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K-ROB Jun 2020
This mess of thoughts
too many to bare
Don't even look at me, if you're gonna stare!
See what I'm doing right for a change
I wish...
Told my mom its been like 10 years
Please let me grow
have faith, not fear
Sometimes I cry because I am judged SOOOO much
Get Up, wipe away your tears!
You started this Kristy, noone else to blame
This endless cycle that nobody can tame
not even meditation, medication
I know that's not right
2 appointments today, lets get this **** right!
Mom said start making a list
even my lists are manic or I lose them...
Wish me luck for I'm on the edge
If I can step back, I might get to LIVE

Kristy Robertson
edited an old poem today, made it better I think
K-ROB Jun 2020
So, I met a cool bartender, her name is Megan
She's good people, even when I'm beggin
For a free shot, a free beer, her phone number...
She won't give it to me and that's a ******
She looks kinda like Pink but even more HOTTT
And because of her, this bar is my new favorite spot!

Megan always gives me attitude, but it's just her way...
Of saying keep dreaming girl, "I'm not gay!"
I do think she would make a real good friend,
and someone that I would stick by til the end

Megan did almost warm me about this slutty girl
When I look at Sara now it makes me want to hurl
She went home with 4 people in a week, not including me
(Megan said she almost warned me, but didn't think it was her place to say)
I guess I can see why, this girl claimed she wasn't even gay!
I just hope I didn't catch something from this *****
If I did, it's gonna be on , like a light switch!

I told Megan that is so not my style
I don't know why I am going so wild
Sara kept touching me and I told her to stay away,
So Megan helped get her off me...
And I need to tell her thanks for that, if I may!
I know I say this every other day,
I guess it's just e coping; it's just my way
But I definitely learned this time!
and now I think I'm done with this little rhyme
Throwback- written 5/13/10- this ended up framed and on the wall at that bar!
  Jun 2020 K-ROB
Enegbuma Angelica k
I try an convince My self to stop crying
You lead me in and i fell miserably
All i am left doing now is regretting
But its cool we met fortunately.

I don't want to be your mistress
I don't want to hurt My best friend
I will wholeheartedly take on this love stress
Am sorry to... Cause i was so stupid

Goodbye our love story has come to an end

By Angelica Enegbuma
When you think you round the right one, the world hits you with an excuse
  Jun 2020 K-ROB
K-ROB Jun 2020
I see your true colors pouring down
I seeked answers, and the worst I found
I’m running fast, but my feet are on the ground
Don’t you dare try to make me look like a clown
I know your game and I’m tired of it
And I won’t get over it in a bit,
nope not ever
You got the wrong ******* this one, this time
Different time, different mind
It’s not that hard, just be kind
And this is the reason I have to be done
It’s hard, but I know it’s what I need to do
This is Goodbye forever, this time
True Colors Pouring Down
  Jun 2020 K-ROB
Sk Abdul Aziz
A great past is never a pre-requisite for a great future.
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