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Somi kaushik Jan 2018
The familiar sky became unaware
Twinkling stars are kept in the air
Necessary talks became unnecessary memories
God knows who call them stories
The colour of your love still remains the same
Just like an unplayed game
Cari Hannaford Oct 2015
The stars twinkle above my head
illuminating the trees

As I walk this lonely road
No stares are on me
For I am invisible

Only darkness knows my name

No match or no candle to guide me home

I am lost in this world

I reach for the stars but I can never get there

But I keep going along this path

I am my legacy
I am my legend
And I will light up this darkness no matter how hard it is

Just light up the darkness
Light up the darkness
They say you're DECEPTION
yet you are still my favorite constellation
who goes by the name *Orion.
:) :"D
Bijan Nowain Feb 2015
In the heart of the night
I wonder if you’re looking
Up at the same stars as I am.

I picture a cool breeze
Blowing through your hair,
The tall grass swaying to and fro.

The lights of your eyes
Twinkling in brilliance
As the stars shimmer bright

I imagine you gazing
Up at the moon
Wondering if I’m doing the same

Another night apart
Staring up at the same sky
Aria of Midnight Dec 2014
Paint the night sky with twinkling stars, distant from one another but collectively emitting a spectacular glow;
Paint the spun ivory clouds across the interminable blue, watching the softness suffocate sunlight streaming below;
Paint your frayed chocolate braids beside curved, smiling full lips in the middle of a vivid, adorned cottage;
Paint the passionate red of blood that stains our hands as they clasp together like imperfect puzzle pieces, and the jagged breathing that fogs the dusk;
Paint yourself where you are loved--
Paint yourself with me.
SNS Jan 2013
the whole sky is black
except for the little lights
twinkling above.

they appear so near.
they are farther than you think,
than you imagine.

if you try real hard
to imagine the distance,
you will find one truth.

me and you, us two,
we are equal to nothing;
we are meaningless.

— The End —