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Selcæiös Jul 7
I've been venting to these Kings lately
about my problems
and they can't solve them
but still I talk
cause sometimes all we
need is somebody to listen to
what everybody else brushed off

& what I call Nonsense,
may be your Last Reason for Living
and if so,
**** just let me go hop off
**** me if I hated on you
I'm still learning where I'm
supposed to knock,**** still totally lost
but its cool because I just
lost my heart but not my cause.
lol i forgot to share it as public and not community so here yall go!
Zoe Grace Jul 4
You and your perfect smile
And eyes that shine

You and your amazing laugh
And caring soul

You and your fluffy hair
And the way you worry for me

You and your fierce heart
And radiant personality

I think I'm falling in Love
I think, and i don't know if this is a good thing, that i love you, C
Maddie Rea May 18
Sit down take a breath feeling all this weight

Intake all the mistakes, the breaks, the maintain

Process all the information, the stats, the science

Another breath

With sore shoulders knees weak all I can do is shake

With tears in my eyes I hope I won’t break

Everything I give or they take

I have to remember:

-forever can be a second

-our life is entirety but to the universe it’s nothing

-the sky is blue but the color of the ground is forever changing
BD Apr 19
They came expected,
But oh so unexpected,
Dusk stalking blue skies and sun,
A small patch; barely infected,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone,

The naivety of my youth allowed me to forgive them,
But time has passed,
They have been feeding,
Like mould in a damp corner,
I ‘must be handling them wrong’,
A new product promised to do wonders,
To my ears an angel’s song,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone,

And yet a few turned to a family,
Beneath the diet, the exercise, the routines, the gallons of water, the research,
I could hear Lucifer laughing,
Like that one person at my school,
That was a year ago,
And yet they and Lucifer still laugh at me,
Through murky panes and pictures,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone,

Every day they disappear more,
I tell myself I’ve won,
Yet old pictures show me it’s an illusion,
Surely they’ll end for summer’s fun,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone,

I now greet my friend the mirror,
Between everything I do,
He tells me it’s getting clearer,
His story’s must be true,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone,

I am a fool to my own deceit,
For the naked eye of me the whole world,
Can see these demons,
These scarlet brandings,
And every glimpse I catch in my friend the mirror,
In the reflections of a stranger’s wondering eye,
The voice in my head says ‘why me’
That’s all that it’s come to,
There is no more light in this night that has consumed me,
So all that is left,
Is echoes,
‘Why me’

But they won’t be here for long,
Just a few weeks and they’ll be gone.
Kierstyn Mar 13
Too fast.
No stop.
No control.
Its a disaster
A huge mess
That I can't clean
Because I don't know how.
Its a snowball
Rolling down a hill
crashing into trees
along the way
But I get through.
I get through.
lia Mar 8
I have loved you so,
though  i am an  icarus
flying to close, dear.
I flew to close, my dear
I sit
and I ask myself

selfish questions

important to me,
Me Alone.

They aren't all very deep.
But all of them,
Are about me.

it is something
I wish I had
or that
I feel I need.

If my scope broadens
As it has in occasion
I think about another

Gone. Now.

These thoughts
are full circle
Back to me.

How I miss them
If they think of me?
if I ever will see them again?

Why they left me?

So selfish,
not to want
As I want.

When they are all
I seem to think about.

How lonely it is
for Me.

Why make Me feel
This way.
Nobody ever thinks,
About Me.

things may not go the way
you've planned for today
be thankful for the life anyway
feel blessed for each passing day
time may be dark or gray
but the sunshine is not far away....
Just reminder to  self..When things go haywire...
Tyler Atherton Oct 2018
Someday i'm going to break, i'll lose it
and then the whole world will be sorry..
I'm ready to shoot, hand me the pistol.
I hid myself so much,
my sanity was the only thing the seeker couldn't find.
I have all these things going through my Mind.
My best friend forever just left me behind.
When I fall asleep is when I feel at peace the most
Not sure if what we had can be fixed but,
It would be unfair to allow you to move forward.
As I'm stuck here in our memories,
With a shattered heart.
I want you to know I won't let you forget me.
I'll place myself in every past memory of yours...
I'll interrupt every relationship you dare to hold...
it was your mistake to promise a forever
to a boy who would believe you

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
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