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sushii Nov 2018
the colored light forms the hours
the minutes

time ticking away
there is nothing left for this day

but i cannot go to sleep
for i always have light on me

you can’t unplug me either,
because then you cannot wake up

i can’t wait for the power to go out forever.
Lynnia Sep 2018
The clock is ticking
Falling into the blue
She acts like it’s not
But I know it’s true
The day will come
The moment arrive
And whatever is there
Will slowly die
And on this day
She’ll take up her part
And follow the others
Into the dark
Drifting away
On the glassy sea
Waving joyfully
To miserable me.
Rose May 2018
All that’s left of him is a picture frame, once looked at over the armchair as coffee brews.
A bar of soap, bought for him in the winter as we slombered along to the dull sound of static.
His watch, worn day in and day out, as his world started and stopped with that watch.
And a small bag that held love letters before those who wrote them claimed them in the estate sale.

There they sit in the cold dark night. Lonely and forgotten. The aftermath of a war, and a fight he lost. And all I can hear in the darkness, is the slow ticking of that watch.
To the one I lost, missing you hits in waves and memories. You will never be lost in me heart.
Elaine May 2018
There's a clock above my head and a calendar inside my heart
Ticking away the seconds, checking off the days
37 minutes til school's out today, 2 more weeks with my friends
Before they leave
Before I go off to college
Before I'm miles away from everyone I care about (and even farther from the one that I love)
Before everything I've ever known changes, ceases to exist

The ticking is incessant, it echoes in my skull
Reminding me how little time I have left
How I'm sitting here counting seconds
And wasting all of them
It makes me want to stop the clock, rip the calendar out of my heart, shatter time itself
But I'm not brave enough or stupid enough or clever enough for that
So instead I sit here like a self-made bomb, watching the fuse burn faster and faster
And waiting for my life to implode
4 a.m. ramblings. Don't mind me
Danielle May 2018
That spark of Inertia forced the cry from my throat
And slipped anguish into your tea.
Drowning the embers that burned there.
While you set my sin into the gears of a time-worn watch,
You sipped the licking flames,
And brought out your creation, with ticking twitching hands,
Into the day to burn.
ashley marie Feb 2018
little alice feels so small in the corner of the room
The walls are quite empty
The room is quite boring.
Air becomes thick within layers
overthinking shackles little alice
little alice cannot think anymore.

sometimes little alice can hear
a rabbit running outside
she so desperately wants to follow him
the little rabbit's watch ticks
the clock ticks slower
tick      tick                           ­ tick

the room
can't breathe
                                                                ­              tick
Xallan Dec 2017
Can you feel it yet-
the ticking?

Have you looked at your eyes
and seen the lines in the corners
that indicate quarter past
unhappy existence, in the mirror

Have you recognized your ceramic veins
and how the movement of your
delicate quartz heart has slowed

Have you missed those minutes lost
to imperceptible error every day
while you try to count
a decreasing amount of carbon-14

Have your hands begun to hesitate
as your metallic mind moves
ever further from numeric resolve

Have you found yourself reminiscing
of the past, lost in time
keeping track of hours between
productivity and reward

Have you begun chiming for
a new jewel to touch
and forgotten your future talking

If you have held your wrist up to your ear
and heard the blood roar
foreshadowing when the tightly wound
spring of youth would lose its bounce

But yet, no matter the state
of your biological clock
I will continue to keep time
by you
Nelsya Nov 2017
i spend my days waiting
for the awakening
of these tides
inside my mind
i hope you don't mind

i depend my days
on my trembling feet
and shaking hands
gambling on what's to come
i hope to survive

i whimpered as
i have been trapped
i have been played
i have been manipulated
by myself and by the time itself
theorizes, surmises, realizes, outlandish notions
   manifesting gibberish inside frangible egghead,
especially when attempting tip ply words struggling
   to describe abstract whims fed
by fancy, groovy, heady indefinable
   mind boggling ideas they weigh like a led
zeppelin inside gray matter squeezed

   to the max like a sponge dark red
when saturated with near incomprehensible
   thought processes that attempt to shed
light on cosmic principles, yet lack
   mathematical familiarization wed
did with advanced studies in astrophysics (trace
sing pinball erratic mental reverberations
   leaves me stupefied) about mysteries of space
time continuum, quantum mechanics,

   and even how my existence came about
   since the presence of human race
whereat random
   evolutionary circumstances took place
on planet (un) fit Earth analogous
   to skien woven of sateen lace

via some invisible hand weaving
   world wide webbed warp and sub woof
   fur wrought primordial miracles
   ranked (within schema by human primates)
   as zen amazingly grace
full promenade,
   per multivarious species, now one Janus face
sing self destruction duet hoo

   weapons of mass destruction can erase
entire range comprising terresrial biota
   unable to escape original weeknd update
   with Jane Curtain, and Chevy Chase,
and according to Stephen Hawking the base
sic global web spun via **** Sapiens
   will lose role as topdog
   ousted from twittering, spotifying reddit queue
   over stayed plenti potentiary pinnacle,
   oracle outlook netzero for mankind as ace

forced to relinguish role,
   sans self anointed supreme beast
(what a beauty this bipedal hominid),
   whose surging population didst increased
the process toward total vaporous xfinity zapped –
   frankly tubby sub letted and leased
to another organism
   not needing tubby policed.
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