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Lyner Mar 2020
Pit, pat, pitter-tat
The rain drums on my roof
Thunder, a distant drum
Booms, slams, crashes
A distant cacophony
Accompanied by birdsong
Splish-splash, titter, laugh
Children play in puddles
As innocent as a puppy in my lap
The storm passes
And the sun blazes again
nabila s Aug 2019
The first time I got my heartbreak
Things jumped out of place
Time felt so long as it tick-tocked
Tears got out of hand it went to be the river
It was my first time getting rejected
I had no idea it would leave a void
After all I never regretted any
As if you were my last choice
made this 30 minutes ago, fresh out of the oven.
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Then rain

Sometimes a pain
Like the day of weddings
Or funerals

Sometimes a joy
Like the farmer whose crops
Are withering
And soil cracks hard in sun
Writing during a rainstorm is a true joy... but my words can’t hold a flame to the true emotion that Mother Nature pours out during a good thunderstorm. All we can do is reach out and try to grab a few good words. Maybe after a thousand poems, I will finally capture my true emotions that I’m feeling right now.
TS May 2019
There's an odd sense of peace that lies beneath the surface of a storm, just waiting to be uncovered.

One may be tempted to just look at the chaos and noise and deem it malicious; but if you take a moment to truly uncover it's emotion, the way you look at storms will change forever:

Some may feel high winds, but instead try to feel the rush of energy past your ears, through your hair, and across your skin.

Some may cover from the heavy rain, but instead try running through it, letting it wash over you like cleansing waters.

Some may fear the booming thunder, but instead try to let the vibration course through your veins shaking loose the dust off your passion.

Some may shield their eyes from the blinding lightening, but instead try to trace it's every path across the night sky like a one-of-a-kind, split-second painting that only you have seen.

Some may be working on repairing the aftermath, but instead try to stop and take it all in for a silent moment, as the Earth has just screamed at the top of her lungs and created a masterpiece and you did not hide your face, cover your ears, or shield your head - instead you looked to the sky and breathed it all in; the beauty, the music, the shower of life. You have chosen to see the world as a work of art, even for just a moment - and the Earth smiles because she knows.

Poetress2 Apr 2019
A Thunderstorm is brewing,
the likes I've never seen;
It's headed in my direction,
coming straight towards me.
It will be most deafening,
how will I stand the sound;
As my flimsy house of plastic cards,
goes crumbling to the ground.
I can not stop its' furry,
and it's much to late to run;
So I'll face the roaring Thunder,
and Clouds that block the Sun.
A product of my past,
and the pain I've held inside;
It's building up too quickly,
and I've nowhere to hide.
So I'll wait the lightning out,
prepared to face that day;
When I must tell the truth,
hoping I'll know what to say.
An explosive temper, her husband doesn't like for her to have an opinion.  She doesn't talk to him, for this reason.  She knows she must tell him how unhappy she is, she's just not ready to do that just yet.  She fears him.
Axel Mar 2019
As the thunder strikes,
the world shakes
my blood boils
and the moon falls.
As the lightning strikes,
my bed shakes
my heart stops
and my mind have lost.
As the thunder strikes,
my tears fall
my words are gone
my eyes are closed
and my love has been tossed.
As the lightning strikes,
I blame me
I blame you
and I blame the universe
can I reverse?
can I reverse?
back to when I was standing
back to when I was smiling
and back to when I was breathing.
As the thunder strikes,
my mouth is shut
my lips are sealed
and my fingers are filled with blood.
And at last, as the memory strikes,
everything changes
from black to red
from red to blue
and it's all because of you.
NM Feb 2019
Truth is, life is full of thunderstorms.
And we're all driving as fast as we can to escape the dark clouds overhead.
But every now and then, we pass under a bridge.
And for that split second,
There's quiet...
There's tranquility...
There's peace.
And in that brief moment, we forget the rain.
felixmae Dec 2018
Muted lightning flies
Thunder rumbles close behind
Torrents of raindrops
Mackenzie Nov 2018
‪I am the flower that is being drown by rain today and‬
‪I wonder if I will breathe again‬
I am fragile and I shake w each roll of thunder

‪The night retires and my petals are drenched ‬
‪heavy from the weight of the water and ‬
‪the ground I stand in is not firm‬

‪the sun has come out ‬
‪I am new and nourished ‬
‪I have soaked up the storm and‬
‪I am a stronger form than I was ‬
‪The day before‬

‪- a flower that feels like she's drowning every time it rains‬
Hope Strength Love Selflove Flower Flowers strong
Madison Nov 2018

Tell me!

What is wrong with you?"


I think that lightning

Struck somewhere

Caught my blood on fire

Bent my body

Like tree limbs.


Tell me!

What can I do?"


I'm trying to put this fire out

With gallons of black tea.

Maybe you should just

Try to pick those fallen branches

Up off the ground

If you want to be a part

Of the disaster relief.


Tell me!

Why are you made of thunderstorms?"


I'm thinking it's genetic

Or maybe the price I have to pay

For the tilting angle

Of my brain.

But don't you worry

About this sporadic bit of lightning.

After my hurricanes

Sunshine always comes.

Yes, it does.
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