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Bipasha Dutt May 2018
There once was a big fat man,
Who went to the beach for suntan.
He relaxed on his chair
But an ant gave him a scare.
He dashed and crashed into a trash can.
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
each day I realize how fulfilling
it is to have you by my side...
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2018
blue-tailed damselfly
moves back and forth in the air -
sultry afternoon.
Bipasha Dutt Jan 17
In the unknown dark abyss of mind,
When gloom and frustration twined
Which you oftentimes couldn't escape -
Those things clothed in black drape

And into the mind's deep recess
In which you have so little access
Where resides stress or depression -
That causes an upheaval in emotion

If only you can have strict control,
Keep negative thoughts on a patrol,
And your mind gains immense clarity -
These are an evolved person's quality

And this is also unquestionably true,
Strength and abilities are within you.
Bipasha Dutt Jan 2018
first rain on dry earth
Petrichor fills atmosphere
with a mild perfume
My first haiku
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
tiny paper boats
bring back childhood memory
rain patters outside
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
two dark grey clouds meet
and lightning sparks in the sky -
lovers silhouette
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
ocean's ebb and flow
are heavings of mother Earth;
pulsation of heart.
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2018
The sunlight,
Softly removes the blanket of snow
To awaken earth from winter's sleep.

And the mild breeze
Gently cajoles the cocooned bud
Out of her drowsiness.

Slowly the blossom wakes up,
Stretch towards the unbound sky
And the light drizzle
Freshens her to face the tunes of nature.

A playful butterfly and a bubbly bee
Greets the jubilant flower with great enthusiasm.
In the frame of time and space
Life after life unfolds in spring's loving care!
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
love is just this :
how well it shines on others
Bipasha Dutt Jan 2018
For many, childhood is like a happy place,
Where they want to return back or escape.
A time, when days and nights were carefree,
When there was not much responsibility.

When life was easy going and simple,
When life's problems did not ******* -
Our young aspirations or big dreams.
When everything is possible it seems.

But then there are some who dreaded that phase.
If possible they would like to remove it and erase.
Children who were abused, bullied and scarred forever,
Children who were traumatized and could never recover.

May we offer our next generation a brighter and better childhood,
A supporting atmosphere where they never feel misunderstood.
My first poem on this website
Bipasha Dutt May 2018
Though the lotus shares a bond
With the muddy and murky pond,

Yet lotus is holy and precious,
As our birth never defines us.

What we make out of ourselves is vital,
Only that aspect is important and crucial.
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2018
In this impermanent life - we are struggling with some permanent pain.
Bipasha Dutt Jan 2018
I saunter into the maze of my thought
Unknowingly stepping on the past
It still pains like a fresh wound
All along I thought it has healed...
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
As raindrops moist the parched earth
And vegetation grows without dearth -

All we need is a compassionate heart,
A precondition for some things to start.

It is only then we can gently sow,
The seeds of change and let it grow.
I have drawn inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Bipasha Dutt Jan 8
This year,
I shall set myself free -

I Will set myself free
from the old habits
that hinder growth,

I Will set myself free
from the doubts
that plague me,

I Will set myself free
from the prejudices
that restrict the mind,

I Will set myself free
to live life fervently.
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
The unuttered words of love

The inexpressible deep emotion

The unspoken sincere promises

The inaudible rapid heartbeats

The unheard earnest prayers

Often, silence subdues speech
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2018
cotton candy floats
all around the atmosphere
dollops of ice cream
on trees, buildings, cars and streets -
snow kindles my fantasy!
Bipasha Dutt Feb 2018
All of a sudden begins a mild snow shower,
It apparently looks like fluffy white flower.

I stretch out my palm to capture one
And flakes of snow cover me all at once.

As I look closely, they appear like a mess
But when seen carefully they do impress.

Snowflakes of multiple dimensions
Ignite my interests and fascinations.

Though most are broken and dismantled
As several snowflakes are entangled,

Still few have perfect shape
And they leave me agape.

A tiny crystal of ice,
Its beauty does entice.

But in no time the pretty thing melts and vanishes,
A reminder that everything in this world perishes.
Everything in the natural world is unique but everything is also perishable
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2018
fluorescent green leaves
peep out of their covering -
spring springs all around.
Bipasha Dutt May 2
It was during my childhood,
May be at the age of nine,
I experienced something usual,
Something difficult to define

I was sitting on my terrace,
Probably around evening five,
Suddenly I felt one with the universe,
I was amazed as I was too naive

I felt everything is connected,
I felt a strange vibration,
I didn't know how to articulate it,
Couldn't give my experience any expression

Now after so many years later,
I try hard to repeat the experience,
But never can I connect again
To that higher intelligence.
Bipasha Dutt Dec 2018
how inadequate they are
to express the intense emotions.

how ineffective they are
to share the deepest thoughts.

how insufficient they are
to convey the innermost feelings.

become insignificant
when intimacy grows.
It's natural for writers to celebrate words, but words sometimes fail to capture the exact feelings.

— The End —