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Nolan Willett Sep 2020
There’ll be another day
When the night is through
A time to get away
A chance to start anew

There will be another year
When the year ends
To reappear
And make amends

And when the world is dust
Swallowed by the sun
Apathetic atoms will not fuss
Over the fact that we are gone

‘Cause one day the Universe will die
Everything will become undone
But human experience imply
There’ll be another one
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
Star light, star bright,
Twinkling with a neon sight,
How I love thy brilliant light,
And marvel in your twinkling might.

Shooting star, longing sigh,
Flying through a misty sky,
How I love thy wondrous why,
And stay along ‘till you draw nigh.

I wish I may, I wish I might,
I wish to understand your plight.
How I love thy marvelous height,
And hope you’ll stay throughout the night.

Flying fast, flying high,
Right before my very eye.
How I love thy heart’s imply,
But hate to have to say goodbye.

Stars can be seen everywhere, whether it be in the sky or in a loved one's eye.

— The End —