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Brady D Friedkin Jun 2015
There are many gifts in God’s great creation
All part of His great economy of the order of things
The gift of breath
The gift of song and of music
The gift of life, of image, of love
The gift of all things
The gift of even --dare I say it-- death
He gifted all things that are

All is gifted unto us
All is given by the Triune God
In all gifted, there was still incompleteness
There was nothing to respond to God
So constructed into the image of God
Comes a gift better than any gift before given
With the breath of God flowing to our lungs
Wearing a crown of the honor and glory of God

This gift, these people- Us
He says to explore
He says to see the world that we have been gifted
To unwrap the gifts given
To gift our gifts to the world that we are exploring
But there was this problem, a tree
It was not a gift, in fact it was forbidden
Yet still, we unwrapped it, we took that which was not ours to take

We were overcome by death
Overcome by udder sadness
Overcome by sickness, and hurt
By this torturous, terrible thing
This terrible stolen anti-gift
And for it we paid a hefty price
We lost all we were
We lost all we were meant to be

No longer did we fulfill our meaning
Where we were to be gift givers
Where we were to be life to the world
Where we were to bless all things
We took that which was not offered
We broke our relationship with God
Not only did we suffer
But all creation suffered with and due to

Then came a new gift
A gift to restore
A gift to be freely taken
Yet a gift of great responsibility
This gift would set free
But also bind
This was a gift of all gifts
This was a gift to end all gifts

God Himself became man
Offering Himself unto death
So that all things could be made new
So all that was sad would become untrue
Now, as we were once to be
We could, ourselves, be gifts to the world
Blessing the world
Giving life to a lifeless

Our gifts were joined with Christ
With this gift, we would become like the gift we were
More like it than ever before
For Christ makes us more human than we've ever been
Where we would offer the world to The Father
And for the life of all things
Our priesthood would be restored
All things would be restored
All things would be made new
All sad things would come untrue
The world would be restored

Prepare the way!
Dr Mike OConnell May 2014
Brian Patrick

A gift is given without expectation of return
A gift is wrapped in anticipation
A gift can be hidden in finery
A gift is accepted without question or hesitation

A gift may be breath into life
A gift is a feeling beyond mere words
A gift brings joy and solace
A gift allows total abandon

My gift is beyond all expectations
My gift is tall, blonde and exquisite
My gift is the greatest promise of life renewed
My gift is totally mine without reservation

Thankful for my gift of love
Thankful for my gift of life
Thankful for gift of beauty
Thankful for my gift of forever

© 2014 Brian Patrick
gift love forever beauty life
Nnaemeka Mokeme Apr 2018
The gift life
The gift of living
The gift of pain
The gift of prophecy
The gift of work
The gift of financial increase
The gift of challenges
The gift of learning
The gift of family
The gift of friendship
The gift of laughter
The gift of this moment
The gift of dreams
The gift of gratitude
The gift of giving
The gift of righteousness
The gift of love
All of these gifts working in synergy
to bring us where we need to be.
It is grace at work.
Grace speaks, for grace abounds.
Be grateful.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
In the sky roared like an eagle
the day give a gift of life
To others across the universe
When a gift is opened
The gift of life shine upon our heads.

Gift of life
Show confident in whichever I live
For what whispers would blow below
Clap,clap to the life of gift
My life is my gift.

Gift of life
To let the daylight run the east
Of which is by the love of god's gift
As I rise above mountains  
Whether my gift is made of gift of life.

                        By K-mari ©2016
A gift can be so many things
Flowers, Chocolates, Diamond Rings
I received my heart renewed
When the lord knelt down
And gave me... you-
A gift of passion, a gift of strength
Til death do us part, throughout life's length
A gift of faith and a promise too
My heart forever belongs to you-
Gifts of happiness and of Joy,
A gift of trust I'll not destroy
The gift of Family and good times shared
Of understanding, with no expense spared-
At last a gift I cannot hide
A gift that comes from deep inside
The gift of love I give to you
A love that's deep, a love that's true-
A gift can be so many things
Flowers, Chocolates, Diamond Rings
I received my heart renewed
When the lord knelt down
And gave me... you

"There is Gift" everyone says,
he is just a mystrious guy to us
   that we all have never seen.
But i must i agree it is lovely to
        call out his name....

    His our "gift" but her "Gift"
a gift that remains still in her
But i must agree to some little jealousy stuck in me,
for their love makes the world jealous,
 their calmness, leads to

She smiles all the time we say his name.
She forgives everytime things go wrong.
      Our "gift" her "Gift"
his name translated to Zulu "Sipho"
a friend has composed a song.
       Gift is the name,
the name of the guy that lightens up her day.
     Our "gift" her "Gift"
   she so much loves him.
Dedicated to Nomzamo and Gift
judy smith Sep 2015
In just a little bit, we’ll begin to see Christmas holiday decorations, which start showing up even before Halloween. And along with the strings of lights all over the place will be a set of emotions that accompany the presents we are supposed to give.

A recent question from a reader provides an opportunity to talk about gift-giving expectations for all occasions. In this case, an upcoming wedding triggered the gift dilemma. As part of a regular feature on family financial feuds, I will address the issues the person raised.

The background: The reader’s niece is getting married. The bride and groom both work part time. The reader relayed that her niece had dropped out of college after a year and a half. The reader checked out her niece’s bridal registry and was “kind of blown away” by the high-end items, including pots and pans that cost $200 each and Kate ***** dish towels.

“I sent my sister a gentle text about being surprised that Kate ***** even made dish towels,” the reader wrote during one of my online discussions, “and she responded saying, ‘Don’t buy her anything. I will get you the information on her student loans (which she has not been responsible about) and pay those down instead of buying her anything.’”

The gift suggestion about the student loans didn’t sit well with the aunt, who already is upset since she co-signed. “My credit score is down 100 points because of it,” she wrote.

The conflict: “There are many issues here to deal with,” the aunt explained, not the least of which is that when her own daughter got married several years ago, the reader’s sister did not give a wedding present.

She continued: “I know my sister has struggled financially since her divorce, so I didn’t let it bother me. It just feels weird to pay down someone’s student loans as a wedding gift. My husband thinks I shouldn’t pay down the student loans. I am inclined to pay down something, but also get her some small items (no Kate ***** dish towels!). Any ideas?”

The bottom line: Here’s the crux of the family financial drama: “My sister [is] basically asking me for money, when she did nothing — not even a card — for my daughter’s wedding.”

There are three issues as I see it: the student loans, the pressure to buy from a registry, and retribution.

The student-loans problem shouldn’t be lumped in with the whole gifting issue. The reader refers to the debt as “someone’s student loans.”

But those are her loans, too. When you co-sign, you’re not merely providing your good credit name as a reference. Paying the loans isn’t a gift. It’s her responsibility.

If I were the reader, I would sit down with my niece and talk about how we are going to handle the debt going forward. It may be that she has to make payments until the niece is in a financial position to pick them back up.

As for the gift registry, some people list big-ticket items they can’t afford, or they expect that perhaps a group of friends or relatives may share the cost. However, sometimes it does feel like registries are an excuse for the couple to be greedy. I routinely ignore what’s picked out if I can’t find something in my budget. A registry shouldn’t be seen as a mandatory shopping list.

By the way, just because someone is underemployed or having financial troubles doesn’t mean he or she shouldn’t want nice things or even brand-name items.

Now, let’s address the core issue here. The reader is hurt that her daughter didn’t receive a wedding present.

Gifts are sometimes interpreted as a symbol of what people think of you. But if the reader’s sister and niece attended the wedding and wished the bride and groom well, shouldn’t that count for as much as, if not more than, some gaudy gift?

As Judith Martin, the etiquette columnist known as “Miss Manners,” says, a wedding invitation is not an invoice. Yes, it’s a thoughtful gesture when people give. Nonetheless, be careful about your sense of entitlement whether it’s for a wedding or the holiday season.

I believe it’s our presence — not presents — that matters most.

You might wonder: Well, should the reader in return simply attend the wedding and wish the couple well?

If she doesn’t give a wedding gift in retribution, that’s being ill-mannered.

Just because you didn’t get doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give. And if a family member fails to give, be gracious and remember it really is better to give than to receive.

David Nelson Aug 2013
The Gift

The most beautiful gift
ever bestowed upon man
is intelligence ....

the gift to inquire
the gift to reason
the gift to explore
the gift to wonder
the gift to love

The worst gift
ever bestowed upon man
is understanding ....

the gift that makes man wonder
why is he here
what is his destiny
what was the reason
is the reason
he ever

if man tasted the forbidden fruit
from the tree of knowledge
then the joke
was on him

Gomer LePoet ....
Any man who thinks he knows the truth is either a fool or a liar or maybe both....
Andrew Rueter Jul 2018
A gift to the world
With a rift to unfurl
A new baby girl
Will give it a whirl
But the water will swirl
Around the innocent pearl

A gift for this land
With the perils of man
And nature at hand
Before she can stand
She faces the brand
Of human demands

A gift for the people
She's a glorious sequel
That must build a steeple
Where everyone's equal
And prosper the meek will
On their own free will

A gift
A treasure
Will shift
Our pleasure
From the initial
More words
With each other
As brothers
With a new sister
Removing blisters

A gift for all
She must answer the call
With a chance she'll fall
Into the ways people stall
To avoid an order too tall
Then just block up the hall

We receive the gift of life
From a man and his wife
That they present to humanity
So she may remove our insanity
Disarming the gun they handed me
She unwraps the gift of standing free
Can be found in my self published poetry book “Icy”.
K Cash-Staley Oct 2013
I have a gift for them.
I should wrap it first.
Blue and gold ribbon
wound tightly to keep contents from overflowing.

I have been preparing their gift
since my birth, gathering the pieces
year after year
trying to connect carefree summer days of youth
with the concern and worry of adults.

Many teachers are on this planet to impart some knowledge to the future generations.
Roy G BIV, Please excuse my dear aunt Sally,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue in .... Yeah, whatever.
Knowledge like this can help children attain their dreams, they say.

I want to give them something else
Inject splices of film from my life into their vision.
Let them see first hand
the memories
Let them see first hand
the mistakes, the recurring nightmares of shame and regret

Take this gift
I see them suffering from their lack of insight,
like death by dehydration
at the river’s edge
I try to make them drink.
Drink up, Drink up this gift.
But their tongues swell with the cotton mouth of youth.
Only mumblings of in-text citation and Shakespeare reach their ears.

They write love poems, sicky sweet lines about prom and how his eyes twinkled like the stars.
“We will be together forever.”
They write adorable break up poems.
I want to tell them to run.
Run because that part only gets worse.
When he pawns your heart for a new leather jacket you were going to sell  to buy your childhood back,
They tell stories about bullies
on the playground.
Broken hearts and skined knees.

Please take this gift., Drink up.
I know how this goes.
None of it makes sense.
We spend 12 years trying to be cookie cutters of each other,
the rest of our lives we want to be snowflakes in January gust,
individuals dancing free in the wind

If they would just take my gift,
tip open the lid
peek inside.

This is not the end,
these four walls for four years.

I want to give this gift to you.
You need to know what I did not.
Pour your heart and soul into this.
Your life starts here.
Grab every opportunity that comes your way
Grab it like a life raft.
Love everyone,
that dorky guy in the corner, The mouth breather,
Love him the most.

I take it back,
Make your own mistakes. You are a clean slate.
Your life is that favorite coloring book,
create your masterpiece.
Go outside the lines.
Like the magic 8 ball, my answers are unclear, you fill in the details.

The bully doesn’t go away after high school,
It morphs into the bill collector, the tax assessor,
Your mother in law.
You will still be faced with deadlines, due dates.
You will still worry about how you look.
Trade your Proactive for Oil of Olay.
Your hair gel for Rogaine

The mirror reflects a new face back to you.
But you will still be you.

It is not the end, these four walls
for four years.
just the beginning.
Gino V Caguioa Nov 2012
Sometimes, I reminisce
how I've been through in the past,
I knew,
how I hurdle a lot.

There you, always been there for me,
like the air that I breathe
I need you,
to keep me warm and protected.

And through thick and thin
we found ourselves laughing loud.
You're the very reason for this smile.

And no matter what's inside the box,
I don't expect for more.
You alone can make my life complete.

You are the greatest gift of all,
that I treasure in my life.
My friend
and my precious better half.

You are the greatest gift of all,
God bestowed me in my life.
My true love.
You are my shining gift.

And through thick and thin
we'll hold each others hand and say "I do."
You're the reason for this utmost ease.

And for every struggle we will face
we'll make it through,
'cause you are my strength,
you're my shining gift.

You are the greatest gift of all,
that I treasure in my life.
My friend
and my precious better half.

You are the greatest gift of all,
God bestowed me in my life.
My true love.
You are my shining gift.

You are the greatest gift, God gave me...
This is a song that I dedicate to those who have special someone beside them. :)
Leanna Gray Dec 2014
I have no monetary wealth to give
No gift of gold, frankincense, or myrrh
No diamonds to shine or rubies to sparkle
My gift is one of the heart
My gift never goes out of style
and will never go bad or loose its grandeur
The only gift everyone wishes to have returned
A gift that if shared will multiply and spread to the entire species of man.

My gift to all is the kindness of an open heart
A promise to lend a helping hand
A kind work of encouragement
A hug when you are feeling blue
A ear to lend and to listen
A shoulder to cry on

A promise to you all
To be a friend to catch you when you fall
To never let you feel the sting of solitude
I dedicate my life to the goodwill of man
To not let a day pass by without giving a smile to a saddened soul
A compliment to a broken heart
To uplift spirits in any way humanly possible.

Even though my gift may seem small
I offer it to one and all
May we not waste a moment or take for granted how beautiful the gift of life can be.
May an example of love and kindness that was born in a manger fill our hearts and spill out into this cruel world.
Merry Christmas to all!
Ron Tranmer Nov 2011
When Christmas shopping is finally done,
wrapped gifts lie ‘neith a tree
that sparkles bright with tinsel and light
for everyone to see.

Each gift has been selected
with thoughtfulness and care.
Toys and such will mean so much
like all the gifts we bear.

But let us keep within our heart
the much greater gift than these.
One from above, with God’s great love
should bring us to our knees.

A gift of birth to all on Earth.
A gift that’s far from small.
To everyone, He gave His Son…
The greatest gift of all.
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
A collection of thoughts and prayers for our friends their families and the whole of humanity. Written by 76
voices from around the world.

The biggest star shines, proudly announced he arrived
My lord Jesus Christ was born to witness the truth
He granted identities to all of us, lost and unknown
Taught us love, peace and harmony, while forgiving all
A. Amos - United States

An ancient mission, a veiled plan
The Son of God, the son of man
A virgins wonder, a humble birth
The King of heaven is born to earth
Adanette - United States

Winter creeps in as fall fades to an end
frost coats the ground and snow begins to drift
tis' the time of year
Christmas is near.
Alicia Schroeder - United States

Let peace on earth begin at home
And spread to friends far and near
Bringing together all those we love
"It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Ana Sophia - Canada

Little excitement triggering at night
What Santa will bring for me this night
Little wish of mine; do listen my lord
Let Santa bring this time happiness for all...
Anne - India

Egg nog, holly, and Christmas wreaths
Pointsettia's white and bright red leaves
Fat, jolly Santa and Jesus' birth
A bright star arises and alights the Earth
Anne - United States

Adorable boy wiping the blur window pane with his poky hands,
and have a wish that santa claus will bring joy through this window,
Gracefully chanting jingle bells, he became santa for his parents,
so santa given the happiness from this side of window
Anshul's Vision - India

Dreamy hot chocolate kisses
steamy snowflake sprinkled wishes
lists of who's been naughty or nice
blend together this wintry spice.
April -United States

We have no jingles or Santa Clause
We have no snow
Still we have spirit of Christmas
Love and hope
Avinash - India

Christmas in Australia,
Sun, summer heat, Christmas outside
Backyards, and Barb-B-ques
Yule tides under the stars
Barb - Australia

Soft Smells of frankincense.
pine needles of fresh scent of bright Christmas Trees
Frosted windowpanes Magical time of the year
with children playing in the snow
Benita - United States

The season of love and joy is upon us
Sunshine or snowfall, no matter the weather
Smiles and laughter, and good cheer among us
When friends and family gather together
Brian - United States

The count down starts
for the best gift ever received
let peace reign in your hearts
as you wait to unwrap it.
Cassie - Kenya

Time is right, the time is near Christmas will soon be here.
Bells will ring and folks will sing "Oh holy Night all is bright
Children will wait with anticipation for Santa to come
Hearts will be warm, and love will abound Christmas is here.
Cheryl Davis - United States

He is the gift.
Jesus Christ,
He can have our burdens lifted,
By the gift of Christ.
C. Lee Battaglia - Unites States

Wind has licked the poor trees clean
All brown and bare in desolation
All except the evergreen
Soon to be sold as decoration
C. Rose - United States

The snow flakes dance in the wind
Shining lights like a magical dream
For those holding on to promises
To find in these times their wishes.
Dayran - Malaysia

Flash floods of snow replace once august plains of paper white
Mystic rivers freeze over as December lets her true colors shine
Incandescent light spreads throughout the ethereal winter night
As chariot of Christmas comes to life for yet another fiery ride
Doorman Dan - United States

A Merry Christmas poem
Always brings me Advent Joy
As we laud the Christ Child
The Birthday of the King
Douglas Raymond Rose - United States

Shattered crystals float to the ground
Stillness lay upon sweet earth
Warmed by angels silent sound
Jesus love bless yuletide hearths
E.Noodle - United States

To the poor and sick this year
I wish a bit of Christmas cheer
From the homeless and forlorn
Stable where a child was born
Fabian G. Franklin - United States

Christmas shines shimmering bright.
Stars spotlight a dance with the snow.
To welcome a merry season with cheer and light.
Bringing peace, joy and warmth for all to know
Fran Marie - United States

Snowflake kisses, full of holly wishes
peaceful rejoices bestowed upon fellow man
warmth of hope abiding a Joyeux Noel,
& muchly good cheer throughout the coming year
Frieda - United States

Lights shimmer,bells jingle on Christmas Tree
Half asleep eyes waiting for Saint Nick
Straight from the Pole wrapped with love & care
The gifts arrived our homes with a conjuring trick!
Frozen Eyes - India

The night before Christmas is known to be magical
With snowflakes in the air and Santa in the fireplace
And a smile plastered on our child's face
When the morning comes, all the magic will be done
Haley Wilson - Canada

Distance keeps us far apart,
Despite the cheer within our hearts.
The Spirits of Yule sing far and wide,
Let their songs brighten our minds.
Hime no Yuki - United States

Stuff your face, there's more to come
Before the games, the laughter and fun
in lively repose we'll mark the feast
With music and song and family treats
IanJohn63 - United kingdom

This reminds us of the true spirit
of the season.
It is much more than the material dreams dancing in our head
peace and love are the real reason
Jacob - United States

Unpack socks,yes this year is dying.
No child on this day coming should be crying.
I would be lying if I said Christmas isn't exciting.
All joy and glee,wouldn't you agree?
John - England

When children dream each year of Christmas,
Whispers from river and mountain pass --
Touching each language, corner, and part,
Wishing this year's dreams unwrap each heart.
K.L.Goode - Canada

Family visits,
where strangers find each other.
Long lost smiles reborn,
to sister and to brother.
Kusa Da Shin Avira - United States

Shining great star from heaven into hearts
Intimate wooden barn with manger in place
Celebrate the birth of Christianity and Jesus
Who died to keep humanity sin-free and safe
Lady Ann Graham-Gilreath - United States

We danced the year's temporary rhythm
Hitting the high or low steps to each tone
Like black and white in a composition
Let's find forte in harmony made
Laury Hitch - Ghana

The festival of lights is near
"Happy Hanukah" a wish we will hear
Every sundown, one candle more
A wish for peace in our hearts will endure
Lydia Shutter - United States

Bright patterned paper parcels waiting
with ribbons gold, green and red
while children peaceful dreaming sleeping
of the stockings hanging on their bed.
Mad Englishman (Clive) - United Kingdom

Drifting droplets over Christmas Tree
Spreading white foam of cracking snow,
Santa stood beside distributing to all free
****** Mary blessed divinity from above.
M.A. Rathore - India

Son of God, salvation of man
At last unto the earth is brought--
Who will remember, indeed who can
Unless final Ipod or Bratz is bought?
Mark Teague - United states

Thoughts toward the poor, sick or dying
Yet another year passes without some knowing
Of Christmas cheer, frolics for them too annoying
All symbolism meant only for those who are growing
Martin - Ireland

The gift of love.
The gift of peace.
The gift of happiness
May all these be yours at Christmas
MBUYISA - South Africa

To one and all I would grant a gift,
blessings for the holiday season.
Hearts overfilled with a joyful lift
from the angels bright holy beacon.
Michael Greenway - United States

In this season of Christmas
Through the eyes of the child
We look up and do believe
In Peace and Mercy mild
Momzilla - United States

Better than men than me,
Make their own mark
on world
and modern history
Moriarty Mesa - United States

Red and green dress our doorsteps
as our holiday dreams of
smiles and laughter, friends and family
fill our hearts with warmth and love
Ms Jewel - United States

O heart, receive Him! "There is no room in the inn."
May that cease to be our case.
May our blessed Savior be most welcome
in our most holy place.
Nautili - United States

Flakes of snow have come to remind,
Regrets, sorrow should be left behind
Prayers, hopes n joy to everyone's mind,
Family come together for dinner and wine.
Nitesh Poojari - India

The rhythmic snow cascades and falls,
Its beauty overshadows the polar air,
And welcomes the Christmas season,
In a glorious dance the waltz …
Nisa - United States

Christmas morning, early, dark, silence abounds
Coffee in hand, watching the deer on the lawn
Waiting for the family, and their rising sounds
Is there anything more peaceful than Christmas dawn?
NoelHC - Canada

Writing out a list, while sitting in my room
Christmas is approaching everyone soon
Decorating my beautiful green tree
Fairy on top, presents underneath
Noodlebumble"Sye" - Scotland

The wheel of joyful tidings on my mind.
We celebrate love and the gift of life
Our hearts rid of hate and squalor
As we dance to the sounds of Christmas
Norbert Dwayne Weweh - Ireland

We came under the inspiration of poem
To celebrate you, often nobly, is your season come?
Delighted hands trenchant: you reign!
Creeping towards the Bethlehem to be born again.
Onyia-ota, Kingsley C. - Nigeria

The problem with his beard
when the child isn't looking
is the rustle that is heard
when he opens up the stocking
Pete Langley - United kingdom

A fire in the heart as angels sing
Young and old caroling sweet and clear
Wishes for love, and Peace on earth
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
Phibby Veneble - United States

Where the cold bites and snow may fall
there is always a lesson of beauty within for us all
hold the hand out, next to your own
see the unity of the season,that brings us home
Poppy Ruth Silver - United kindom

Let the tolling bells bring peace on Earth
Be the only fire, your yule-log's warmth
The only red, the cheer of holly
The only fallen … a snowflake's folly
Pryde Foltz - Canada

Excesses of the season have commenced
Remember those beyond your fence.
Beyond the reunions,parties and the food
Find in in your heart to do some good.
(Rachelle) Mara Lin - Philippines - China - UnitedStates

As we celebrate in feast this Christmas Day
may you heal our land and the sick
for your touch of love strengthen the weak
a perfect gift for Christmas Eve
Racquil - Philippines

To each in season warmed at the hearth
Soft carols play as we serenade by the fire
The little babe come of a ****** birth
We come to offer blessings of your desire
Realmwriter -United States

This Christmas cold with winter chill,
snow flows free upon the hill,
within the home, warmth from the hearth
parents give love and children laugh.
Richard Allen Beevor - Cyprus

Star of Bethlehem, snow in the air;
red suit, chimney soot, Santa beware.
The stars all sing from high above
and Christmas wraps my heart with love.
Richard Williams - United States

The warmth and love of those amassed
Gathered 'round the family tree
Brings cherished tales of Christmas past
And gifts us with sweet memory
Rita L. Sev - United States

There shone warm light on a cold night
with the angels over head
Keep watch along with the Wise-men
over this blessed child's bed
Ron - United States

Sharing the joys of sharing
sparkling how life meant to give
receiving the blessings of each day
hallmarking the key role of sharing and giving
Roy Mark Azanza Corrales - Philippines

Stockings hung,carols sung
Tinsel on the tree
Don't forget to thank the one
"Twas born in Galilee
Samuel Dickens - United States

The poinsettia alone in a darkened room
Faithfully again begins to bloom
No particular rhyme or reason
Just a beautiful reminder of Christmas season
Sharon L.H. Kelly - United States

A sunny celebration under a winter sun
never put up a tree, no presents
yet holiday spirit excites, brings fun
amidst cake, tales and dear ones: lovely time spent
Sindu - India

I found myself following the Christmas Star
To Bethlehem not too near or too far
Throughout the dessert I roamed
To meet the Christ Child at the Stable Home
SmittyJas - United States

Hoist the glass to men we once knew
those of us who passed on before
The moments shared with precious few
whose souls we knew in times of yore
Tate Morgan - United States

A feathered mess of ****** bird,
Let's feast the corpse no room for third,
Dear pudding flame cause acid nose,
Let's run it off St. Nick's repose.
Thomas - Ireland

Hope is born on Christmas Day
Bow our heads give thanks as we pray
Peace to family and all our friends
Peace to those across all lands
Tina Kline - Unites States

Another year has come to pass...
With many an opportunity missed...
Yearly resolve comes around so fast..
preceded by yuletide bliss
Timothy Woodfin - United States

Spirits or Christmases past,look on those who celebrate today
With the celebrants of Christmases to come, in life's circular way
We think of those who've past on gone, tell of times past we did enjoy
Knowing someday the child will talk of us, whose engrossed in his new toy..
Tomas O Carthaigh -Ireland

Remember Jesus love of mankind
As we celebrate the holiday
With family and friends
Spreading cheer and love to all
(Tootsie Harvey Novels) Valerie L Harvey - United States

Our lord was born into flesh and bone,
dazzling star above his manger shone,
came to pay our debt though vastly great,
that we may enter the pearly gates.
Valormore De Plume - United States

Dry sands in this winter season
Lonely may seem at heart we rejoice
Hiding vibrant happiness for some reasons
Life in this dome, still we enjoy
Willyam Pax - Saudi Arabia /Phillipines

With smiles all on the children's faces
old folks prepare stockings for the fireplace
Churches singing Amazing Grace
preparing his birthing place
Wordman - United States

"Lovebirds dance with Christmas song
Divine message make them happy
Children clatter ding **** ****
Christmas made them quite sappy"
Zainul - Bangladesh

From our family to yours please try to be good to one another this year. The Cafe is a refuge for us all to hang out, share our lives and dream

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Can a thought or feeling be larger than a universe? Love is the only trait that is worth remembering because it is meant to be given away selflessly. The recipient is as happy to receive it as you were to give it! To my friends those of you whom I hold dear If you'd like to be added to this years Canon message me. I will do my best to add you to this poem.
Viper Feb 2011
I have a little gift for you

I think I'll suprise you with it, yep thats what I'll do

I have a little gift for you

A few swings and you'll be black and blue

I have a little gift for you

it can crush your skull and some other bones too

I have a little gift for you

if it breaks thats ok, I bought two

I have a little gift for you

but maybe I'll give it to your friends instead of you

I have a little gift for you

it might not be what you wanted but you earned it, isn't that true

I have a little gift for you

once I deliver my suprise this will be finished and we will be through
copyright/Viper 2011
Endless souls we know from go to woe
Sometimes theres a few that will never know~
All souls are born and live and learn and exist
But theres always a few of this will never be kissed~
All souls live and leave to rise above
But theres a few sadly who will not know the gift of love~
It's lifes most priceless gift ever to be
And for those who find it it's ecstasy~
Once found nothing this gift can anything destroy
The real precious true love of a girl and boy~
It lasts forever and always in time
The gift of true love for ever divine~
So many sadly they come and sadly they go
But theres sadly a few this gift of love will ever know
It's there for one and it's there for all
But only ones heart can hear its call~
Only those that know it could ever explain
How now they wont need to seach for true love again~
It's the highest emotion the gift of true love
One of the most priceless of gifts from god above~
Clever souls adapt the ability to see
It within the very eyes of those so inlove that be~
It lasts forever and till the end of time
The gift of love forever divine~
Sadly always a few that will not know of its thrill
Ever so sadly some they never will~
Unless they listen to the strings of their hearts and souls
And seach for same as was in days of old~
No gift as precious as priceless on earth or above
As the knowing you have found the gift of true love~
If all on earth could only know
And hear those words I love you so~
To be with another as hand in glove
To know that feeling of the gift of love~  

Terrence Michael Sutton
copyright 2018
Nat Lipstadt Dec 2013
where to begin?

let us acknowledge
the responsibility of our actions,
and the titles and duties,
and the unexpected,

I was a son, till this year,
still, of sorts, but no longer,
traded it in for

are you still a child,
when you have no parents?
are you still a parent,
when a child lost?

I am a father, and grandfather.
this definition of me,
extant, future seeded,
perhaps permanent,
perhaps not.

the product of
actions more than
thirty years ago,
and events yet-to-be thirty years

titles claimed and granted,
partial, not finite,
not definitive, nor infinite.
partial, but part and parcel,
these titles, of you,
they are not the totality, of you,
but very much part of you,
for you possess precious,
The Imprint - The Gift.

the child lost,
the parent found,
the newest coming,
the oldest gone,
all imprinted on your hands,
just look at them!

there are lines on your palms
you do not know the meaning of,
you do not yet know the ending,
they are in your cells,
as you are and were in theirs.

The Imprint
is The Gift
that is
non returnable,
non refundable,
nor is it
diminished by
any stone marker, measurement
of a day, an uncertain,
certain moment.

Look in the mirror.
see them in you,
as they saw themselves in your

ah, reflect.
acknowledge that the
absence is pain,
but look at those hands,
that face, your face,
see the
The Imprint - The Gift
permit yourself an easement,
for it the season of

ah, re-collect, recollect.
let the story.
continue, by the retelling.
find that palm line,
find that psalm song,
where the babe lost,
the mother lost
is the babe reborn,
in new faces, forever contained in
The Imprint.

we all ken loss,
we all keen know anguish,
different kinds for different folks.
do we not all have blood?
but are there different types,
and yet,
all still blood related.

prepare yourself
for more sad to come,
and some to never,

but do not forget,
nay, you cannot,
for seared it is,
this imprint,
a two sided copy
of a single document,
you on them,
them on you.
an eyelash falls
upon the poem.

a decorative reminder,
a stop sign,
a decorative remainder,
that it is time,
to recall,
to be unafraid.
now, now, right now,
is the time to remember,
that very eyelash,
the cells that are
the eyes that it has protected,
saw, know, well recall, gave,
gave part of you

and smile,
yes, smile,
for in them,
in the lines around your eyes,
the crisscrossed cell map upon thy hands
is the
The Imprint,
The Gift.

where to end?

This imprint upon your body exterior,
part mark, part stain,
part badge, part medal,
part cain,
part ribbon black pinned.

it is twinned,
for the match, the mate,
of this gift I printed,
is still in your living cells,
and thus knowing
the imprint is yours forever,
they are not lost,
you are not lost,
for Their Imprint
is a gift that
never ending
shall eternal be a salve this
happy, sad, melancholy,
morn, day, season.
For you,
for all of us...written in the sky above the Eastern Seaboard on Dec. 24th, 2013
The child is the father, the mother, to the man (BS&Tears;)
Dhaye Margaux Dec 2016
Never ignore a woman's gift
For it's the best thing she could give
Do not underestimate her offer
Never take it for granted or leave
She could give you a slice of cake
But she will choose to give you a whole
Her gift could be little in your eyes
But it's the total of her heart and soul
A woman's gift is not for the eyes
But for the spirit of those who feel
So never ignore a woman's gift
It is for you if you are real
My second piece chosen for the Daily.
Thank you so much, dear readers and co-writers.
The Terry Tree Jan 2015
Glares of Moon Stars
Shine brightly overhead
As I am gazing out my window
Resting in my bed
Thinking of the ones I love
Holding them so tight
With every beat my heart conducts
I hold you in my mind

An orchestra of petals
A choir of starlight
Beckons me come morning
Bends its way through with sunlight
Through an opening I see
The day reach out its hands
Welcoming us to embrace
The gifts that we've been given
Simple blessings we receive

The gift to see each other
The gift to read our words
The gift to hold each other
The gift of hummingbirds
The gift to taste the sweetness
The gift of fruit on earth
The gift to love each other
The gift to know our worth

I pray that we are able
To see the simple gifts
The Christmas of our lives
Everyday not once a year
To be here to support and love
Each other is a gift
And I thank heaven up above
For blessing me with
Your friendship

eileen demiris Oct 2014
How often are we given the gift of wisdom?

The problem with this gift is often it isn't accepted or wanted.

It is cast aside as not a worthy gift and having no value.

If only the receiver knew it's worth and what lengths the gift giver had to go through to obtain this gift.

Wisdom is usually obtained with sacrifice and battle scars.

The giver of this gift only wishes to spare the recipient of unnecessary pain but to no avail they never see the worth of of what  wisdom offers so history repeats itself unnecessarily

Next embrace the gift and accept all that it has to offer. You may be pleasantly suprised !
I wrote this because I know when I was younger I thought I knew it all. Couldn't be bothered with my parents "lectures"  if only I had listened I could have spared myself some pain. Now my children look at me like I did at my parents. I wish I could save them from some of their pain.
sufiya firdose Oct 2018
You know right we can turn desert into a bueatiful sea
If we are together…..
The past you went through made you stronger and made me too
All the misfortunate and brutal winds come across way makes us strongest
Just like phoenix you reborn
Today no matter we are in deserts
We can change it into beautiful sea tomorrow
You are no more weak nor alone
Cuz today we are all hear just for you..with you
You're the one who can do the incredible things
you do You're the best and baby you deserve the gift you have
Can't you see?
You are strong You fight against the demons everyday
You're a star,
remember where you come from and who you are
It's hard to be away from home
But it's all worth it look at yourself,
you know I'm talking to you
You're the one who can do the incredible things
you do You're the best and baby you deserve the gift you have
Can't you see?
You are strong You fight against the demons everyday
You're a star,
remember where you come from and who you are,
Believe it you gotta believe it
It’s not easy to be special
To believe in what they cannot see
Full of talent
You’ve got the something that will take you far one day
You’ll reach out to the sky and touch the stars
Just believe in yourself and see the magic
Life's a journey
It’s a roller coaster
Keep the faith and fight for what you want
Improve yourself learn to be strongest
You’re not alone one day you'll reach out for my hand and
And I'll be there
Just believe in yourself and see the magic
You're the one who can do the incredible things
You do you’re the best and baby you deserve the gift you have
Can't you see?
You are strong you fight against the demons everyday
You're a star,
Remember where you come from and who you are
It's hard to be away from home
But it's all worth it look at yourself,
You know I'm talking to you
You're the one who can do the incredible things
You do you’re the best and baby you deserve the gift you have
Can't you see?
You are strong you fight against the demons everyday
You're a star,
Remember where you come from and who you are,
Believe it you gotta believe it
This is all about being friends
All for one and one for all
We believe in what we do we'll never give up smile
You have to use a little fantasy
Let your heart bloom like a flower
You will always win
We know you were strong
And you are near the end
All you gotta do is fly
Just believe in yourself….you gotta believe it
And see the magic….magic
Just like a phoenix
you are gonna re born
Spread you wings and sail across the sky
Everyone can see there is a fire blazing in you
And its lighten up the sky
As you go higher all your past hunt away
You are very powerful your enemy’s stay at bay
You are the symbol that shows the path
No one can destroy you
There is no one like you
You are one of kind
Just believe in yourself…you gotta do it
And see the magic
You're the one who can do the incredible things
You do you’re the best and baby you deserve the gift you have
Can't you see?
You are strong you fight against the demons everyday
You're a star,
Remember where you come from and who you are
It's hard to be away from home
But it's all worth it look at yourself,
You know I'm talking to you
You're the one who can do the incredible things
You do you’re the best and baby you deserve the gift you have
Can't you see?
You are strong you fight against the demons everyday
You're a star,
Remember where you come from and who you are,
Believe it you gotta believe it
You know right we can turn desert into a bueatiful sea
If we are together…..
The past you went through made you stronger and made me too
this i speacially wrote for bts but keeping my sister my so cool boy friend and my osm friends in mind i hope it helps them out

All the misfortunate and brutal winds come across way makes us strongest
Just like phoenix you reborn
Today no matter we are in deserts
We can change it into beautiful sea tomorrow
You are no more weak nor alone
Cuz today we are all hear just for you..with you
yooo hooo BTS love you lotsss
barnoahMike Aug 2010
"Here,take this Gift I give to you!!  Cooly, he responded,,Yeah-Sure,,What's the catch?   The Giver announced,,YES,there must be this certain reliance and confidence and trust..   the Giver continued,,"do You have a desire for a gift such as this?"  The responder,with caution,said  "Yeah,there are certain things that I Hope for,,BUT How can I know  you're  giving this gift Freely?"    The *Giver replied ," You'll not be able to touch or see this *Gift I give to You...   BUT,,,, You;ll have Confidence in knowing that you;ve Received it...and it comes with a  "BUILT-IN-NUDGER"...that when things seem Dull and Gray,,"The-Nudger" WILL BRING SOME BRIGHTNESS TO YOUR DAY!!!  OR,,,,YOU may *stomp on the Nudger,with the very heel of your foot, like the Ugliest of Bugs..  If you're still feeling this Tugging ,,Like the BIG-SHIPS .Being guided carefully by so many TUG-BOATS...   NO ONE else can accept this Gift for You!!!!  A HANDSOME PRICE WAS PAID FOR THIS GIFT .....and the GIFTOR DESIRES THAT "NONE" SHOULD PERISH!!!
copyright Aug 2010   by Mike Ham
Randy Johnson Nov 2016
In the beginning, God was the only one who had the gift of existence and he shared that gift with us.
God also gave the gift of existence to Jesus and the angels and if you ask me, that was generous.
God could've kept the gift of existence to himself, he could've been the only one who exists.
But God is a God of love, he didn't want to keep that gift to himself because he's not selfish.
Even though God gave us the gift of life, many people stab him in the back every day.
People had better give up doing drugs, ******, killing, lying and stealing, they'd better change their ways.
God blessed us with the gift of existence, he sure does love to give.
That's why we should thank him for every day we're allowed to live.
I ponder now, to the years ago,
To what came on every Christmas Eve.
About the gift that I could get,
The perfect gift to have or to receive.

I was only seven, many fleeting years ago,
And I loved all kinds of dessert.
So then, to get the perfect gift,
A chocolate cake was all its worth.

I was asked at 12 to choose my gift
And a new typewriter was all I said.
At a time when technology had once been young,
I was pleased with mine, a branded crimson red.

12 more years passed by and I could not find
A better gift than what I got years ago in my life.
At 40, I celebrate the 8th anniversary
Of the lovey-dovey years I that I spent with my wife.

I'm 55 and weeping, for now both my parents are gone.
My dad just died a week ago, at the ripe age of 83.
If time was a gift, I'd give it to those I love.
Christmas just isn't as complete as it used to be.

It's Christmas yet I'm dying, and loved-ones use the tongue of tears.
My final wish would only be to have my whole life encoded in memory;
For memories are all that I can leave, and all that I could bring,
From all the blessed 86 years-God's own Christmas gift to me.
I tried to make the structure look like a Christmas tree, but it wasn't that easy as I thought. Happy Holidays :)
A Thomas Hawkins Aug 2010
Sometimes we measure the value of a gift based solely on its value
"Wow those aren't cheap"
"That must have cost him a pretty penny"
"Thats quite the gift"

All of these things are said as if to impart something special about the gift, as if its increased value increases its value.

And yet the exact same thing can be a bad thing
"Oh its too much, really it is"
"But we hardly know each other"
"I wish you hadn't, it's too soon"

But the irony of all this...

Is that the greatest gift costs nothing

The greatest gift is free

And of all the gifts you ever give to someone, this is the one that you hope above all hope that they return. No receipt necessary.

You can't buy it because its not for sale

You can't create it because it has no parts.

No assembly required (or batteries)

You can't wrap it up in nice paper with a big bow on it because it has no substance.

It doesn't come in a small velvet box

It will always match your eyes, your shoes, your purse and whatever outfit you wear.

It will always fit you perfectly

And it will never make your **** look big

It doesn't wear out, break down, go out of style, look old and jaded or ever get faded.

It grows.

Without sun

Without water

Without effort

This is the gift that I have to give, and all you need to do is know it.
T Aug 2018
She has this gift only I can see
And she let me go how could this be
Her words so soft as that of an Angel
How could this woman leave my heart just to dangle
When I am with her I feel at ease
For I am her clay ready to be molded
I am not a pair of pants that need to be folded
Her gift that she has..... it captivates me when ever she is around
Every time I start to drift away... it drags right back
I think the gift that she has is love
That way that she loved me was different and it felt oh so good
I want and need that stay with me for the rest of my days....Ohhh and I need her by me in so many different ways
This special gift that only she has kept my heart open just to her love ......and like I told you all before she was sent from the lord above.
#she has it
I've had trouble wrapping Christmas gifts;
it has always been your job to do this ***** work.
I work to get the Christmas bonus,
we do the shopping,
you do the wrapping.
Plain as day.

But you left me, and I had to do all the work by myself. And so
I made a list of steps in the new skill I have mastered:

1. Unroll the gift wrapper. Spread it. Cover all bases. Never adore the design and adornments; it will be ripped anyway.

2.  Put the gift in the middle of the paper. Estimate how much paper are you willing to save or spend and waste.

3. Tape the ends. Put tape wherever. Don't try to hide the tapes. Secrets are meant to be revealed anyway. TIP: The more you put tape, the uglier your gift wrap will be. You think tapes will mend loose ends but it will simply destroy the aesthetic value of your gift.

4. Fold and tape. Tape and fold. Design it however you like. Origami the **** out of it. It will be destroyed anyway.

5. Put the gift card. Write with your best handwriting. With a smile swathed on your face. Add a dash of artificiality. No matter what you put here, this will not merit anything; It will not be read anyway.

Four Christmases you have been wrapping those gifts. Now that I have
wrapped some this year, I'm pretty sure why you've left. Plain as day.

*PS Wait for the gift I am sending you over. I wrapped it just for you.
Merry Christmas.
SE Reimer Aug 2015

a gift as you say,
if such there be,
is only a gift
when given to thee
with no strings attached,
and truly is free.
mine come the hard way,
no, my poems aren't free,
for it is no gift
when the "talent" you see,
though the writ and the wit
flow with ease, admittedly;
no, my poems are cunning,
they act like they're free,
yet in truth they are cruel
for my poems own me!


*post script.

written in response to a friend's words, " you have a gift", to which i can only say, "ha!"  and to my fellow poets, you know who owns who; for if yours are like mine, they tumble around in phrases in the night, leaving you restless and wanting, til you rise and extract them onto paper, and ONLY then will they leave you alone!"

i think fellow poet Joe Cole has perfectly captured what i have wanted to articulate  in these words to me:  "The gift is in the mind, the use of words are the ability to gain the gift."  well said, my friend!
I will give you a present.
Not bought
Not pretty and gift wrapped in silvery paper
Not shoved in a box with a card on top

I will give you an idea.
Gift wrapped in words
Only thought of, not thought through
You can make it your own

Take my gift and make it something special.
take that idea and make it something magical.

Then wrap it in words and re-gift it.
I won't mind
Spread the ideas and watch as they blossom.

A gift can be more than a material object.
It can be creativity that changes the world... idea at a time
jeffrey conyers Mar 2015
One gift, we all posse.
One gift that others fears.
While others would quickly welcome it.

One gift that shows up to defeat hate.
One gift, we blame for many bad relationships.
Which created them in the first place.

One gift that will be for eternity.
One gift God has bestowed upon me.
And that gift was love.

Which is within all of us.

— The End —