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Zack Ripley Jun 22
"the" not "the" truth.
It's your truth.
Some people will subscribe to your truth.
Others will shun it.
But it's yours.
And no one can take that from you.
So own it.
Why don't they let us express ourselves?

Is it because it's inappropriate?

The norm of society thinks so

And what is normal anyway?

We want to be ourselves

But if we do, they will shun us away

We need to find a place where we belong

Let's go to a place, where we can be free.
I saw a part in a movie (I can't remember the name of it) but there was this woman who was at a meeting, and all of a sudden she stands up on the table and starts dancing. I thought it was so funny and at the same time, very odd :)
rosie Apr 13
in what felt like
a split second
everything changed

you started to
shun me;

you began to sit with them
and not beside me

you stopped talking to me
only a simple "hi"
or a meaningless creak of a smile

it left me wondering
and worrying

did I do something wrong?

everything was wrong

most noticeable
was how extremely
it was
and how
it felt
Karen M Jun 2019
All the flowers in his pocket and
Bruises covering his knees
Couldn’t hide the satisfaction
Decorating his chubby little face.
Every surface inch on his
Favorite pair of jeans was unprotected from
Grass stains and dirt cakes. Oh,
How our father would tear
Into him later. It was worth it when the
Junior high school quarterback
Kindly accepted his confession instead of
Laughing like the adults surrounding the pair.
Mom thought it was cute how the little oblivious
Nine-year-old boy had gotten down on
One knee, arms outstretched, as if he were
Proposing to his babysitter. They joke when it’s a child, but
Quickly shun their once loved ones by forcing them to
Run away from home. It wasn’t funny when our
Sister vanished from existence after coming out
To our religious family. They don’t laugh at
Us when we mutter her name. That girl,
Valerie, left all but one shred of existential evidence    
When leaving us for good. Hidden amongst the trees are
Xylographed initials made by lovers over
Yonder in the suburb parks where the human
Zoo couldn’t keep them under watchful eyes.
Based off of real events (not my family). I was given permission by my friend to write about his sister. Her name is changed for privacy reasons.
What hath I done to earn such disdain?
   Thust'ly I'd treated thee with an utmost courtesy,
   And yet,

I'd call this breath of redundant utterances,
   A practice of utter futility.

The breadth of my wonderment at the crushing silence graced upon my disbelieving ears,
   I stand fast as the imperceptible stones are cast upon my fragile soundings,
   Your callousness resounds and rebounds within my vacant battleground.
   Occupied by none other,
   Confined within my ceaseless, if imperfect, selflessness,

I am merely a soul.
   Cast upon, or down'pon the mercifully unforgiving earth.
   Borne brazenly to those who are willing to listen,
   At the risk of those who won't.

******'d herein I lye,
   Gazing 'pon the relentless, endless skies.

I am merely a man,
   Searching for a home.
   I am merely the mind within which I reside,
   I am,
   Who I am.
I have posted an edited version.
Normally I would just edit the original poem, or if the changes are significant enough, delete and re-post.

I've decided to keep this older version up as a demonstration of the changing in my thought processes day to day.

I often go to read back poems I'd written and I just, don't like them at all.
The way they flow, sound, etc.
Usually I can change the wording to improve the flow and sound without losing the original meaning.

Feel free to compare the original and the edit side by side.
Which do you like better?
periodontal disease the bane
of **** Sapiens,
   and many a canine species
   such as Great Dane

or an alien pet smart tumblr trying to feign
bing the best faux pas footed friend
   to kind hearted primates of man kind,
   which latter perhaps an aristocratic
   Anglo Saxon overlord
   generously re pay hay'n

his/her diligent indentured serfs,
   and more importantly air
unlimited pro bono dental care
at Ivy League storied University of Pennsylvania

   School of Dentistry
   which demonstrably crafts aspiring
   reputable Dentists,
   many anon dis track did Engineer
or among other additional
   competitive uber pursuits

   nonetheless, said accredited blessed charges
   per this institution of higher learnin'
   paying back every single buck
renown for plethora of duck
quacking supremely smart graduated students
   drooling to bark out

   bone a fide intelligence fluct
chew waiting genius stratosphere
   comprising grueling vetting process
   scoring acceptance,

   a combination menu demanding
   eminent genetic luck
incorporating top notch
   flying colors and pluck

   initial pre admission screening interview
   (from prospective students
   leaving a positive first impression stuck
   thru rigorous quizzing presentation paces),

   which gauntlet on par with Olympic ardor  
   assiduously, modestly,
   swimmingly convincing board
   with collective listening ear
   comprising decision makers, judging fair
   how fated genetic sprig wrought
   (from imponderable hereditary blend his/her
   that above average intelligent head gear

to be applied at afore
   mentioned die hard lessons here
trials and tribulations didst ap pear
at timely juncture at me then young life

   when onset
   of periodontal disease didst rear
innocuously unbeknownst then,
   that...nada one tooth experts could spare
though grievously sad to bid teeth adieu

     now, tis gratitude these words
   pour favor at a tear
and second to none false teeth
   at age LIX doth veer
rill lee inspire this
   very satisfied patient
   February of 2018th year.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
back in the day
aye gladly placed trust
   asper resigned then questionable oral fate
   before hairs turned gray

joining high achiever pact (and pack)
to endure academic gauntlet
   divesting global incentive
   with alacrity, humility, tenacity
and thus this poetic disquisition

to pay homage to aspiring successful
   and alumni sporting ring of brass
aye honor within elite chattering class
   one significant summa *** laude graduate
   sum decades ago,

   perhaps reclining, reflecting, and reimagining
   latex  gloved gloved hands (now retired)
   'pon some tropical island paradise,
   or freshly mown grass

incognito with sun glasses
   revels Doctor John Brent
   perchance bred (bingo) begot astute lass
or lad exemplary instructing

   thru his own blood, sweat and tears
who (for x number of years)
   treated patients in an ever growing mass
sieve lee tending a family dental practice
   within Harleysville, Pennsylvania

asserted superb reference (on my behalf)
   via telephone to Doctor Montgomery
(aye presume) also enjoying
   his twilight phase (if alive - I hope).
YB Feb 2018
Introduction attraction flirtation speculation deliberation emotion preoccupation acceleration.

The ultimate seduction.

Beautification celebration confirmation negotiation consummation affection sensation adoration.

Such sweet glorification.

Exploration temptation reflection frustration deception obligation alienation rejection.

The anguish of separation.

Desolation ramification medication intoxication addiction acceleration degradation consultation.

The mind-bending revelation.

Renunciation purification meditation relaxation liberation restoration satisfaction manifestation.

Oh, glorious motivation.

But really, they’re everywhere and always -

Those damnable phonemes.

Informação autorização instituição atenção expiração instrução direção identificação.

Even musculação.

But finally, hopefully, there's Felicitação!
What makes you a better person
than anyone else.
Are you without faults
First look closer
Focus on yourself.
Less you fall into pride.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Happy first day!
Well aren't you just the sweetest thing, in your christening dress
Wide eyed and innocent, lapping up the attention
They passed her round the garden like proud parents
The birth was swift even instant, delivered in a cardboard box with a naming certificate

Happy 2nd birthday!
You look so cute in your summer straw hat
They taught her to speak, taught her to play, taught her the manners of society
Friends were unsure, they warned mother of the dangers ahead
Your child won't always be this obedient
She'd shake her head, cover her ears, this time will be different
She loves her brother and rescpects her father like any other kid

Happy 4th birthday!
Looking adorable in your ruffles and frills
Mischievous yet charming, brother her partner in crime
She provided her family with merriment and laughs
She used her hands to make audacious demands, her cake the most elaborate
women spoil her rotten, daddy feels no longer secure
Baby's got an attitude, and he's in the firing line

Happy 6th birthday!
your summer dress already ripped
The parties get too wild, the BBQ rusts in the shed
Family sits stiff in the lounge instead
Brother stays by her side, she loves him no less
They wrestle and they prank but now mother watches tense
She still stands by what she said years ago
Things are gonna work, her daughter's never gonna grow!

Happy 8th birthday!
your dress no longer fits
She's a big girl now, her and her brother adolescent
He rebels with his words, his drinking late into the night
He dresses like his music, his new identity mapped out
She too rebels, lashing out, finding her place is not with this crowd
There's something inside missing, the truth is coming out
Another round of insolence, father raised his voice
She raised her hands, she struck him down

Happy 15th birthday!**
it's been many years now
Locked away in exile, by the rusty BBQ
Like a criminal cousin, they never speak of her
Ashamed of their decision, afraid of her
She cries out in the hopes that they will let her in
She cries out in anger, they're supposed to be her kin.
About a chimp being kept as a pet/"surragte child".

— The End —