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James Mar 2021
Who the hell woke me up?
Now I’m here, oh?
I know what you want to hear but also what you need.
My host is torn between his own desires and doing what is right.
Perhaps I can dance around his feeble kind long enough to get out a sickly post.
What the hell has life come to.
Almost lost control but then you know who rules my soul? Still torn between the light and the night.
Still torn between the light and the night
Someone save me before my spirit turns vapor though I smoke enough to silence my resolve. Give me guidance to believe that flowers bloom for reasons unseen and passions fruit to quench my ego need.
Logging off but don’t you worry I will be back hopefully with more control as of next.
Huh? Losing control
David P Carroll May 2020
As I cry I watch
My family die
As the president laughs
With joy playing golf
As loved ones die
Coronavirus disease is here
Coronavirus everywhere
Suffering every day
Feeling the pain every day
Nobody is Safe
The unknown is here
No more happiness
And joy
Coronavirus is here
Our loved ones
Taken away
As Coronavirus has arrived
Sadly it's here to stay..
Coronavirus Disease
R.I.P Everyone.
Darsh Parekh May 2020
Who’s she?
A bit moody
A bit foodie
But that’s fine,
Because she’s mine.

Who’s she?
Sometimes strong,
Sometimes wrong,
But that’s fine,
Because she’s mine.

Who’s she?
Always drives me crazy,
Always she’s lazy,
But that’s fine,
Because she’s mine.

Who’s she?
She always make me smile,
She always distracts me with her own style,
But that’s fine,
Because she’s mine.

Who’s she?
Always  hungry
Sometimes angry,
But that’s fine,
Because she’s mine.

Who’s she?
She makes my life complete,
She makes my heart beat,
But that’s fine,
Because she’s mine.
                -Darsh Parekh
i’m the man who’s gonna wake up next to you

slipping away, a non-starter, her leg crosses over mine,
a right sided shakedown shackle, adhesion flesh as
tough as old yellowed scotch tape sticking stuck

no escaping, a known 6:00am risk when you sleep with
a pre-advertised holy roller, twist and turner woman,
making you into an unofficial woe-man (too)

left hand grabs the lamenting instrument, the beat up iPad,
to record your enslavement, a distraction from the bladder’s
faint morn winking at you with a Cheshire grin, muffling a
chuckle, at a predicament wonderful familiar, but unresolvable

this situation, a category of life’s small measure of annoyances,
invokes the wordy title, and a write-down list of pluses and minuses,
which I’ll spare which o’witch be the longer list

poems are where you find them, under your nose,
looking out a city bus window, but sometimes like flypaper,
they just come unasked and stick to you, the separating of the skin,
like a too tight bandaid, ain’t worth the pain and freedom gained

later, share this missive and her suggestion, she will prepare an
NDA (a non-disclosure agreement)  or adopt other strategies like
pushing me out of the bed without warning when i am typing ,
to witch and to wit, reply,
another poem commissioned, and

perhaps, name change too, needed,
making love in the morning

kain Nov 2019
Is not moonlit cheeks
And starry eyes

It is a silent island
A private pillar
In the mists
Of lost sleep
A single bleary eye
Fuzzy and clouded
Picking out the patches
Of pixelated sky
Deadened by darkness
Alone again
It's really too late for me to be up right now. Or is it early? I'm not really sure anymore.
Sage Aug 2018
There's a mirror, hanging on my wall.
It shows me images of what it sees.
There's no bias. No judgement.
All I see is the hideous monster I call me.
This one is rather short
when she whispers
the Shepard
so we think

10 words
13 syllables
under naked moonlight
my eyes had deceived me
my mind has tortured
she took my breath away
her black dress
concrete smile
she styled me
as she
danced for me

she has an choked
it's our
viral love
she loves
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Who's dancing today?
Let's dance, I'll say,
As we age this way,
We'll dance on anyway,
Only in our minds, eh!
Let's dance across the floor,
As we did in days of yore,
Let's keep on dancing, I say,
So, who's dancing today?
Feedback welcome.
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