
to find the exit
Loneliness as a room will eat you alive
they eat you from
the inside
making your inside
turns to stone
Loneliness as a room makes you hear nothing
but your own voice
see nothing
but your own shadow
they make you deaf and blind from
outside world
they protect you from the creatures
that trying to hurt you
Loneliness as room  makes you blind
makes you deaf
because it turns you
into a stone
a blank page
a ghost
so you don't have to feel
to see
to hear

October 8th 2014, 12:32 a.m
Sarah DeeSarah Dec 2012
I wake up in the morning, defeated by my dreams.
You pull my heart apart, you rip me at the seams.
I try so hard to be happy, I try not to care.
But loneliness seeps in, all alone, no ones there.

I put on my mask and continue with my day,
Pretending that I'm happy, it's easier this way.
I try to clear my mind, push out all despair,
Yet loneliness seeps in, all alone, no ones there.

Shuffle through the motions, don't pay attention to what I do,
I cannot force mind to stop thinking about you.
Yes I know that you don't want me, of this I am aware.
So loneliness seeps in, all alone, no ones there.

I lay in bed, to rest for the night,
Tear sting my eyes, impeding my sight.
A hallowed soul, into the darkness I stare,
As loneliness seeps in, all alone, no ones there.

— The End —