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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I need to teach myself
that when they leave,
when they fall out of love,
when they reject,
It's not always because of my inadequacy
but rather it speaks
volumes about them.
K M M Oct 2018
I'd tell you to go to hell but you've created it like a fire within me.

You cant hate me for things you've done before
you cant slam an already closed door

For I have locked you out
and the key is in cement

You cant own what was never yours
you cant borrow what you had already stole

For I have locked you in a jail
and mangled it shut

and I cant be yelled at anymore
and I cant be the one to scream for help at that your cold shoulder.
Going through a lot with my past as I prepare for my future. Plenty of these 2 in the morning posts.  If anyone wants to talk to me contact me I'd really appreciate someone to talk to.
Wellspring Nov 2017
I love silence.

It is a conundrum of esoterica.

It's name invokes sound,

But when silence exists,

It is louder than any other sound.

They say to talk about problems,


They also say silence speaks volumes.

And I can't help but agree.
Sitting in my room, waiting for my friend so we can watch anime.
Nick Moser Jan 2016
When you’re thinking about giving in,
Just remember:

Your talent alone speaks volumes.

To a World full of deaf ears.
i miss the Boy who saved stray feathers
but never gathered dust
whose every move spoke volumes
yet never smelt of must

precious little time we stole
to be young before the dawn
how is it that now i hear
His voice in every song...?

i miss the Man who gave me peace
but helped me fight my war
who i count closest to my heart
yet distant as a star

His armor was of black and white
but even so i swear
that color flooded every mem'ry
He saw fit to share

i've often wondered who He is
or if He ever was
bittersweet and ethereal
this Dream i had of "us"...
written in 2010
Kyle Howard May 2015
The volumes I speak of,
Do they not speak volumes?

— The End —