velvetstunner Nov 2017
they said we are crazy
i got wicked only when i'm with you
my throat clogged
my bones chilled
at the beach
licking mangosteen juice off your skin.
W h o    i s    t h i s
(I got a secret)
A smile that can't be wiped off
A smile's Contagious
Cheeks Bleed
Everything's Absolute
So,  U n a t t a i n a b l e  &  C l e v e r
A p p e a r i n g
P r o vi n g
Life's but a tale of unfortunate events
T i m e s   a   t e m p o
R i g i d  &  S t a g g e r i n g
Choose to  D a n c e
See it as the  
O n e  &  O n l y
S  p  a  r  k
P l e a d  for it
Get on your knees
It is the only way
We take the  I r o n  in the  F i r e
The   H o u r g l a s s   Slip s   A w  a   y
S l i p p e r y  S a n d   P r o v o k e s
F i g h t  or  F l i g h t
What will we do?
(You Powerful Goddess)
L o v e  or  L e a v e
(Leave them Better,
Then when you Met them)
B  a  b  y  ,
He could be all  Y o u r s
F i n d   o u t
R u n
W a l k
C r a w l
Pull That  G o d d a m n   A r r o w
We are  H e r e  not  T h e r e
Yeh hear
R e g i o n s  are  just  I l l a t i o n s
Love is  W i c k e d  &  C o o l
Don't miss out
Thank the  G o d s  of  t i m e
It's giving  D u t y  &  W a r r a n t
B  a  b y  ,
M a n i f e s t  the  B e s t
Celeste Briefs Oct 2017
They call us wicked,
But they don't know the half of it
Cause all we are is shadow
When it comes down to it,
Sisters of Supreme Darkness,
Dancing with the flame within
No Earthly thing can sunder
These ties that bind us
To the sacred song.
Listen, Mortals, hear the spirits sing;
They call us wicked,
But we know where they all sleep
For we give birth to the nightmares they fear,
Listen, Mortals, heed and hear
Coven's cries echo through the night,
We fly, take to the stars,
Blow a goodbye kiss
To the fading daylight
This is a poem about how most people perceive witches in general (ya know, old and ugly and bad, right?). Believe what you may and what you want, either way, let it be a Blessed All Hallows Eve tonight.
Nandan Sharma Oct 2017
I know the wicked
In me.
I know the decent
In me.
I know the timid
In me.
I know the endurer
In me.
No, I don't know,
Which one would last.
olive Oct 2017
Such a little baby,
So green and so small,
Think of how crazy,
No one wants her at all.

Some say that she’s vile,
Some say that she’s cruel,
But all the while,
This just gives her more fuel.

Though all the things said,
The girl does not crack,
All this has led,
To a knife in her back!

They say that she’s wicked,
It’s chaos they’ve brought,
Her aura is livid,
Wicked’s something she’s not!

She is not all these things,
Her compassion shines true,
All the hurt that it brings,
Makes her look like a fool.

In a panic and a hurry,
Her whole life is changed,
The girl now must scurry,
In fear of being caged.

She runs and she flies,
To a place far away,
For herself now she cries,
She’s safe for the day.

No one is born wicked,
It’s something you become,
Though she’s been afflicted,
She is still full of love.
Seema Sep 2017
Your love gave life to my dead soul
Burnt and buried, it was all ashes and coal
Your love flamed the coal into fine gold
I feel so warm in this wicked cold

You wiped away my streaming tears
Hugged me tight to reassure from fears
I saw you after many painful years
The dark clouds over my head slowly clears

Just love is what my heart feeds on
The hunger to be loved has come upon
Lonesome life has left and long gone
My heart completely healed from being torn

The happiness has returned with reason
He promised to stay, no matter what the season
No longer my soul feels to be in a dark prison
All is well now,
      for my life is growing with the right person...

Tony Ortiz Aug 2017
The Heart had repaired what she damaged,
But finding The Mind was what she could not manage,
She was weak and feeling famished,
And it seemed like The Mind had vanished.
Suddenly, she felt the cold breeze whisper,
And hair on her neck stood like a whisker.
She turned to see The Mind, but somethings wrong,
He was with another man, and his images were gone.
The Mind held back his images, he knew they'd frighten,
So he gritted his teeth when The Wickeds grip tightened.
She ran forward and embraced her lover,
But felt nothing from him, not even a flutter.
He whispered, "You need to run, this man is insidious,
His intentions with all are just injurious.
He's not curious, he's not being nice,
He's luring you into the sharpened vice.
Seek out the wise, he knows what to do,
But don't let this man get to you, too."
The Wicked smiled warmly at The Heart,
She looked at both in horror, and tried to drift them apart.
The Mind had been struck with a hook in his back,
And The Heart began to cry when The Wicked whispered, "Attack".
The Mind crushed his teeth, and squeezed his fists,
Blood dripped from his palms only to land in the mist.
The Heart ran away without further hesitation,
And She looked back to see The Minds detonation.
She didn't know where The Wise was, or where he could be,
So she followed the city streets in her frantic flee.
She found The Wise, with The Wicked not far behind,
Seeing him brought her an immediate peace of mind.
He was where he was before, and had always been,
Meditating on his past experiences and sins.
The Wise learned from his past, and continued to be taught,
Every war he lost, and every win well fought.
The Heart broke down, and explained the newest event,
But The Wicked saw all, and the cold breeze he sent.
He appeared wherever it did land,
And when he showed up, The Wise extended his hand.
"Hello, young man, I've heard a lot.
I believe you have lessons I've yet to be taught.
See you've let the world turn you cruel,
I say this, because this life is a duel.
You can't back down, and getting hit hurts,
But you can't let the pain make you worse.
You've become a monster. Twisted and vile,
But you can go a long way with a simple smile.
You might be cruel, but you've always been truthful,
This is the sole reason your life has been fruitful.
You've stopped being brutally honest, and became brutal.
Living a life like this? It's an effort, but it's futile.
What's the point of being pointlessly mean?
There's so much more to life to be seen."
The Wicked was angry, not at The Wise.
Every mirror he saw he'd see darkness in the eyes,
He released The Mind, and apologized.
The Wicked lowered his head, and sighed.
The Heart collected her love, and they walked into the distance,
They began to make up for every last missed chance.

The Wicked was evil, and corrupted the youthful,
But when he met The Wise, The Wicked became,
The Truthful.
Chapter 8 of Tragic Tales
Tony Ortiz Aug 2017
On the western side of this plane there was a commotion.
There lived a being with evil devotions,
He was tall, and tan with tinted eyes,
They glowed blue and changed in size.
He was corrupt, and damaged everything he could grasp,
His influence became vice grips when they clasped,
He made anyone who came across
Do evil deeds, and commit horrible sins.
The Wicked wandered until he met The Mind.
The Mind was a unique individual, one of a kind,
He could make things from thin air,
And showed the world in its only truth: Bare.
The Mind did not know of The Wicked,
He didn't know that this man was gifted,
And The Wicked expected The Mind to be blind,
He wanted to be the false hero by freeing his "binds".
He talked long and deeply,
And the mind felt something was behind him creeping.
The Wicked's evil syllables reached The Mind like a lullaby.
They sedated him, and his morals became nullified. The Mind went silent,
And the images he made went violent.
War, drugs, pain, and victims blood,
Soldiers stomping through homes and tossing people in mud.
The Mind was frightened and tried to escape the menace,
But fell deeper into this dark and dismal crevice.
The Wicked pulled the mind to his feet,
And soullessly said without missing a beat,
"You're my new weapon. A new tool to be used,
And once you've thanked me, you'll have paid your eyes.
Now tell me, Mind, where should we start?"
The Minds thoughts raced instantly to The Heart.

The Mind was too trusting on his search for The Heart,
Upon meeting him he was doomed from the start.
The Mind met a new being and was instantly twisted,
Corruption is what he does best.
After all, he is,
The Wicked.
Chapter 7 of Tragic Tales
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