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sanch kay Aug 2015
it hurts to write down
all the words i feel.
memory is a blade,
slashing through the numbed skin;
i bleed in thoughts.
today, everything hurts.
wraiths Jul 2015
the world could be tumbling down,
natural disasters beating and bruising the surface,
and as long as i was wrapped up in your embrace,
i'd be completely and utterly safe.
M Hughes May 2014
The human experience.
It's the others we encounter.
Those we share more with than with even our own minds.
Those we would die for
Give up everything we own for.
Those we cannot fathom a life without.
Those whose laughter is contagious
Those whose smiles cause our smiles
Those whose pain compels us to feel it just as deeply.
They're our air
They're our shelter
They're our nourishment.
Our worlds would collapse without them.

The human experience.
It's the times when we lose them.
When we push them away
Because we can't understand why the world is what it is
Or why we are who we are.
It's when they're stolen from us
Because of life's cruel mysteries.
Or the times they dispose of us
Without explanation
And we can't apprehend why
Or how to move on
Or so much as attempt to face the world without them.

The human experience.
It's the times our lives cave in.
When everything goes tumbling down
Like an avalanche of our sanity
And our naively made-up stability.
The toppling piece that once made up our worlds.
When everything we know
Everything we live and breathe
Everything we are
When it all slips away.
When we lose our innocence
Our faith in humanity
Our once-invincibility.
When it's taken from us.
Or we leave it to the dust.
It's the moments we feel clueless.

The human experience.
It's the times we pick up the pieces.
When we learn who we are
Understand who we were
Realize who we want to be.
It's the times we start over.
When we leave the past behind
And look only to the future.
When we stitch up the wounds
And once again restore our hope
And our faith
And our invincibility.

The human experience
Is feeling.
Feeling it all.

— The End —