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Jesse Haydn Jan 2021
“ABRACADABRA. By abracadabra we signify an infinite number of things.‘Tis the answer to What? and How? and Why? And Whence? and Whither?—a word whereby The Truth (with the comfort it brings) Is open to all who ***** in night, Crying for Wisdom’s holy light. Whether the word is a verb or a noun Is knowledge beyond my reach.”

The time for waking up has come;

every second of the day is the first

time I have opened my eyes and

arise from a deep sleep.

There is always a vibration that exists

in the stillness. The plants know it well.

The ancient and known is new;

it is spagyric and transmogrified.

We are, collectively, individual worlds

inside our own selves.

I am one and We are One-

one Nexus, one Soul, one Universe

existing now, together

inside of our own separate forms.

It is the precipice.

The moment is arriving for

what we know not; We know

the time is calescent-

the time is now and the time is coming.

The calling is urgent

and it is eternal.

The triangle rings music in my ears.

The time for waking up has come.

–Jesse Haydn
Jesse Haydn Jan 2021
The weather shines.
The second day is the first
I opened my eyes out of time.
Get out of sleep.

There is always a vibration in
silence. The plants know
this well.
The old is new; the secret known.
Its is spagyric, transmogrified-

The collective individual worlds within
ourselves; I am one of you-
a nexus, a spirit, a universe now
together within our own models.

This is the depth.

Access immediately what
we did not know; we know
the time is calescent. Time
and time has come.

This is a small and urgent call.
It is eternal.
The music units are the segments
of my ears.
The time for waking up has come.

-Jesse Haydn
Jesse Haydn Jan 2021
When you know ****
you know ****.
When you snap that triangle-
they go everywhere.

A star died and gave birth to me,
Stars die every time a person is born.
It must be.
We do not yet understand the true nature of physics.
That is the point.

I am nothing special.
I am all.

This morning- it was unusual.
I walked to the left of the trees, not to the right.
I have never done that before.
I do this often.

Ooh La La is playing while you pump the gas.
Something invisible has struck me
like a gust of wind.
The moon is rising now, and I-
I am falling away.

-Jesse Haydn
Bede Sep 2019
You wish to know the secret things?
Those hidden things shown unto me?
The Mystery of Mysteries, of Divine Intervention?
Then follow me into the midnight plane
And let me show you a world unseen!

Look upon the starry sky,
Do you not see the heavens aglow?
Can you not feel the magic, thick
In the air, like shrouding smoke?

Then breathe the air, smell the trees
You're going to feel odd for now
But once you let the magic in
You'll never want to let it out.
I've offered, I offer again. Hidden secrets of ancient things, magical formulae and amulets. All for free, knowledge at a price.
Wellspring Nov 2017
I love silence.

It is a conundrum of esoterica.

It's name invokes sound,

But when silence exists,

It is louder than any other sound.

They say to talk about problems,


They also say silence speaks volumes.

And I can't help but agree.
Sitting in my room, waiting for my friend so we can watch anime.
The Ripper Nov 2016
S  i  c k
      f  u  c k

for a sick vv o r l d
                            i n t o  m y
        d e p r a v i t y  &
                    ­       j
t h e s
       s vv a l l o vv  my  words
     of  t vv i r l & Quill

     Save your teeth
       for a dinner date
        to chevv
         O N  M E a t
       try not to be late

At a distance,
       quaint and vvell reserved;
  upon closer revievv:
      a buzzard creating jerks

— The End —