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Nilia Loh Jul 2020
it's about 10pm.
I kept checking the messages,
hoping you'll maybe reply me.

the music wasn’t loud enough,
my drawings aren’t detailed enough,
people aren’t texting me enough,
I’m not busy enough.

i need to drown myself in things to do,
so you will fade from my mind.
I need to forget you,
like how you’ve  forgotten me.
Ileana Amara May 2020
open wounds tear through my flesh,
dead weight fills up my heart's pericardium,
darkness of sorrow slowly consumes my soul,
a habit of relentless grieving of the unforgotten.

there's a tombstone in my head,
in a graveyard of old memories and undead people,
not quite fancy, but once in a while
I sit beside it with a mug of coffee and anxiety.

I talk to it as if it were alive,
sometimes as if I hope it would talk back
and take off the dead weight and misery in my heart,
I grieve for the gone yet undead people whom I deeply loved.

sometimes I would bring some kerosene and match,
hoping to scorch down the place to ease all the pain,
but I am human; I exist, I love, I feel, and I remember
I may grieve of the unforgotten today, but I will live.

ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
meeting for the (first) time
our bodies may have (though)t
but deep down (my) internal clock
had endlessly ticked a (rhythm)
that had always (synched)
(to you)r every thought
first, though, my rhythm synched to you
Anne Webb Mar 2017
It's a person's Life,
which is never forgotten,
but it's a person's Death,
that makes us never forget.
Dawn of Lighten Feb 2017
The heavens stood in blue,
Just as water mirrors it's hue,
And ocean dawn reflects the sky anew.

Time and stars light the darken space,
As if catching illumination with our pace,
But hands reach out to finish the race.

Race without a face in the life of maze,
Remembering the face upon your gaze,
A sincere warm smile that would haze.

Heart's tug of war,
The unspoken lore,
And it's forgotten core.

Yearning for two voices to weld
In solidarity beats would of held,
And united minds would meld.

The one way ticket always looking back,
But struggles to find the words to pack,
And in honest words it seems to lack.

Trying to piece every sense
Why miss your presence,
Trying to understand your essence.

Hands stretched,
Mind etched,
I seek only upon thee.
Wanting is a desire,
But desire is unwanting,
The truth of unrequited.
I am the whisper of a leaf in the breeze

I am the flutter of a butterfly against the white honeysuckle so sweet

I am the gurgle of the flowing river

I am the wind in the willows

I am the waitress picking up coffee cups in the cafe

I am the old woman reading a newspaper against the window

I am the siren of the police car as it drives by

I am the laughter of an old man who twirls his moustache

I am the chatter of a young child

I am the taste of sugar on your tongue

I am the scent of a hundred roses in your nose

I am the sound of plaintive notes on a flute in a land far away

I am the smell of candles and incense in a wooden church

I am the flavour of Marmite on hot buttered toast

I am the feel of the cool granite table against my wrist

I am the refugee who hides in subway tunnels

I am the man who cheers for Arsenal

I am the woman buying anti ageing creams

I am the child kicking stones on the path

I am the smell of rain

I am the taste of freedom

I am the sun upon your skin

I am the honeyed kiss of your lover on the inside of your wrist

I am the taste of violence upon your lips

I am the woman in the red dress and the ebony skin dancing

I am the poet on Speaker’s Corner

I am the woman licking her fingers as she eats

I am the autumn leaves that rustle under your feet

I am the man checking his phone

I am you and you are me and we are a hundred other things

And we are all unseen, forgotten, experienced, reviled, overlooked, and replaceable

And the music plays, the clock ticks, and we look away
Alan S Bailey Oct 2015
I always have loved you. Maybe when the time is right
100 years from now, or 20 years, who knows?
In a future life of inconceivable delights,
I will find you again somewhere, amid sparkling nature,
Living on and on you wonder why you can not die,
Like a crystal that will withstand the test of time,
Though you can not ever be the only one,
Be this moment always like this love of mine.
Sally A Bayan Dec 2014

While I live,
a muffled
with me
when i soar
to the Heavens.


Copyright 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
John-Chris Ward Nov 2014
I hate the sound of music in a dark room;
Because all it does is give me images of you,
And all the things we use to do.
Now all I can think about is “who”.
Who is it that you’ve moved on with?
Who is it you’ve replace me with?
It’s not a question, it’s a statement;
So if you decide to lie,
It’s purely based on your own free will,
Because all the things we’ve done stand up still.
When it’s over, it’s over;
This is what happens when the luck runs out of your clover,
When life has decided,
There’s really nothing I can do but live by it;
Just like you said you only live once so why not enjoy,
I hope you enjoy this.
I hope you enjoyed it.
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