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William Kline Nov 2021
I hope he makes you happier
When you’re with him instead of me
I hope he makes you happier
When he tells you all the things I told you
I hope he makes you happier when he holds you
I hope I can find the strength to stop lying to you
When I tell you I hope you’re happier
William Kline Nov 2021
Im sorry it looks like I hate you
I don’t
I know you hate me
I would hate me too
I would
I’d still do anything for you
But you wouldn’t
William Kline Nov 2021
Don’t come back when you realize I’m rare
- Unknown
(This piece is not by me)
William Kline Nov 2021
When you find me hanging
I want you to know
I died of heartbreak
Not suicide
William Kline Nov 2021
When you said goodbye to me
I immediately welcomed depression back into my life
Pretty soon I’ll be at deaths gate
Waiting for him to welcome me, next
William Kline Nov 2021
It’s hard to remember everything I did with her
When I remember, it hurts
But I don’t want to forget
Maybe this is real pain
Pain that I don’t want to go away
Pain that I’m willing to sit through
If it means remembering you
William Kline Nov 2021
The music we used to listen to together
The music we listened to that made us happy
The music that made us think of each other
The music that was going to play at our wedding
That music takes a whole new meaning now.
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