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Vladimir s Krebs May 2021
Chasing the dreams of all my past memories plays hypnotic song threw the mind of my soul that runs wild like the mustangs of the open  bad lands. True love seems to be hanging heavily in my heart Makin me feel so mentally drained when all I want is to live in harmony with the people I love as my heart beats alone. I feel like I'm living a dream with no ending the storie keeps going like endless fairy tales that just feel like they can't be real only when reality hits you you feel my love! The hypnotic endless energy of love kindness and compassion can be stronger than freight train speeding down the rails. Only then when love fails we all begin to derail. Love is such hypnotic mystery were all lucky to experience the ride threw the Frontline.
Life is full of hypnotic mystery and misfortune
Vladimir s Krebs Jan 2021
No no no you ******* coward  I swear to all the poor *** haters I swear you can't take me down I will fight back till I die I am soldier I fight gods honor a loyal angel of death I wil call the shots no more abuse no more manipulation and lies im getting close to shaping  your lies words hate im russian yoy hate me *******
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2020
Every day I feel like just same old story. Same routine same game. Nomatter how hard I end up trying ill never win. Why do tears thoughts race threw my mind. When I feel so mentally drained dead inside! Music is the only way for me to fall apart without anyone knowing the fear that lies ahead. Dreams hopes just become lies that never come true? Over and over I try not to let my feelings show. So many thoughts race threw my head i feel like this world and me have no place
Lifes pain
Vladimir s Krebs Dec 2020
When you me were together. My heart was beating faster! But you lies got me addicted to curtain kinda sadness. When love stoped my world grew colder than ice. When I was abandoned I felt it was to late to relapse. Heart keeps going on with fight just to survive the pain you left me in. Time goes bye with tears streaming down my face as I drink away the pain your left me in. Maybe it never to late to run away! Or maybe I should just keep walking till the end of road begins to sink dragging me down into the grave. Was your words real? Or simply just lies you couldn't keep playing my heart with. Who should I rely on when im alone in this empty world. With just the poetry I get my heart to speak pain I never expected to feel from your cold lies. I hope ill be able to make threw your abuse as my own voice becomes silent
Relationship scam i was in
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2020
I lay awake at night hoping for the cold chill of night to leave my breath visible to your eyes . I see last divin threw the night sky at time ripped a hole threw my mind. When I lay away think about you my spine has chills running down leaving me feel cold god take the erath as wind blows the chims creating sound of bliss and hope for all man kind . I feel paralyzed when yoy run you hands down my back leaching me wanting more of your touch as we both strive deep into echother blue eyes
Vladimir s Krebs Oct 2020
I feel so alone empty all I hear are floors creek when I walk down the dark desolate hallway with memories of tragedy play visions of lost empty one i lost is any body out there loneliness my heart feels is eternity of abandonedment loneliness watching candles flicker when gust of air blows threw the window my reflection is just ghost of my own self that just fades away from time I felt alive I use to be able to fly but now I become a fallen angel among a demise of lost souls cry to be free my heart losing battle when ever time it just breaks when every woman just hurts me I am just ghost in shadows of misery what should I do being abandoned or being destroyed shattered like glass being smashed in car accident where everyone dies nobody will survive love when nobody wants  real love i lost will to fight when im walking the earth just lost soul wanting my engery to free wishing I had someone to spend my life with just seems to be just another tragedy waiting to happen 💔  am I just a ghost or have I  went to heaven above was recarnated a dove to touch could with my winds soar the great oceans watching life go on
Vladimir s Krebs Sep 2020
I drift around like sail boat sailing the open ocean where ever the wind blows my soul drift that direction tears fall down my face from all the hurt you put me threw with all your lies 💔 I thought we would be together forever you made my soul drift away the music of my heart once had a rhythmic beat song now silent from your destruction you may know my name my life story after you betrayed me love goes dark there no light you truth only smoke minors you portay of evil that lies in your heart You leave me in fight for survival
These online relationship i find Nothing but lies and fake love joke
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