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Blackenedfigs Apr 27
Everything I've ever loved
I've gripped by the neck,
feeling the air escape

And when they go to eventually leave
I've held on, kicking and screaming
to their pant leg
Demanding an answer to the question of "Why?"
That I really never want to truthfully hear.

It is always: "I don't feel the same."
Sun in your face
Did it warm your soul?
Or the brazen rains, fill
Your heart with gloom.
And is it heat that
You miss the most.
Or is dread when
The cold wind blows.
March and thunder
Do they ever go along.
Rainy showers, prior
As lilacs doth sprung.
But as in rain, as is sun
For without another,
The other is none. But,
A trace of lonesome,
Weeding growth;
Or desert thorn, which
Is short of _ a loved one's
Kiss. It's petals torn &
Strewn about. Without
One, the other was not.

In Sun nor rain,
In winds of May.
In warmth nor gloom,
In audacious bloom.

May your cold hearth

   9th March, 2020
©️Zhavaed Hamaed
Elena Jan 2019
I think love is what we need in the world.
We needed it so badly we created it. Then we fought over it. And we corrupted it. It even became a disease. Until we found it had a medicinal effect. It could heal.

Love seeps into the ground where we bury it. The decay leaves traces of it. So is love also in death? Love is powerful indeed.

If love can find its way in life and death, it must not be mortal like us. Perhaps we can call it Divine. It must be what we see when we look up to the sky.

That’s why we describe it in so many ways. It flows like the blood in our veins. And when we no longer have the strength in our heart, it becomes the soul of our own.

— The End —