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Colm Aug 2019
Inside every tree
Once grown, is a seed of life
And death yet to be
Tuesday 12 - How we all have the potential to live and die ... YUP.
Juan Bot Feb 2019
On the twelfth day of christmas
my true love gave to me

12 books
11 pens
9 USB drives
8 water bottles
7 toothbrush
6 pencils
5 golden McGraw-Hill Ryerson PreCalculus 12 Textbooks
4 TI-84 Plus CE without batteries
3 Printers
2 Laptops
and a will to live

I love Christmas. Merry Christmas, or happy holidays for all you athiests
Twelve days of Christmas
Your true love should give to you
Twelve of their best traits
The Pear tree is going to have to be empty this year
For what is truly sincere
Excitement of items are so out of here
That something so special, so dear
Will be in
For the rest of times
Santa better skip this house
Because I'd hate for our time together to be interrupted
You have no idea how many times my heart has erupted
Out of endless joy
Being around you
twenty-six Sep 2018
My love
I love you

Jean Aug 2018
In a room full of twelve
It felt like eleven
Lonely isn’t the word
I would use to describe it
People were there
But I couldn’t bring myself to use them
People were there
But I couldn’t let my walls away from me
People were there
But I couldn’t let myself lean on them

That’s why I can’t ever go back to that island
I cannot be alone again
Something that happened years ago, yet I can’t ever forget.
Chi Nov 2017
I always love new beginnings, new year resolutions. I love change. I love how January made me feel that "Oh, another year to have fun". I quickly grabbed a chocolate and watched my parents having their own quality time.

They were talking about divorce, and I've always wondered how did divorce even became an option? I never thought he would end the fight with his own fist and her blood. And I hated February, ever since then.

I told my friends that I hated love and how ****** love made me felt last month. They wished love will knock at their door this March. I asked why, they just told me "love isn't always a bad thing, and it never will."

I saw her crying and cursing her boyfriend's name at the corner. The day after that, I hated my Mom for forgiving my Dad, right after what he did. She just told me that's how love works. I guess April was made for bitter people like me.

May is my birth month. It was also the month, when we first met. I never liked the idea of you. You were the kind of guy, everyone can love but not everyone can handle.

I saw you with your friends, you were having fun. You asked me if you can court and steal my heart, I said no, but you continued anyway. June gave me feelings I thought I will never have.

You hugged me tight and asked me to stay. I said, I can't not because I didn't want to, but because I have to. You held my hand and told me you love me. July ended well because of you.

August started with a fight. My Mom hated me. You started talking to other girls, just like how my Dad did. All I did was to cry like tomorrow doesn't exist. You told me how sorry you are, the next day.

I hated September. You told me you didn't love me anymore. I let go of you. I started writing poems since the day you left me. And I guess that was bitter and sweet at the same time.

October wasn't that fun. I drunk my love away and let alcohol control my body. The next day, I found out how I told you how much I love you. And I don't blame alcohol for that.

"You need to move on, it's November already." my friends told me. I remember what my Mom said, so I forgave you for leaving me. But I wished you would never forget about me.

December came with coldness and your warmth is all I craved. I asked your friends, how you were doing, they said, you're fine without me. I used to love change, but now I hate how change overwhelm you completely.
For every month, I bleed poetry
Mikayla Smith Mar 2017
A phantom came to me
One night,
And told me that I must
Repent for all
The lying I've
"Throw away the temptation,"
He'd say, "solve
Where you stand in the
Universe and
Tell the truth, for God's
By God as my holy witness,
I swore that I

The hurt in Mommy's eyes
Strengthened the guilt that
Ate away at my
Deceitful little

Daddy was the smart one
In this tedious war
Erupting inside our
Family. He forged
Alliances first and
Managed to
Make Mom the

He turned his children
Into soldiers so he
Could master
Victory; his children
Were ****** and broken
On the battlefield, but
We still had one
Last battle.
I was the rebel force
That exposed the
Truth to the
Enemy, only now I
Realize the real enemy
Was my father.

As the cover was
She was a whirlwind
Ready to destroy
Anything in her

Even after hearing
Their screams
From the comforts
Of a corner and
As they sang happy birthday
To me with one
Pitiful candle in an
Expired cake,
I knew that in this lifetime,
Turning twelve
Wasn't so great.
My twelfth birthday.
Down on yourself *******
Nobody seems to be behind you
Just remember that Jesus only had twelve followers
And ****** had millions
Who ended up being the better side?
It's not about the numbers, but the actions.
Eccedentesiast Jun 2015
you said you love me
but i know for sure
that you don't

you only loved
the idea of me
and the idea of love

you weren't enamored
or smitten or bewitched by me
but by the idea of love
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