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Peculiari Nov 2023
I know it takes time to let go.
To stitch yourself up,
To mend and mould those pieces of yourself that you willingly gave to others.
But there are no regrets. It just takes time.
To let go, to recover from the past.

It was a pleasure to be a part of your life and now I have to let you go.

The soft spoken words shivered through my mouth ‘I let you go.’


‘hoping you wouldn't feel the same way like I do.’

I hope no one will leave you in the mid air,
I hope you will not doubt all the signals he sent to you.
I hope you will not sleep at night overthinking the what ifs that could possibly happen.
I hope your dreams will be pure dreams and that fear of losing him in reality won't come hunting you there.
I hope his past won't make you feel any envious because you can give him love.
Remember, you can give him love more than any other woman could.

And while the butterflies in your stomach make creepy sounds while he stares at you, I hope you will not remember my eyes the first time you fell in love with me.

And while you heart flutters because you make him laugh at the jokes you used to tell me, I hope you will not remember the smile I plastered on my face and how my cheeks becomes more rounded when you did all the little things to make me fall in love with you.

I hope he will choose you over and over again-the thing that you never did to me.

But if he won't, I hope you wouldn't feel the same way like I do.
I just wanna release all the attachments.

Thank you, Jess. ❤️‍🩹
Peculiari Dec 2019
I know I say being single is fine and that I'm fine, but on days like this when lovers are out dating in public and all the T.V. ever plays are romance movies… I remember you. But who are you? where art thou? when it will be?
9 days until 2020 and I still don't understand where my lurking jowa is?
Peculiari Dec 2019
Remark something so tragically beautiful tonight,

A third life,
My third life.

Just like a fireworks of art
from here to the nearest star,

I was about to the nearest star,

I wish
I could lay awake in the night, with you.

and our lingering hearts
and tell you about a tragedy
called life.

I've already told you.

Thank you for listening,
You care for me.
Thank you. N
Peculiari Dec 2019
Can we talk about the rain?
Like how the sky cries so much
And how it's cold wind
Touches our soul.

Or can we just be together?
Without even talking
And without even hearing anything
But the pouring of the rain.
Peculiari Dec 2019
you’ve been living in my screen

aye we used to talk for hours everyday,

look at us now.

i now know i was blind

i was so lonely inside

but you disconnected from reality

so you left the chat.
Peculiari Nov 2019
We’re strangers from the start

Is it weird,

we met each other online


Maybe a long distance love

even tho you’ve been living in my screen

Love will travel as far as you let it.
Peculiari Sep 2019
To me,
you are Elizabeth Bennet,
spirited, warm-hearted and smart.
In every way.
And every way in between.

You hold a place in my heart,
that no one else can even remotely possibly imagine to fill.

In the best of times,
we make the worst team.
Our big sister seems not to know
Still, she tries so hard to fix us
Guide us to be a better version of ourselves.

Don't let this world weigh you down
you just gotta continue to fly upwards.

Remember that I am forever at your side,
whether you need me or not.

Remember that I am here.
Right here.
For you.

You are my sister.
and I love you.
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