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Thank you .. I will be leaving the site as it seems
I've upset one .. Sharron .. ( Her notes to me sounded more like a nun dealing with menopause ....) If any wish to drop in n say hello welcome ..One on here cannot copy and paste ..s on .. Many here I adore but too old to be be questioned by a soul most born after I was 50 ..At anytime aussie­ If thats not allowed they can deal with it .. Much love U & Yours x

Terrence Michael Sutton
Endless  blind mice endless blind mice
How they believe if its smells like cheese
So mant throw them crumbs to please
Endless blind mice so much to squeeze

Been around for all time in many places
Endless telling them may unknow things
Like human behaviour they all believe
What a whack of cheeze it all brings

All will die but never them man wrote
In his oldest thinking long long ago
A little cheeze here a little there as well
So much endless cheeze man can throw

terrence michael sutton
copyright  2018
Have faith they say believe but never ask
Don't ever question just follow blindfolds on
I'm a soul beyond reproach re values true
You know what they say just sing the song

Bibles written in the yeat 03 just 100 years
After the one they call Jesus died theres proof
The closed minded followed still do today
Three hundred easy religions but one truth

No matter to me after all we all die a fact
And theres grave yards of babies that exist
In Ireland alone all babies of nuns seen them
Angels that never to date ever been kissed

But thats ok turn the other cheek they say
Closed minds closed hearts and eyes too
The holier than thou have endless excuses
There goes a massive amount more than few

Its always been taught plus no abortions
Yet acreas of little graves but religions rave
Hypocrites endless you know what they say
After all said and done we all go to the grave

terrence michael sutton    
copyright 2018
Always a comlusive romantic but values rule
Never committed adultery cheated to date
If one is honesly open with those one loves
It's no sin to for making love to open the gate

We all know the words both being yes and no
One day we all are going to stop breathing true
And most of us  do things being work exersize
Making love great for the heart soul and mind

Keeping lives to ones self good for one and both
But doing so take time and slowly give your all
There are no takers of love only two giving fine

Low lights soft music open fire and good wine
Phones off hooks doors locked comfort as well
Body heat oil fragrantly cented ample of same
I love natural music on a tin roof sound of rain

Always loved making love to one loving it too
The night still young just begun till the sun
Finding the feelings precious to feel slowly
Twp making love a beautuful gift time begun

( Making Love is not being INLOVE )

terrence michael sutton  
copyright  2018

Long long ago A brilliant Doctor once existed
Growing old as we all do his soul it had blisted
Before they buried him  without any suspection
Nurses injected him testing his bodies *******

It was getting bigger all the time beyond belief
Nurses told not a single soul Placing in a bottle
During the night a young cleaner dropped it
They found in the  morning screaming full throttle

When staff arrived they found it had survived
Inspection of this laboretry the bottle on the floor
And nurses screaming madly don't stop don't stop
Smiles on faces litterally the same size as the door

All nurses sent to a mental institution and drugged
In order to hopefully have them quieten down
Filled with a very strong ****** to help them some
Orgasmicology for all of them only wore a frown

Nobody knew at all what they'd injected him with
But a miricle had taken place it all was to seem
Bigger stronger thicker glass bottles were used
Scientists worked harder could be mans dream

Even weeny scientists took home samples in hope
That they might just as well suffer some as well
Trying to wake awahile these nurse to question
But all just kept screaming not to stop  do tell

In the end it drove them around the very bend
They were all sold to Go Go places in cages
But to this very day there is no way to say
But  still adds telling secrets to all mans very rages

terrence michael sutton
copyright  2018
The body is only a tool the soul uses on earth
Or like a car the soul drives to get around here
And when it gets too old its of to the wreckers
As theres no need for it after this life so dear

Around our bodies we have amagnetic aura
I knew a guy that once lost his left side leg
He got then a wooden one as a replacement
And at times he'd scratch it being itchy instead

Ghosts are spirits not wanting to leaf for reasons
Being all aura can be seen during usually at night
Someone or something just keeps them here
It's the living here and now more reason for fright

All of us are as if a souls spirit tool to use on earth
The better we take care of them longer they last
Their mechanics are from doctors to heralists
Not taking care of them shortens future diluting past

terrence michael sutton
copyright  2018
When theres's somebofy that really matters
And a gap of silence does in reality really exist
One wonders as he did what could be the reason
Not knowing as conversations not been kissed

There is a young girl from next door
And he idolized her for friendship true
She is made so welcome in the home
But conversation from her he never knew

He was told oh she is just shy that is why
And she always talked to all others around
He'd gone out of his way to help her out often
But try as he may no conversation to be found

Just twenty three years old a collage student
He'd spoke to her so many a time gone by
Beautiful in so very a way but night or day
Talk to any but he and they said she was shy

He'd never ever done said anything wrong
But conversation it with he never was at all
He felt that when she was there he'd leave
Go to his office staying until someone to call

He felt that maybe she didn't like him but
She'd smile say hello then that ended there
Rather than have her feel awkward he'd go
As he was a good and kind soul to be fair

Always happy was she laughing talking too
But never after hello no conversation was to be
This worried him as he liked her calling in
But that was it and it worried him so sincerely

He came to the conclusion not to talk to her
Thinking that would have her feel at home
She was a happy soul he with values of old
However not able at all to find a reason alone

It was not a matter of life nor death but sad
Oh she's just shy thats why it was often  said
So when she came he'd leave the room again
Go up to his computer or if not up to his bed

He was an inteligent person of knowledge
He'd traveled often the entire world in time
Met so many people of greatest knowledge
But with this girl never any conversation fine

I guess there was no reason she had to like him
Or talk to him at all in any way on any day
He liked her he guessed she just never liked him
So he gave her space and accepted it as is anyway

But there was never any explanation or any reaso
That he himself could think of in all honesty
And sometimes wonder if he'd said something
That was wrong or missunderstood it could be

She'd lay back on the lounge watch T V laughing
But he often simply put the entire thing from mind
However there was no explanation for this to be
At least none that he of this situationcould find

Oh she's just shy thats the reason why often said
But it was to him a situation in life rather grim
Feeling out of place within his own home the case
So much he'd with consideration gave this up to win

terrence michael sutton
copyright 2018
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