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Orion T Feb 2019
I love all of  my family
As I always have since birth
Problem is my family has
And may always see me as a Girl

My mom remembers fondly
How I used to love dressing up in pink
But now it seems to bother me,
Like my voice, when I think and speak

I’ve always been a tomBoy
In very single fond memory
I’ve hated being Sister, Small, a Girl, or Mallory
Why can’t it leave Me be

So please, I’m not your Daughter, not one of your Ladies, Sis or Girlfriend
I’m not trying to **** your loved one
Just trying to help you recognize Him
Dead name.... ughhhhhhhhhh
Orion T Jan 2019
Is a terrible reason
Not To

In Something

In Someone

In a God

In Others

In Yourself

Fear is a grandeur adversary to many

But Courage

To Go On and Stand
In the face of Fear

Is the grandest Ally

So many fail to choose
A simple note to others and more so to myself.
Orion T Dec 2018
They imagined Him again
And again
And again

They tried to replace Him with Her
But They couldn’t
He just kept coming back

They Never took interest in Dolls
Or Castles
Or princes and Princesses

They played King of the hill
with the Guys
Pretended that They were a Knight

They felt and looked awkward in Dresses, the Feminine makeup
Or Long hair

They wore button ups tucked into black, Combing Back hair
And tightening a Necktie

They would cringe at the sound of Their voice,
Their laugh

And hope that They could slip by as Their self
Despite it all

They had denied

Just androgynous
They lied

They lied
They lied
They lied

Make Him go away

Make Her go away

What were They supposed to tell Their loved ones
Though, perhaps They aren’t the only one.
Orion T Oct 2018
A never ending road
To where I’ll never be alone

The Sun rises and falls
Emotions experienced; near all

It’s bumpy or it’s smooth
Based upon the paths we choose

A never ending road
To where we’ll never be alone

Passing through at dusk and dawn following along
a road of life time change, choices, decisions
Butterflies; our hearts flutter on

The feelings make you do
All we had never even knew

A never ending road
To a place called ‘home’
When things happen, things happen. If something is or isn’t meant, it’s just that.
Orion T Sep 2018
Little things
Little things
However small they be
Make all the difference
All the importance
Mean the world to me

The curious glancing
Gentle smiles
These little things
Make up my while

The time conversing
Awkward pause
Little things
Make up life’s laws

The moments spent
Before we leave
Quite plain for all to see
They mean the world to poets
Who love
The little things
Just a little things from a little thing about the little things. One last little thing- don’t take the little things for granted.
Orion T Aug 2018
You’re eyes are like the lake;
They dance and reflect a thousand golden hues, as the morning sun rises, ghastly, secretive fog fading over awe-inspiring, welcoming green warmth.

Your smiles are brighter than anything I’ve ever seen; the sun pales in comparison to the bright and inviting, wondrous expression I long to witness more times than can be counted.

Your voice is like a fire on a cold winter’s night; I am thoroughly chilled before the crackling brings heat to the very core of my being, soft as a blanket, felt even without touch.

We hardly speak, and yet, I feel connected.

You may not know it, but I do; You’re amazing.

Please don’t ever stop.

A descriptive list poem.
To a boy that never fails to leave me wordless even with so much to say.
Orion T Mar 2018
Dear Mr. Finch

I fear I’m just like Aunty
Dissappointed, so it’d seem
The need to scold and rid myself
Of good, encouraging things

Calpurnia would not approve
My earnest and impatience
‘ve been left behind, fell out of line
Feel cold sweat as my heart races

Crushed my own hopes;
Sent far away my own dreams
Wallowed in my own despair
Lacked to care for all the needs

Confess t’ you; am I Mayella now?
All of this was my own doing
And now we face the coin flip
My luck being his killing

I could hardly breathe
I couldn’t dine
My conscience could not clear
In time

Today I finally realized;
It took me too much time
That I had killed a mocking bird
A simple, humid-aired crime

He’s innocent and suffers

And here I am.
Dear Mr. Finch, someone had to take the fall.
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