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Aug 2014
I miss you.
Plain and simple.
I miss you at 5:45am when I open my eyes to go to school, and I miss you as I dry my hair, I miss you when I put on the bracelets you once held in your hands, I miss you at school whenever my mind drifts away class (happens often), and I miss you at recess as I see everyone's face but yours. And I come home and I take a nap, because I miss you perhaps a little too much. And so when it's 3 in the morning and I can't sleep, you can certainly guess who just doesn't leave my mind. And so, I miss you against all odds and despite the gossips, I just plain and simple, miss your body next to mine.
And the only reason, your thought hasn't consumed me, the only reason I find all of this bearable, is because perhaps, you miss me too.
NOT my best work .
i don't even know who i miss, i just have this feeling of emptiness, like a lack of something except i don't know what that is. I used 'and' a lot
Written by
Daniela  CUN, MEX
(CUN, MEX)   
     shadow girl, Haejaer, ---, Blue Bum, Haych and 3 others
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