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     "This isn't who you are."

    "You're not the girl I used to know."

   "I don't know who you've become."

He repeats these lines
So much these days
It annoys me more than
A broken record ever could
Ever should
Ever would
Cause I told him
I warned him thoroughly

     "I'm not nice."

    "You won't like the real me."

   "I'm not worth fighting for."

But he didn't listen
He filled my head with empty
Promises that he meant
He filled my heart with hollow
Vows that he could never fulfill

     "How can a person be so cold?"

    "How can a lady be so cruel?"

   "How can you change so fast?"

He looks hurt and
I hurt a little
But I shut down
Cause that's what I always do

     "I'm nefarious, lover."

    "Had my heart broken a few times."

   "Now it's made of stone."
I hope Nefarious Breed finds this.♥♥♥
Raghu Menon May 7
It's dry
It's pale yellow
It's devastating
It's hot and
It's a wicked summer

With drawing all energy
With it's dry, dusty winds
With all vegetation turning pale and wilted

The birds are silent
They are somewhere not visible
Hiding in the little shadows and shades

The trees are still
The plants are withering
The road-side bush wilted and dry

The lips are dry
The skin is rough
The throat is burning...

How long is this going to last
Looking at the sky,
For some clouds which are scanty

Let that summer rain come
And change this wicked summer
Into a soothing experience ..

Till then...

It's dry
It's pale yellow
It's devastating
It's hot and
It's a wicked summer
clever May 7
my lipstick matches
the color of your blood on
my manicured hands.
This world is a very wicked place
Made so by nasty and wretched people
But it is kept so by the quiet and frail ones.

Death was once
My greatest fear,
Though Life was
Filled with sorrow –

Attended with so
Many ills,
And darker
Still tomorrow

I knew if I were
To Escape,
My soul,
It wouldn’t save

Because this ill
Within would sink
Me lower than
The Grave.
Jas Apr 7
Terrors collected behind the barb and glass
Rising from the chimney of the lantern
In surfing shadows along each wall
He plunged in to slumber emphatically,
And they followed him there.

                                  ~ Mom & Dad
letters from Fears
Amanda Apr 3
Five long years I gave you
I will never gain back
Waiting for a careless driver
To get his life on track

Your plan did not include slowing down
You swore you would stop but you lied
As soon as I buckled my seatbelt
You swerved, I was then stuck for the ride

The road was bumpy, we flew too fast
I was scared the brakes would go out
Careening and navigating blind corners
Lack of concern filled me with doubt.

Each broken traffic law
Proof of your foolish bravery
I begged you to switch down a gear
Hand over the ignition key

Full of pride, you refused to change seats
Convinced me I was safer riding shotgun
Promised this lengthy joy ride was over
That your old wicked ways were done

Should have never gotten into your car
I see now you are addicted to the speed
You always choose the dangerous road
What you want not what you need

I eventually grabbed the steering wheel
We collided; a frightening flash
Now we are injured survivors
Trying to heal wounds left by this crash
You are always in the driver's seat, you just might not know it.
Jay Mar 19
This uncle was so un-cool to his little niece
every night comes with an endless movement of push- up's on her delicate skin
Her legs torn apart in his own apartment
As he advance to take advantage of her little age..
Ssshhhhhh! BE SILENT
Uncle didn't stop until he broke her HYMEN..
This questions and many more was his key to the vault between her legs..
It just there month pass and her stomach is already raising to the challenge
Her womb bore the evident of his Crime..
Don't panic... He said..
I know a doctor that can take lives
just an injection and a few pills
you be alright..
Buh sadly this were the last pills she ever took...
I can't hold a conversation with them
They spit each word with their own hurt
They come to me hurling my own agony
They are wicked and cruel
I will not shed a tear yet
The clock will strike midnight
I might shed a tear
I might just let my agony turn into anger
Cruel and wicked are their intentions
I bite my own tongue and keep quiet
If I become numb to my emotions
What will I become
When midnight comes
I'll be numb
-- this is a way for me to vent my emotions a few days ago I will not edit or change anything it's what I was thinking and going through in that moment
written on:14/03/18
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