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Ayush Gangwar Jan 2019
More than friends?
oh I wish 
When I look at you 
And your smile 
A burst of happiness explodes 
leaping miles and miles 
before dispersing 
Being replaced by a piercing pain 
In my hopeful heart 
I want us to be more 
than friends
But don't want to wreck 
or bring an end 
to what we already have 
So until I can build 
Up courage and might 
And do away with fear and doubt 
I'll treasure 
our friendship 
for evermore
Ayush Gangwar Jan 2019
Han vo ** tum,
Jagah thi khali, jo kisi ne bhar dali
Han vo ** tum,
Khamosh rehta tha, na kisi se kuch kehta tha,
Achanak se aake, ye chuppi todne pr majbur sa kr diya,
Akela tha, thi tanhaiya bht, laga jaise kisi ne dastak di ** dil me, vo dastak dene vali,
Han vo ** tum,
Ajnabi se eshaas ko apna sa bana liya,
Kho raha tha tanhaiyo me, muje zindagi se mila diya,
Gehri neend me tha, muje firse jaga diya,
Han vo ** tum,
Abh jab a gyi ** to fir na jana
Tut jayega ye dil, iss abh na behkana,
Judne ki taqat abh fir nhi mil payegi,
Tu fir chali gyi to shayad ye jaan bhi chali jayegi.
Yeh jaan bhi chali jayegi...
Ayush Gangwar Dec 2018
Give a smile!

When the weather suits you not, just smile give a smile…
When your coffee isn’t hot, just give a smile…
When your neighbors don’t do right,
Or your relatives all fight,
Sure it is hard, but then you just give a smile…

When the most difficult situation you face ,
And find everything is in disastrous phase,
Figure out things for a while,
All you need to do is just give a smile…

A smile doesn’t change the things, of course …
But it cannot make them worse too,
It seems to help your case,
Brightens up a gloomy place,
When this pretty smile rest on your face…

So just give a smile…
Ayush Gangwar Nov 2018
One day I'll spread out my hands to get you in my arms ...
One day I'll drag you in my story of love ...
One day I'll get your hand in my hand ..
One day I'll kiss your hands so warm;

One day I'll show you what you mean to me ..
One day I'll make you listen how my heart beats ..
One day I'll take you to a world beyond imagination...
One day I'll give you all the  happiness you want.

One day I'll kiss you on your cheeks ...
One day I'll make you blush like the princess..
one day I'll take up all your pains ..
One day I'll heal all your wounds ;

All you need to do is trust me deep ...
All you need to do is show faith in me ...
I promise i will give you the best you deserve ...
And show you why i luv you till infinity.

I am in love and a guy in love is so very mad...
Madness of your love is so intense you won't believe ...
One day I'll run up to you with all l have with me ...
That day I'll propose you and tell you why you're my destiny...
Love is beyond any comparison. Just you do is to feel it
Ayush Gangwar Nov 2018
Kuch gine chune se saal hai,

Jo hai yahi haal hai…

Thode rishtey hai jyaada waade hai,

Kuch pure hai kuch aadhe hai…

Chaar dost hai aneek iraade hai,

Jindagi haar jeet se aage hai…

Jo baate adhoori hai,

Adhoori hi sahi…

Dosto muskurate raho jindagi itni bhi buri nahi…
Ayush Gangwar Oct 2018
When i get totally lost ,
You come and find me …
When every inch of my heart gets broken down,
You collect me out and unite me…
When everything seems to be vanish and life become trouble ,
You hold my hand and strengthen me to a next level…lllll

When my pain cried out loud,
You come to me and distribute it off…
When my shiny side capture by the darkness,
You illuminated me by Brightness of your soul…
When i am alone ,
You give me company…
Everytime when i was in sorrow and pain,
You come to me again and again ,
Rotates your magical wizard and vanishes it ,
just like the fairy do in fairy tales…

You are my strength, you are my weakness too,
I am never be able to live without you…

I am incomplete without you just like a garden without flowers and a glossy green carpet roll,
You fills my empty body with a beautiful soul…

Someone find a friend, Someone find a partner,
But you are more than that for me ,
Who reorient me and make me laugh even in my hard times,
Who celebrates with me just like a joyful fate ,
You are nothing but my beautiful soulmate…
Me without you is just like a body without soul.
Ayush Gangwar Sep 2018
Kabhi apna kabhi begana samjha use ,
Dil se dur hone ke baad mai samjha use ..
Jab pass thi tabh kadr nhi thi ,
Abh dur hai toh har jagh vahi hai …
Yeh dil ka dard hai ya chere ki mayusi,
Pr abh toh hai bs lafzo pe khamoshi,
Zehn me hai ek aisi madhoshi.
Ki chahat vahi hai, vahi hai duniya,
Na jane kha hai dudh raha hu galiiyan
Abh toh bs intzaar hi rasta hai ,
Kyuki Zindagi me mera sirf tujhi se vasta hai …
Sirf tujhi se vasta hai...
After break-up,
One in hindi on the occasion of HINDI DIWAS.
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