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mils Oct 2018
I will never see yellow the same
As when I asked her
Of my favorite color
Truth be told, I never had one
She shouted with this flame
And in a spur
I bet every dollar
And she still won

I won’t argue or complain
Even when she calls me birdbrain
For I love her
Through and through
She has always been true
And I hope she thinks of me too
Man, this actually happened to me though. She's so cute.
mils Oct 2018
there is a knock on the door
in the dead of night
it's opportunity
trying to **** you again
With stories of folklore
A chaotic unity
Are you a knight?
Or will you complain?
Take a leap,
Or are you too cheap?
mils Oct 2018
I've met men
who would rather climb mountains
then raise families
they spill lies like fountains
time and time again
This is insanity

I've met mothers
Who would trade their children
For another high
Painted as they are, villains
But they still ask “why?”
As they dump it on their brothers

I’ve met parents
who don't let their kids cry
And they grow up mad
at themselves
At society
But deep down, they're sad
packing problems away on shelves
And it grows, anxiety
They try to down in Barents
For those who don't know, Barents is a sea! Feedback is very much appreciated.
mils Oct 2018
I'm running out
in this point in time
Being walked over
Talked over
I am not a mime
Lady luck, make me a route
Out of this pit, help me climb
mils Oct 2018
what am I doing here?
lost within my mind
turning corners,
hoping for the best
I feel like I'm running blind
Is this another test?
filled with my own horrors
There is no more cheer
mils Oct 2018
stars run ramped
taken for granted
chaotic formations
of constellations
the darkness beckons
the void threatens
to take what you love
Your freedom, like a dove

— The End —