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T McGilberry May 31
Blackness has nothing to do with how I walk or talk
We may have those things in common
Blackness has nothing to do with what I consume
Though we may have those things in common
Blackness has nothing to do with who I vote for
Or who I date
Black is a color
Nothing more
Nothing less
Born with the right to express myself on any human level
On any side of the wide spectrum
One of many who has walked this earth to witness the misled tonedeaf who in recent history call themselves white
Who oddly believe that they are called right
And at the right place & time
I will be wrong.
my brown skin can survive any label attached to it
T McGilberry Oct 2018
Ignited to another place
Fuse tampered
Sparked without my permission
Your intent disgusting
Some aren't balanced
Between the ears a little muddy
My temper playing hide and seek
Please don't let me find it

Mama's pie won't save you
Peace offerings offed at the altar taken
Replaced by your remains
Or what remains
If i walk these steps again
You will not be here to interfere
In case you forgot let me remind you
Who put this **** together?

Me. That's who.
****** af.

Too Much Water Will **** The Flower coming soon
T McGilberry Sep 2018
A poet society,
I write life not anxiety..

These permanent words,
On impermanent feelings..

Like seeds,
Begin hard..
Needing proper soil and water,
Solar energy for the bloom.

I write these words so you may know,
We too feel the same..
Even if unspoken.

And if we disagree,
Find another poet to light your Christmas tree..
Or at least heed my perspective as I did yours.

My mind travels full circle,
Only to express what is in the center of me..
Or slightly off.

Wherever you can find heart.

All hearts are not created equal.
Forgive me..

All hearts are created equal,
Yet some will grow while others shrivel..
Similar to the mind.

What separates us from the trees is we can always choose our source,


Anyone who tells you differently,
Walk away swiftly..

Hopefully one day they may free themselves,
From their own self imposed prison.

Too many sit behind closed doors,
Not knowing they need no key for the lock..
Half the time we don't even need a clock.

Waiting for that certain moment...

If you're waiting,
You may keep waiting..

There is a difference from being persistently patient.

If you're moving forward I adore you..
Leave a mark so I know we've shared the same path.

These writings are my X for the next,

Traveling through these caves of life..

As we defer deaths draft.
i wrote a book called Too Much Water Will **** The Flower. i hope you read it, love it, and add it to your collection of the best books ever written. it should be out this month or early october on amazon but if you're really interested pm me and i'll email it to you. if you're a prisoner of your mind please set yourself free
T McGilberry Sep 2018
Substance lacks abuse.
We find purpose on accident.
History repeats itself.
But we never know where time loops.


We find purpose on accident.

History repeats itself..

But we never know where time loops...
too much water will **** the flower.
T McGilberry Jul 2018
As I sit and let my spirit ferment,
Sips of my conversation will change your state of mind..
I should have ID'd you at the door.
come swim with the sharks
T McGilberry Jun 2018
A world full of open doors is an unsecure place.

If you are too lazy to twist the ****,
You do not deserve what is in store for you.

If you are too afraid to twist the ****,
Then maybe you should put a ring on fear's finger.

Obviously that's who you would love to spend the rest of your life with.
handle your business
T McGilberry Jun 2018
Insulated from the chill..
Unless I breathe the ice.

Don't panic,
Just make room.

No one can stop me from entering the doors I've built with my own hands.

I walk through and hear the voices this world whispers,
the worst part is my own words are the harshest.

The devil in my mind I evicted..
Somehow keeps sneaking through the window...

I've seen too much,
and not enough at the same time.

Rounding out my pressure points,
If you touch me I'll feel no pain.

I am better than you..
I tell my ego...

What a mind trick.
I made a video of this piece performed in a jedi style.. posted on IG & Twitter @timcgilberry
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