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Tim Garemore Apr 2019
brink of a doubling over
down falls forming a sensory slump
soft spoke and mirror smoke
   jailed as rome's one true heroes
we were softly sure oft and were true disposed,
'man alive told me and now I am telling you'
grant this - that we are born and die
forever feeling a drifting time
what a ride
grant this - that we are most recent
and are and are again
the newest information we feel
grant this - that we are loved
and that we are the newest
unto we are ourselves
Edited a bit to be less floaty. Wrote this while nearly drifting off into a soft sleep in a class that doesn't matter
Bohemian Feb 2019
'When nights shall be drunk
And souls be tumbling in revelry
When the comic of roles end
And cold shall be burning
I await to call the utmost illegitimate side of us
As my penchanted pleasure
For you be semisane
Caught half into adulthood and rest you know...
Neither you nor me or they
Be sceptical or carrying the peels of scruples
Rizna M Rameez Sep 2018
Heart's throwing tantrums
With emotional levels going berserk
And I'm running around phantoms
In the wind whipped,

I'm trying
Like a bird flying
Against a storm
Falling wildly
Roaring wind screaming
Wings buckling

Beating my heart out
Facing this fierce
Almost ballistic sorta
Imposing rage of

Shattering glass

Death trap
No where to turn
My mind's calm
Settled composed decided
But my heart keeps dragging me back

Stop it,
My heart's
Feeling too much
Without even my consent?
How dare it?

Stop it.
Calm down.

I just have to wait till the storm
Dies down.

Dies down.
But until then, I'm gonna do useless stuff like write these poems which will comfort people probably but there are gazillions of poems that do the same.
I just have to wait it out.
I wish emotions had a switch off button.
neath the maple's boughs
copper leaves were tumbling
in a mounded pile
Meg Howell Feb 2017
Love and practicality
A ladder leading into a tumbling dryer
Dangerous and blurred

Flowers with roots to hidden caves,
Caves known as the "heart and soul",
Which we keep hidden

A tightripe balanced over the sea,
Inescapable and thrilling
Pearl Ra1n May 2016
Seven drops of rain
  sliding slowly down a windowpane
    creating their own currents out of chaotic sky
  perambulating through the reflection of my eye.

Two collide and five remain
  slipping through a beige, unsuitable frame
    reach the bottom and seem to die
  my watercoloured conceivances drip but never fly

Trickles become one pool - a picture I can't explain
  but within dark waters, a swirling hurricane
    those tears kiss distinction goodbye-
  surrender to let my disordered painting unify.
Alyssa Gaul Jan 2016
We're tumbling straight down
a blackened hall, with no walls
to help lead our way.
B Dec 2015
Funny how things go by so fast -
how they tumble so suddenly
like Jenga blocks.
Falling ever so finely -
piece by piece,
one by one.
sanch kay Aug 2015
it hurts to write down
all the words i feel.
memory is a blade,
slashing through the numbed skin;
i bleed in thoughts.
today, everything hurts.
wraiths Jul 2015
the world could be tumbling down,
natural disasters beating and bruising the surface,
and as long as i was wrapped up in your embrace,
i'd be completely and utterly safe.
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