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Three letters.

Describing what I am feeling right now. 10:01 PM, I start thinking of you. Thinking of our old doings. We used to be with each other, if you want to go somewhere  you want me to come with you and also me. 10:01 PM this is the time when I am done with my works as a theater actress member. The time when I will go home and open my phone to check your chats.

This is the time we talk! Talk about little things that will turn in to bigger things. We talk about you, your family, about your day and many happenings that we want to talk. We laugh, we also have misunderstanding, those clingy chats that we even talked.

Then one day, I chat you. 10:01 PM about YOU and ME. It seems that you're too busy in what you are doing in that time. I disturb you, I just want to know: WHAT WE ARE NOW? ARE WE FRIENDS? OR NOT? then I saw three dots on the screen. then gone. three dots again. then you replied: MAYBE, LET US SEE. THIS IS WHAT I'M TELLING YOU FRIENDSHIP TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

I ASSUME! I assume that you feel what I am feeling right now, weeks past, and even months. You always wait for me and walked with me to my home. You gave me chocolates and we have couple watch, that until now your wearing. I am close with your family, and they keep on telling that you and I are not just friends.

Time past! 10:01 PM. I talked to you again. saying that I LOVE YOU! and finally you said to me: YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND, I THINK WE WILL WORK BETTER AS BEST FRIEND.

Stop! 10:01 PM. I saw your name in chat box. You are online. I typed: IMY. 10:01 PM, I can't! I didn't send it! Every time  imy I keep on typing this three letters but I can't send it. I can't.

Today, 10:01 PM when I started writing this poem, not typing imy in our convo but writing a poem that keeps on reminding how STUPID I am to love you beyond your imperfections. :'( I love you, until now!
True life story. Sorry for wrong grammar.
glass can Aug 2013
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

How many times can I say this
until you understand, the ache, the ache
and simple misery from how sorry I am?

You said you missed me. You still care.
Come over and don't miss me any more.
I stopped calling

     stopped texting

             unfriended you on Facebook (LOL-not even my account....I don't have one) today

We've been friends for more than half my life

     more than friends from time to time (FWB....BFF....NSA.....OMFG!)

            and now it's like neither of us exists

Because you had to lie

     you had to hold out....lead me on

          to cover your *** for doing something I repeatedly told you to do (***!!??)

So painfully slowly I'm erasing you

      deleting you

           turning my mind off  you (IMY  :-(  XO)

Daniela Aug 2014
I miss you.
Plain and simple.
I miss you at 5:45am when I open my eyes to go to school, and I miss you as I dry my hair, I miss you when I put on the bracelets you once held in your hands, I miss you at school whenever my mind drifts away class (happens often), and I miss you at recess as I see everyone's face but yours. And I come home and I take a nap, because I miss you perhaps a little too much. And so when it's 3 in the morning and I can't sleep, you can certainly guess who just doesn't leave my mind. And so, I miss you against all odds and despite the gossips, I just plain and simple, miss your body next to mine.
And the only reason, your thought hasn't consumed me, the only reason I find all of this bearable, is because perhaps, you miss me too.
NOT my best work .
i don't even know who i miss, i just have this feeling of emptiness, like a lack of something except i don't know what that is. I used 'and' a lot
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
                                                            ­          Kisses
   ­      Looks
                                                           ­                    Wants
  ­                     Love
                                                            ­                                     Needs
                                                           ­       Loss
                            ­                                                             Belief
                                                          ­  Fear

                                                          ­                                            *I Miss You ...
Princess Lynne Jun 2014
I feel my fingers searching for yours to interlock with
My ears waiting to hear you call my name
Eyes that look for your face in the crowd
There are nostrils that miss the scent of your cologne
A heart that longs for your reciprocated feelings

The way things were before

But all my fingers feel are my own bed sheets
I hear the crickets sing during midnight when I need you most
There is nothing in front of me but the wall
Creamy, dull, and empty
My nose can't smell a single odor
It is stuffed with mucus as I cry myself to sleep tonight
My chest is filled with needles
Aching, sore, and quite unbearable at the moment

Because I realized, my soul is searching for yours.
And you are not coming back aren't you?
Please. Come back. Please...
Brandy Nicole Sep 2020
I’ll miss you
My love but it's best
we part ways
You've been my joy, my comfort
but it's hurts
more to stay than to leave
So I hope you dream of me
in the night and miss me too
skyler May 2018
i miss you

i miss you
i miss you
i miss you

i should forget you
better off without you?
why can't i shake you
i need to forget you

but i don't want to
it's something i can't do
soon i'll unlove you
but right now, i miss you

seth mcbrayer Dec 2014
its one of these nights
where nothing can help me sleep
im so restless and cant sleep
i need to, i want to, but i cant
my blankets are making me suffocate
my chest is aching, but i think thats just thoughts of you
a lot of things with other explanations i blame on you

Flame Apr 2018
I want you to stay
The words I was begging you to say
You hold truth in your eyes
But then your mouth tell me lies

Maybe I missed the old days
The love is there I know
Maybe I missed our old ways
I closed my eyes and try to sleep in these dark days

There are voices in my head
I want myself dead
But I remembered the words you said

At the end of the day,

I love you still
I always will
Nymeriari Oct 2016
every time you come to my mind
that's when I start to cry
but then I remember you wouldn't want that
so I smile and wipe my eyes.
I know you're always looking down on me
from heaven up above
Your spirit is always with me
whether in a flower or a dove.
#allsaintsday #tatay
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
admit it or not
it shows in your actions and eyes
you miss me
but i'm not sure if its really me
is this just physical
are we just ******* mental
believing we can surpass
this circumstance
of being with each other
even if we are not together
why do you remember
every detail
you don't fail
i'm just continuing to be frail
to seek
to be meek
hope i'll not get sick
i'm becoming weak
admit it
or nothing
is gonna change
with this

Some things wouldn’t have
gone the way it gone
if you were here
Erica Mar 2019
i miss you
i know you probably don't wanna hear that
but i had to get it out some way
it's been ******* me up so bad
i need to not miss you
i need to get over myself
i'm just hurting myself more by missing you
i'm sorry but i miss you
but by this time next week i won't miss you anymore
i won't break down every time someone mentions you
i won't cry over you anymore
i won't wanna cry when i hug you
you won't affect me
not the way you used to anyways
there had been days
i wish for rain to pour
so hard that i could drown
my thoughts, indoor

there had been days
i wish for the sun to shine
so bright it could scorch
my troubled soul

there had been days
i wish i had none
and stared blankly
to the reasons i couldn't shake
of being away from you
my heart withers;
thirsty to the touches
you do
I Miss You
Lizzie Aug 2018
talk to me so i stop talking to myself.
the words rattle back and forth in my mind that i dont need you to reply, i already thought up your next three responses, one being silence.

i miss you.
Kendra Dec 2020
I Miss You haunts me in bubbly blue
Young sapling memories, they're all of you
I've grown since you left.

My young ghost haunts me in bubbly blue
She would have said it back and meant it too
But I don't mean it.
Santiago Feb 2015
I know I haven't kept in touch
Carino I'm going through so much
I miss those all nighters with you
Just know I'm stuck like glue
Whenever you're feeling blue
I'm right there beside you
Remember my heart remains
Your soul ran through my vains
Settled in and called it home
Hasn't left still lives their alone
Through you I grew never knew
Had no clue but it's true
Thank you for this blessing
Always & Forever imy ily iny
Vladimir s Krebs Aug 2016
My heart feels every thing all around me. All eyes that look straight down a pond me will tie a ribbin marking the way home.

All my nerves feel nothing less of the atmospheric pressure making all my deepest thoughts turn all the tricks into magic that would of saved me.

Laying stuck in a daze losing reality all on me.

People all around will change the rules of how thought will one day bring the brightness alive with breathes and emotions that turn the tables up side down.

My thoughts and me wake the sky cry with all my tears I could never cry.

Cause in reality all my eyes see is a manche in we are we run on gasoline.

I lay stuck in my head just thinking why the human society can be so malevolent and evil with not emotion.

Darkness will set as we all turn our anger .

For my mind I only can do is face all reality  walk the darkness feeling the cold rhythm of all the machines that run society.

My heart runs faster than my breath making every thing twist

I'm not a machine I can feel all pain all your pain I have a heart that can fill with sadness joy love hope light or dark I can escape the danger of your stupidity .

I have thoughts that will change society . I have a heart that will change all the rules  of what humanity will show.

I have emotions that can make the sky cry
I have emotions that can destroy the Beauty of a lier.

I feel all your pain misery teats I can feel the rhythmic beat of your soul knowing what has destroyed your hopes and dreams.

Imy not a machine I am flesh and blood with a sense of deeply caring and respect that can under stand things no one knows

My heart is hope and my mind is reality that will change society's miss leading.

I feel all your pain I can read your mind taking what destroyed you giving you my heart to run with open minds

Than we aren't machines but we are just thoughts that can set all of our dreams to become what we really need
Just my thoughts from suffering from bipolar I see the world directly from what it really is to me
dennis drain Aug 2016
Listen  to the words I've wrote,
when I speak, truth floats on the smoke I blow
Ignorant and young I'm told, I'll  understand how the world works one day they say,
But I came from the cold and ain't **** changed soo...

I think I've given up.... I'm gonna sit on my *** wright raps and smoke it up
Ain't even gonna record cuz if I did I'd  be worth something more
And nobody believes that I can be anything but pour.
I don't care any more what you think,
I do drugs, steal and of course I live on the streets
But oh what do you expect from a boy at 18
When being raised was never a thing,
And nobody but villains and fiend's help with anything


I'm waiting on my next trip to jail
It's been a while and I need to talk to someone who pretends that I'm better than every body says
**** it if Imy locked in box cold and lost in my head 3 meals dry socks, a place to sleep and be left to die is better than how hard I try to please people who don't care about my life, won't supply a little cash to me and my girl, refuses to offer an empty room for us to crash, CUZ ******* WHEN MY MOTHER DIDN'T RAISE ME SHE RAISED A PEICE OF CRAP. and it's all my fault all the money nobody saved for me when I got older slipped through invisible cracks.

I used to believe if I gave respect someone would give some to me
If I spared time to do a favor I would get that returned to
But Now I know I should have been selfish and mean,
Seeing as that's what I've been given for my helping
Stopped being a violent, hatfull human being
To try and earn something like help when need be
But now I'm back mother *******, remember me.
I'm gonna do it all again and times ten so you ******* can see that your greed and deceit lost you more than you think.
I've got about 10 houses with gas leaks I'm gonna go smoke inside while the family sleeps at night
And to many pieces of **** I'm gonna meet in the streets and we'll the coroner is gonna be pretty ****** busy  if you ask me
And when the police ask why I did it I'll tell em
Straight up...... I did all I could for every one of them and not one had a second they could spare to even show despair over the pieceof **** I've been treated as even after I've been nothing but nice nobody cared

Im done with doin favors I'm done bein there for ****** anybody else  
Me and my girl gonna go round slitting all you ******* throats feed you to my dog and call it even for all the time we've wasted
dennis drain Aug 2016
I, like many dead and and alive were born to suffer, struggle and strive for barely enough to survive.
No plan made for our coming of age, not a cent saved, not a thing gave to us.
We work hard only to further our pain, but the world ain't courteous,
                              To those of us that can't afford clothes that show our worthiness,
Im sitting an a 16 foot camper with my girl and dog, no one in either family has put a helping hand,
Not one person has even noticed how strong we stand,
            If it was winter and we were freezin outside we wouldnt have place to sleep if we offered money in hand.
We smoke **** and work, so they see us like we ain't worth savin from the pain.

See all I need is help, but that would mean trusting the ones in need
Every moment of happy is hell, how can the fortunate expect us to serve for them when our checks barley pay rent
I'm a horrible person cuz I didn't have a wealthy parent to find me a house and pay for it.
Instead I raised myself and earned ever **** thing I own.
Nobody cares if I have a home. Imy just expected to make it all on my own.
Tanzim Ahmed Nov 2018
I dont feel good in and about this winter. What has happened? Is it the weather turning you ice cold? But you weren't that warm in autumn either. Must have been the wind. And what about the spring? Perhaps you didn't like the hand picked red roses I bring. And what can you say about summer? When everything I said you took as a ******. What about the in betweens? When the weather kept changing? Where were you? The clouds are heavy. My tears are dripping.  Where are you? I still ponder why you have been so cold lately. I have waited all four seasons contemplating what it is. Shall I wait for you? Another four? I think about stretching it to summer. But our last time together on that wet sand and soothing water wasn't so warm either. Maybe what compels me, repelled you? Perhaps, when I sought solace in your arms, it was suffocation and disharmony for you? Life, how two people experience and feel the same thing so differently, isn't it?

— The End —