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Julio Feb 16
Luz radiante y cálida
Sonrisa que me envolvía
Ausencia que duele.

Alma libre y sincera
Conquistó mis complejidades
Ya no está, solo el eco.

Risas y juegos compartidos
Momentos que atesoro
Vacío que me ahoga.

Recuerdos que me acompañan
Paseos bajo la luna
Despertar con aroma

Primer beso al  sol.
Naranjas que tiñen el cielo
Café con sabor a sueños

Su ausencia me llena de tristeza
Testigo que ya no está
Un mundo sin ella.
Julio Nov 2021
The undefeated Sun has been denied us.
There is a cat on the terrace
looking at me,
does that count?

Today caranchos and chimangos
they disputed food,
like every day,
I admire that consistency.

Someone reminded me of Kosova,
the best and greatest friend,
grateful is little,

The sun rose in the east,
where I always wait for it,
but these days I watch where it goes,
to that West ,
where you are somewhere.
Julio Nov 2021
I don't know there ......
the morning is gray,
of cold breath,
of Sol erased.

I don't know there ......
silence prevails,
the roundness,
and a clean blue.

the leaves dazzle,
the water runs cold .....
but water!

And there?

I don't know there ....
here ,
I look East
my eternal horizon… ..
the vastness itself.

By Western mountains,
in incandescent white,
and wind.

the creatures enjoy the morning,
of running,
to fly,
to dare.


I don't know there .....
the day unfolds radiantly
and full of promises.

Today ,
are there glowing promises out there?
Julio Nov 2020
Leave your body in my arms
Let yourself feel the warm heat of me
Trust a hope without promises
My arms are an extension of my soul
And your body of mine
Julio Jul 2020
We who have lived almost everything
It is the memories that surround us
The hope in you
in your dreams and in your joyous strength

You must know
We have less certainty
Fewer dreams
Fewer doors to open

This is life

But in something we are alike
life is only worth living
as if we were eternal
until the end

Have a great trip
Julio Apr 2020
In quarantine the glasses appear thicker
The furthest trees
muted sounds
Life slows down

I am losing the memory of hugs,
the softness of the skins,
the intensity of the looks
and the heat of the kisses

I'm like in a long dream
In which I go from hope to weariness
The leaves seem to sway to the beat of a music I do not hear.
Isolation makes me feel strange

And by the way the sky is clearer
Julio Mar 2020
Fate has put us here and now

In isolation and virtuality we die at least a little

We can hear, read  and see each other
But the skin and breath of the other have been lost
Hugs freeze in midair
The humidities are missed

This is the sacrifice
For what we love
For what we want to preserve
We must die for a while

Today loving is being alone
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