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hover over love
not under
neither between
take risk
feel broken
and fall
in love again

all these things
we try
to cry
and feel caught
within a sweet prison

The pain
you're having
might leave scars-
yet, scars
were never unworthy
they might be heavy
but they're your trophies
of those countless victories;

So go on,
get defeated
and rise again
the next day
just like how Phoenix's do
from ashes,
you'll grow
to the most
beautiful you
But oh, love
you are all metaphor
to me
my kind of
golden sunset
shining on the horizon
of my restless sea
and I am your weary sailor
lost in the twilight
of your beauty
THIS WISH of mine I prayed to reach your sleeping heart, in fantasies I dreamt them be like.
In Disney's like Aurora and Snow White that you seek also princes of heart and the like. Though I might not appear as how I should in fantasies I spoke, my heart is a full golden moon rose if only you look- deeper through my eyes, my soul, Aye! My soul is a spoonful of stars. But you should know as well, that I could only shine because of your soaring soul and mysterious heart. That even in the moonless night, I can see your beautiful smiles like a pair of wings, bearing a faithful star to guide my path ahead- to dreaming of a collage of your eyes, an endless universe I have always loved.

THIS WISH could only be a daydream, of a poet who only sings love between lines- but I still and will always daydream as you carry me to the edge of the moon, hung amongst the stars.
Prose poetry poems
yes, she is made of storms
a maiden of chaos
she calls herself
for no man
could ever chain her
to one place

she is adventure
the most exciting one
her smiles, affectionate
and never wears off

she is fire and ice
the very existence
of metaphor and simile
and all that is opposing
yet moving at the same direction
similar yet unique
wild and beautiful
minute and vast

she is phenomenal
How much I love you

Destiny, so would some say
that we met, in a planned way
we didn't expected to happen
yet, here we are
charmed at each other's smiles
our souls hum at each other's voices
blissed at each other's warmth;

I still remember how we met
and never thought
I'd have you as my partner instead
you are sweet, and every taste
I never thought
I could fall in love with
and each day that passes,
I got addicted-
with your voice, my favorite music
with your smile, my loveliest portrait
with your eyes, my infinite universe
with your heart, my strength and courage

Darling, I'm in debt
though you may not see it
you are every bit
of the happiness
I am living with
and I'm the luckiest man
to ever witness
such greatness-

When I'm with you
when I'm with you
it feels like my eyes
are surrounded with a million stars
so darling, don't be ashamed with your own scars
yes, you may not be perfect
but your imperfections has made me feel
cloud nine on my cerulean sky;
and love, it is not enough
to just marvel at your beauty,
I must tell the world as well
that there is an incomparable beauty
and she's with me

How much I love you,
you might've asked
Darling, in these phrases
I hope you'll see
that I would cross seas
just to feel your embrace
that I could fly you to Jupiter
or anywhere you dear
Oh! How I long for you
my arms aches for yours
my lips dreamt of yours

Darling, all these time
you made me poetic
that even my soul
loves the rhythmic
my kind of upbeat music
my eyes giggles
at each moment
I stare at your pictures

and you should know
that I'm beyond proudest
with all of your fulfillment
in every dream
you'd want to take
please do not fret
for I am with you
when you needed help

How much I love you,
I hope you're seeing it now
that in my eyes
are paintings of you
and I pray, soon too
that I'll wake up next to you
that your lips
are only breath away
with mine
having both our hands, entwined
and my skin,
rubbing against your
gentle ones

How much I love you,
I hope I expressed it well
for Darling,
you're the only love
I would dream
to grow old with
But darling,
it is not enough
to just watch
you shine
and marvel
at your beauty
I must tell
the world as well
that fairy tales
are true
that there is
an unrivaled beauty
that there is you
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