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Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
You wouldn't guess by the looks of her report card that it came with a precious price. The scars on her young cheeks and dry, tired eyes carry baggage that she must now pack to college. Sure, she made it,
but at what cost?

She'll never be the one with voluptuous hair, particularly perfect eyelashes, and long trim legs. Instead, she can dream of portraying that character, while she can't even make the audition.
Midnight, 2/28/18
Meg Howell Feb 2017
Love and practicality
A ladder leading into a tumbling dryer
Dangerous and blurred

Flowers with roots to hidden caves,
Caves known as the "heart and soul,”
Which we keep hidden

A tightripe balanced over the sea,
Inescapable and thrilling

— The End —